10 Things To Avoid Talking About On A First Date

things to avoid talking about on a first date

When you’re getting ready for your first date with someone, you may feel anxious about what to wear or what to talk about with your new love interest. It’s normal to feel nervous because you don’t want to mess things up by doing or saying something wrong. While you want the conversation to flow naturally, some topics are better left unsaid, at least for now. Even though you may want to skip the small talk and dive right into the […]


10 Signs A Married Man Will Never Leave His Wife For You

signs a married man will never leave his wife for you

So you’ve been seeing a married man for a while now, and you’re starting to wonder if your relationship will ever get serious. Even though he tells you he loves you and acts like you’re the only one for him, you suspect he’s just stringing you along. If you’re looking for signs that he’ll leave his wife, look no further. This article will walk you through the telltale clues that your married lover is never going to make you his […]


10 Sneaky Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

signs your ex wants you back

Do you ever get that feeling that your ex is hovering around more than usual? Maybe they’re liking your posts on social media, texting you random quotes during the day, or finding excuses to talk to you. You’re probably not imagining things! Frequent communication could signal that your ex wants you back but doesn’t know how to say it. We’ve all been there before.  Sometimes breakups are a mistake or done in the heat of the moment and we end […]


25 Fun Things To Do When Single On Valentine’s Day

Things to do when single on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up and if you’re single, you may be wondering what fun things there are to do when you don’t have a romantic partner. Don’t worry, you’ve got lots of options! Whether you want to treat yourself to a spa date, hang out with friends, or embrace your solo status, this list has got you covered. Keep reading to find 25 awesome activities for singles on the most romantic day of the year. You won’t feel lonely […]


9 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date A Married Man

reasons why you shouldn't date a married man

You’re sitting at the bar, sipping a glass of wine after a long day, when an attractive stranger starts chatting you up. He’s charming, handsome, and seems genuinely interested in you. But then you notice the wedding ring on his finger. You know you should walk away, but the temptation is real. We’ve all been there before—where we find ourselves drawn to someone we know is off-limits. Dating a married man might sound exciting, but it’s rarely a good idea. […]


10 Signs You’re Not The Only Guy In Her Life

signs you're not the only guy in her life

Do you think your girlfriend is cheating on you with another guy? Maybe you thought you were the only apple of her eye, but you’re beginning to suspect that you may not be the only man in her life! We’ve all been there, thinking we were the sole focus of our partner’s attention. Before you get too far into the relationship though, you need to find out if you and your girlfriend are exclusive. This article highlights some behaviors women […]

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