4 Biggest Dating Myths About Women Busted

4 Biggest Dating Myths About Women Busted

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Have you been listening to some dating myths that are totally untrue?

The truth is, a lot of things that you hear or read about women are not entirely true.

Whether you’re new to the dating scene or have been with more women than you can count, there are still many things you don’t know about the female race.

A lot of guys like to talk the talk and act like they know things, but it’s usually just waffle.

One of the reasons you may struggle to find a girlfriend is that you believe too many dating myths about women.

As a result, you enter your dates with preconceived notions that make things fall apart.

Let’s stop this from happening again by busting open some of the biggest dating myths about women.


4 Biggest Dating Myths About Women Busted

Myth #1 Women Don’t Want Nice Guys

False. Completely and utterly false. This is one of the most popular dating myths men hear.

Every woman wants a man that will be nice to her, take proper care of her, buy her cute things and be supportive of her goals.

The idea of nice guys finishing last is more about a specific type of guy.

It refers to guys that are too timid and shy, often afraid to take the first step.

They’re content to sit back and be all buddy-buddy, then wonder why they’re constantly friendzoned.

Girls like nice guys, they just want you to have some confidence and be bold!

Myth #2 Women Don’t Date Guys With Glasses

I’ve lost count of the number of guys that believe this. Ironically, your ideas around this are 100% formed by other men.

Your friends are probably feeding you with lies that guys with glasses look nerdy, which makes you feel like you don’t stand a chance.

Realistically, this is so untrue.

A lot of women are attracted to men who wear glasses because it makes them look intelligent and smart.

The key is to have some self-esteem, positive body image and approach her with a little confidence.

Some men have even started wearing eyeglasses without proper lenses, just to look cooler.

Honestly, if you have glasses, wear them and own them. You look uncomfortable when you don’t have glasses on – it doesn’t look natural.

4 Biggest Dating Myths About Women Busted

Myth #3 Women Hate Intimacy

If I had a penny for every time I’ve heard this, I’d be a billionaire. Women and men are both human beings, so we’re all intimately active.

The difference is that women don’t talk about it as openly as men. They prefer to be reserved about their private lives.

You might be inclined to boast about your intimate desires and romantic escapades within the earshot of women.

A woman isn’t likely to do that, but it doesn’t mean they’re rigid or uninterested in a romantic relationship.

Too many guys make the mistake of moving too slow because they think women aren’t into them like that.

Realistically, they’re just as up for it as you are! This is one of the first dating myths most men believe about men.

As long as you’re respectful and approach the topic in the right way, most women will be more than happy to talk about intimacy with you.

Don’t come off as a man who just wants to get laid without committing to a serious relationship.

If you’re really interested in knowing more about her, don’t rush intimacy.

Take your time and drop little obvious hints but give her enough space to decide if she wants to roll in the sheets with you or not.

When you’re not pushy about intimacy, she’ll warm up to you faster.

Being a true gentleman is really the best way to make a woman fall in love with you.

Myth #4 All Women Are Looking For Long-term Relationships

Again, it’s simply not the case, and this myth is formed by stereotypes.

Some women want long-term relationships and may be looking for a future husband.

Others are just as happy with a quick fling – or even a relationship with no labels attached.

Don’t assume that every woman wants to whisk you down the aisle straight away!

The best approach is to find someone who is after the same thing as you and has similar relationship goals.

This prevents situations where you end up with a broken heart or get into a toxic relationship.

After all, you have to take care of yourself! Make sure you’re both on the same page so nobody gets hurt.

Hopefully, this opens your eyes to a few dating myths about women. Now, you can improve your dating game by not letting these myths cloud your judgment!


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