40+ Adorable Halloween Costumes For Couples

Adorable Halloween Costumes For Couples

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Are you searching for unique Halloween costumes for couples? You’re in the right place! Halloween is not just a kid’s holiday anymore. 

Adults also get a chance to dress up as a favorite character, eat tons of sweets, and enjoy a night full of scary surprises.

Over the last 30-40 years, it has become more and more popular, with adults getting into the spirit as well as children.

And of all the Halloween traditions, costumes are the biggest one for all ages.

Grown-up Halloween costumes are getting a lot of attention every year as well.

If you like to take part in the scary fun, it can be confusing to choose the perfect Halloween costumes for couples especially when you have lots of options that you could use.

Let’s face it; Halloween was much simpler when we were just kids.

I mean, you could just dress up as a clown or a ghost, and won’t have to worry about other people laughing at you.

Now, it’s a completely different idea. You have to find a costume that would look popular, scary, or funny enough without making you look stupid, especially when you’re with a partner.

If you’ll be organizing a Halloween party or attending one, it’s important to stick to a theme or dress in matching costumes of some kind.

There are almost unlimited ideas for Halloween costumes, but the most popular ones each year are the licensed characters from the past summer’s favorite movies and TV shows.

Common costumes like pirates, witches, ghosts, and aliens always work too.

But if you want to look unique, historical costumes and decade costumes like Renaissance or Medieval outfits will be your best bet.

To help you make the best choice, take a look at some great Halloween costumes for couples below.

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#1 Peanut Butter And Jelly Costume Set

This set includes two costumes for the price of one, you get 1 foam tunic with peanut butter on bread printed on the front, and 1 foam tunic with jelly on bread printed on the front.

#2 Toothbrush And Toothpaste Couple Set

This funny set includes a toothbrush costume and a toothpaste costume. Costume sets are suitable for all genders and one size fits most adults and teens. Look unique in it as you storm a backyard party.

#3 Men’s Spooky Skeleton Jumpsuit

If you want to be the life of the party, this men’s skeleton jumpsuit has zippered pockets to ensure your valuables stay safe all night long!

#4 Women’s Scary Halloween Jumpsuit

This jumpsuit is the perfect match for the men’s skeleton jumpsuit. If you want to dress as a couple, these outrageous clothes will make your life more fun.

#5 Fred And Wilma Flintstone Costume

If you love popular cartoon shows, you’ll enjoy this Flintstone costume set. Dress as Fred or Wilma and have fun with your partner this Halloween.

#6 King & Queen Of Hearts Costume

Do you want to look different and classy? Wear this unique costume to a Halloween party and receive tons of compliments from your friends.

#7 Plug And Socket Couples Costume

This funny socket and plug Halloween costume for couples includes an outlet foam costume dress for women with a USB socket and plug foam costume shorts for men with USB Cable. 

#8 Wine And Cheese Costume Set

Are you a foodie or someone who loves cooking? This wine and cheese costume would be a nice fit for you.

It includes 1 foam wine bottle-shaped foam tunic and 1 cheese wedge-shaped foam tunic with a fake oversized knife.

#9 Women’s Pinata Costume Dress

If you want to look stylish and comfortable, this colorful Halloween dress comes with an attached hood adorned with matching decoration to complete the look.

#10 Men’s Pinata Halloween Costume 

Pair this men’s pinata Halloween costume with its counterpart to create moments that will transform into experiences you’ll remember forever.

#11 Salt And Pepper Couples Costume

This costume set includes a salt and pepper full-size costumes plus adorable hats to compliment the outfits. It’s pretty easy to pullover for the perfect Halloween party.

#12 Bacon and Egg Halloween Costume

Be part of a balanced breakfast in this Bacon and Egg Costume!

Ham it up in this two-piece couple’s costume featuring two printed tunics, one shaped like a slice of bacon and one shaped like a sunny-side-up egg. 

#13 Soap Loofah Bubbles Costume

This is a unique and creative idea for couples; your friends will totally adore this costume. The set includes 1 Soap Bar Costume, 1 Loofah costume, and 10 clear balloons.

#14 Pizza Slice And Beer Bottle Costume

Match made in heaven or maybe in Manhattan. Pizza and Beer are culinary delights that are just inseparable like you and your beau.

Look the part in this ice-cold beer bottle and full supreme pizza slice costume. 

#15 King of Egypt Costume

This versatile costume can be worn with or without a shirt. It comes as a magnificent Egyptian shendyt skirt with embellished waistband and the eye of Horus necklace.

#16 Queen Cleopatra Costume

Pair this Queen of Egypt costume with the King Tut attire. This outfit will make sure you’re in front of the spotlight at any Halloween party you attend.

#17 Aladdin Prince Costume

The Aladdin Prince costume gives you the look of a down-on-his-luck Aladdin who is looking for love and fortune. It comes with a hat, top, waistcoat, trousers, and a sash.

#18 Princess Jasmine Costume

If you want to look like an Arabian couple, pair this with the Aladdin outfit.

It includes a sequined mesh off-shoulder, belly dance crop top adorned with a rhinestone and glittery mesh overlay plus baggy trousers to match.

#19 Long Black Hooded Cloak

Missing something from your costume this Halloween? This long black hooded cape goes with everything and you can transform into a vampire, assassin, or witch just by putting it on. 

#20 Raggedy Andy And Ann Couples Outfit

Raggedy Andy includes a shirt/pant style costume, red and white stockings, and a red yarn wig hat. 

The Raggedy Ann costume comes as a dress with apron, multicolored stockings, bloomers, and a wig. 

#21 Ketchup And Mustard Couples Costume

Bring some flavor to the table this Halloween by paying homage to the coolest condiments in the fridge.

This costume includes one polyester pullover suit fit for the spiciest Dijon and Catsup daydreams.

#22 Storybook Beast Costume

Become this quintessential fairytale character with the Beast men’s costume this Halloween.

It includes a gold-detailed tail coat, blue flower printed vest, faux fur mask, and snowy white cravat.

#23 Princess Belle Costume

If you want to look like the fairytale couple Beauty and the Beast, pair this gorgeous dress with the Men’s Beast costume.

It comes with a yellow ribbon which can be used as necktie or headband. You’ll surely turn heads in this spectacular outfit.

#24 Buddy The Elf And Jovi Costume Set

If you and your partner share Buddy’s affinity for Elf Culture, then this is the couple’s costume for you!

You’ll get everything in the picture except the shoes and wigs. This unique costume will help you stand out in a crowd.

#25 Prince Charming Costume

The perfect man is straight out of a fairy tale. The Prince Charming costume comes with a button-up jacket with attached shoulder epaulets, a sash, and a belt with a buckle.

#26 Classic Cinderella Princess Gown

Step into your own fairy tale in this Classic Cinderella ball gown and glitter tulle accents that will have you wanting to stay out past midnight. You can pair it with a Prince charming outfit.

#27 Scary Halloween Cosplay Outfits

The cosplay costume includes a shirt, a coat, trousers, and a hat, women’s dress, and stockings. This costume set brings a strong sense of scary but funny holiday feeling of Halloween to parties.

#28 Royal King Costume Set

Rule with the regal aura of a lion in this Royal King costume featuring a navy blue tunic top, a blue satin belt, a burgundy surcoat, a faux fur collar, a gold medallion chain, and a gold crown with faux metal.

#29 Royal Queen Costume

Stand beside your Majestic King as he rules over the entire kingdom. This dress is perfect for couples who are hosting or attending a Medieval themed Halloween party.

#30 Royal Prince Charming Costume

If you plan on becoming the Prince Charming of a classic tale, then you’d better have the right outfit! This men’s Royal Prince costume will make you look dashing enough to rescue your princess from any danger.

#31 Fairytale Snow White Dress

Who is the fairest in all the land? The Snow White costume comes with a dress with an attached collar and hair ribbon. For a great couple’s costume, pair this dress with any Prince Charming outfit of your choice.

#32 Vampire Halloween Costume For Men

A great choice for every guy who loves to stay up all night and sleep all day! This two-piece Vampire costume features a white shirt, ruffled colored shirt and cape with collar.

#33 Vampire Halloween Costume For Women

If you’re looking for great Halloween costumes for couples, pair this outfit with the Vampire costume for men and look classy all night. You can hold a glass of wine in one hand to appear more dangerous.

#34 Big Bad Wolf Costume

Do you enjoy being adventurous and naughty? This big bad wolf costume is going to make you look like a dangerously handsome hunk looking for a damsel to devour.

#35 Little Red Riding Hood Outfit

What is Little Red Riding Hood without her hooded cape? Take on this classic character that will have you attracting a lot more than one big bad wolf. It features a daring red dress with a matching hood.

#36 Voodoo Dude Halloween Costume

This Voodoo Dude can craft an array of charms to help and harm. It comes with a jacket, an attached vest, a hat with bone and skull decoration, a half mask, and skeleton paws.

#37 Women’s Voodoo Magic Costume

The Voodoo Magic women’s costume is composed of a long jacket with buttons, a v-neckline red vest, and a top hat.

It comes accessorized with two hat sash ties, a bone, and skull decorated belt, two green waist sash ties, and a monkey hand necklace.

#38 Dark Mad Hatter Costume

On the other side of looking glass, there is only his dark smile. The dark Mad Hatter costume comes with a jacket, an attached vest, a bow tie, glovelettes, and thigh highs.

#39 Mad Hatter Costume For Women

Slide into a tank dress, a checkerboard jacket, and an oversized hat to give you the complete look of this deluxe mad hatter costume that will have you transported to Wonderland in no time.

#40 Men’s Cutthroat Pirate Costume

Do what you want, a pirate is free! The Cutthroat Pirate costume comes with a black and white shirt, belt, pants, boot tops, wrist cuffs, and head tie.

#41 Hot Spanish Pirate Dress

The Spanish Pirate is an accessorized dress featuring a sweetheart neckline with gold ribbon lacing, an attached black gold vest, buckled belt, a flared skirt, a feathered hat, and a pirate purse.

#42 Mr. Wizard Costume

Impress everyone with a little magic in this Mr. Wizard costume. Don’t forget your magic wand, flying broom, powerful staff, or dark potions when you leave the house.

#43 Powerful Witch Costume

This Ribbon faux corset and matching witch hat with attached veil will have you ready to mix up some potions and brew some trouble in no time! Pair it with Mr. Wizard’s costume.

#44 Black Flying Bat Jumpsuit

Escape the cave and wing it in this flying bat jumpsuit for men. The costume features an attached hood with scary fangs, bat ears, and zippered pockets for candy storage.

#45 Cozy Bat Dress With Wing Sleeves

Go batty for this cozy bat dress which has amazing wing sleeves and a cute furry bat hood to keep you warm on a crisp October night.


There are many ways you can choose to celebrate the Halloween holiday. It really depends on what you want!

I threw in some funny Halloween costumes for couples to lighten up the mood if you don’t want to dress up as a scary monster.

Just pick a unique costume, get some candy, add some Halloween accessories, sprinkle a little holiday magic and you are all set for a “spooktacularly” good time.

Don’t be a couch potato who stays indoors and refuses to catch some outdoor fun during Halloween.

A holiday is meant to be celebrated with loved ones so don’t miss out on these special moments to catch some fun with your family and friends.


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