7 Ways You Can be More Compatible With Your Partner

How to be more compatible with your partner

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After writing a post on 7 signs you’re not compatible with your partner, a few of my readers asked how to be more compatible with your partner.

I’m going to throw some light on that topic today.

I understand that there are some couples who can never be compatible with each other because of family background or differences in personality.

But, if you’re already in a relationship with someone you’re not compatible with and you’re willing to make things work, I’m going to give you a few helpful tips to increase compatibility.

Most couples who break up always say ‘‘We fell out of love’’ or ‘‘We weren’t meant for each other’’ but I think couples who really love each other will go to any length to keep their relationship together.

Everyone fights because of personality differences or other stuff they don’t agree on.

Even family members fight but they still reconcile because they love each other.

I can’t count how many times my boyfriend and I fight every week but because we love each other so much we never allow the petty fights to lead to the end of our relationship.

So, I’m going to give you some tips that can help you be more compatible with your partner…


7 ways to be more compatible with your partner

1. Be ready to compromise

Every relationship has its own ups and downs.

There is no ‘‘one size fits all’’ solution to problems but knowing how and when to compromise will greatly reduce problematic issues that may arise.

Sometimes, you have to agree instead of insisting on proving your partner wrong; you don’t necessarily need to be right all the time.

Men have a big ego that makes them adamant to accept that they are wrong.

Learn to overlook issues that don’t mean anything just because you want to end up right all the time.

Let him win sometimes so there will be peace and harmony in your relationship.

Allow him to have his way occasionally; don’t say ‘it has to be your way or no other way’.

If you want to be more compatible with your partner, you need to be willing to compromise in other to avoid unnecessary arguments in your relationship.


2. Engage in meaningful conversations

I’ve realized that couples who talk to each other about everything rarely have insurmountable problems.

But couples who are secretive about issues often quarrel about little things.

Communication is the cornerstone of a successful relationship.

Take your partner as your best friend and open up to him freely.

Stop keeping secrets from him unless it will destroy your relationship if he knows about them.

Try to communicate as honestly as possible and involve him in what you’re doing so he doesn’t feel left out.

Stop hiding your true feelings from him; tell him how you feel at every given moment.

If you feel angry about what he did or didn’t do, discuss it with him; don’t keep silent and expect him to read your mind.

Avoid unnecessary problems by communication openly with your partner.

If you can learn to communicate clearly, you’ll be more compatible with your partner.


7 ways you can be more compatible with your partner

3. Use your partner’s love language

Everyone has a love language; it’s your job as a girlfriend or wife to learn your partner’s love language and use it often.

A love language acts as a magic button that instantly makes your partner happy and calm.

Observe your partner’s reaction to different love languages and stick with the ones he loves best.

My partner enjoys physical touch so I give him back rubs anytime he’s upset.

It makes him feel better almost immediately and he knows I love it when he helps me do little chores around the house.

Knowing and using each other’s love language will help you reduce problems that may arise in your relationship.


4. Be compassionate with your partner

A lot of problems arise when we are not patient and compassionate with people especially our loved ones.

Imagine how your relationship will turn around if you showed little acts of kindness to your partner every day.

You can totally turn your relationship around with small acts of kindness.

Fill your partner’s car with gas if you know he’s going to travel soon. Clean his shoes before he goes to work.

Prepare his favorite meal to put a smile on his face. Knot his tie before he leaves the house. Drop little romantic love notes for him in unexpected places.

Give him a warm foot rub to help him unwind after a tiring day. Assist him with projects so they can be completed on time.

These are just a few ways you can show love and compassion towards your partner.

You’ll be more compatible with your partner if you practice these acts of kindness often.


7 ways you can be more compatible with your partner

5. Don’t compare your relationship

The fastest thing that kills a relationship is comparing it to others.

No two relationships can be the same. Even twins don’t behave exactly alike; they have noticeable differences.

It’s hard not to look at your partner and see he doesn’t measure up to social media posts about the perfect partner.

Stop comparing your relationship or marriage to others. It will only break you and destroy your relationship.

Honestly, nothing good comes out of envying people and trying to be like them.

It only makes you bitter and unsatisfied with your partner or relationship.

Sometimes, we create problems for ourselves by comparing our relationship to others; the solution is to look at your partner with love and total acceptance.

6. Accept your partner completely

Talking about acceptance, you need to love him the way he is. Don’t force him to be like someone else.

The mistake many women make is expecting their partner to change after marriage.

Men rarely change especially if they’ve been with you for a long time and shown you who they really are.

If you dated him as a workaholic or a reckless spender, it’s going to be difficult for him to change when he’s your husband.

The time you would have encouraged him to change was at the initial stage of your relationship.

That’s when you were supposed to set boundaries and rules for him to abide by. If you didn’t do that, don’t expect more from him now.

Just accept him the way he is and focus on other important things.

When you let go of some things and learn to be content with your partner, you might find out that you’re compatible after all.

7 ways you can be more compatible with your partner

7. Listen to the right advice

Another thing that kills a relationship fast is listening to the wrong people and taking their advice seriously.

For something as delicate and important as your relationship, don’t blindly take advice from friends and family.

They may mean well but not all advice will work out for you; learn to sift information before applying.

If you want to know if you’re compatible with your current partner, use this love compatibility checklist to find out if you’re the perfect match for each other.

Receiving advice from the wrong people could destroy your relationship as quickly as it was built.

Be careful with whom you share sensitive relationship problems.

Don’t involve a third party immediately you have an issue with your partner.

Try to settle your personal problems with your partner and if it doesn’t work, seek expert help.


If you would like to be more compatible with your partner, apply the tips I’ve shared in this post.

If you apply them properly, they’ll help increase compatibility in your relationship.



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