How To Stop Being Desperate For A Relationship

how to stop being desperate for a relationship

Are you tired of being single? I get it! You really, really want to be in a relationship and do some fun things with someone special. You’re so eager to have a romantic partner that every date feels like the one and you try to force a connection where there’s none. However, this often makes you appear desperate, clingy, and needy, which pushes potential partners away. It can be frustrating to think you’ve found your soulmate only for your date […]


15 Clear Signs He Has No Feelings For You

signs he has no feelings for you

Are you seeing someone new but you just can’t tell if he has any feelings for you? It’s a frustrating spot to be in—when you’re falling for a guy but have no idea if the feeling is mutual, it can make you feel insecure and uncertain about the relationship. But there are proven ways to tell if a guy isn’t that into you so you can stop wasting your time on someone who isn’t emotionally invested in you. If you’re […]


8 Tips On How To Stop Missing Your Ex

how to stop missing your ex

It’s happened to all of us. You were in a relationship that seemed perfect until one day it wasn’t. Now you find yourself constantly thinking about your ex, wondering what went wrong and wishing things could go back to the way they were. The constant thoughts and regrets can make it hard to move on with your life. But there are ways to stop missing your ex so much. In this article, we’ll walk through techniques to help you stop […]


10 Things To Avoid Talking About On A First Date

things to avoid talking about on a first date

When you’re getting ready for your first date with someone, you may feel anxious about what to wear or what to talk about with your new love interest. It’s normal to feel nervous because you don’t want to mess things up by doing or saying something wrong. While you want the conversation to flow naturally, some topics are better left unsaid, at least for now. Even though you may want to skip the small talk and dive right into the […]


10 Signs A Married Man Will Never Leave His Wife For You

signs a married man will never leave his wife for you

So you’ve been seeing a married man for a while now, and you’re starting to wonder if your relationship will ever get serious. Even though he tells you he loves you and acts like you’re the only one for him, you suspect he’s just stringing you along. If you’re looking for signs that he’ll leave his wife, look no further. This article will walk you through the telltale clues that your married lover is never going to make you his […]


10 Sneaky Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

signs your ex wants you back

Do you ever get that feeling that your ex is hovering around more than usual? Maybe they’re liking your posts on social media, texting you random quotes during the day, or finding excuses to talk to you. You’re probably not imagining things! Frequent communication could signal that your ex wants you back but doesn’t know how to say it. We’ve all been there before.  Sometimes breakups are a mistake or done in the heat of the moment and we end […]

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