20 Fun Camping Games For Couples

Fun camping games for couples

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Going camping with your partner soon? Don’t forget to pack some fun camping games for couples to help you keep off the boredom while you connect with each other without distractions.

Of course, you’ll also need a comfortable camping chair, a picnic table, some glow sticks or fairy lights, a water bottle and a double sleeping bag just in case the weather gets colder.

You can totally avoid this little inconvenience by going camping during Summer when it would be warm and sunny.

If you’re not into glow sticks, going with some string lights or camping lanterns would be a wonderful idea so you can hang them on your campsite and make it extra special for both of you.

The last thing you want to do while camping is constantly holding your flashlight when you’re doing something that needs your full attention.

With a few extra sources of light, it will be easier to see around your camping site.

Best camping games for couples

A camping trip is a fun way for you to spend quality time with your partner and enjoy the great outdoors.

When you live in the city, you have less outdoor activities you can do and if you’re an adventurer who loves experiencing the beauty of nature, it’s necessary to go on a romantic camping trip often.

Sometimes, all you need to rejuvenate yourself and rekindle your love with your partner is to embark on a romantic getaway in the woods and enjoy playing campfire games.

Speaking of games…

You might think you don’t really need them until you’re stuck in your tent or car for hours while it rains non-stop and that’s when the boredom sets in for most campers.

To avoid feeling bored during the rainy days while you’re camping, it’s a good idea to carry along a collection of great camping games.

Having the right gear and engaging in interactive camp activities will ensure that you have much fun as a couple.

With some little preparation and a bottle of wine, you can have a memorable experience on your romantic camping trip.

To help you enjoy a romantic time outdoors with your partner, I’m going to give you a list of the best camping games for couples to play together.

A collection of camping games for couples


If you usually go camping with kids or in large groups, playing the flashlight tag game is a fun way to keep yourselves busy and have a night filled with laughter.

This list of games are more suitable for couples since they don’t necessarily require multiple players.

#1 Spikeball

Spikeball is a fun, active, and competitive 2 on 2 outdoor/indoor sports game that can be played anywhere. It has the same kind of rules like volleyball.

If you like to move your body or break a sweat during camping trips, you’ll enjoy playing this fun game.

#2 Twister

Twister is a classic game that ties players up in knots! This action-packed game is a fun thing to do while staying at home, and it’s a great outdoor game for couples.

If you enjoyed playing this game as a kid, get ready to laugh hard as you twist, turn, tangle and struggle to keep your hands and feet glued to the mat. 

#3 Escape Room In A Box

I love this game because it encourages cooperation and teamwork among players. Everyone in the game is after the same goal: to escape!

You have to solve 19 mental and physical puzzles before a mad scientist turns you into werewolves—and you have only one hour to do it! It’s thrilling!

#4 GoFindIt Scavenger Hunt

Don’t come back from camping if you don’t go on a scavenger hunt or treasure hunt because that’s the only time you get to do it in a natural landscape.

GoFindIt is the perfect game that gets everyone outside exploring and discovering nature through their senses. 

#5 Cornhole Bean Bag

This Bean Bag game can be assembled quickly and stored easily by tearing and stacking with a small footprint.

I love how portable it is; you can carry the bean bags with you anytime you travel.

Don’t throw this game away when you’re done camping because you can play it indoors or in your backyard too.

#6 Fireside Chats

Camping is the best time to get to know your partner more and these conversation starters can help you learn new things about each other.

If your goal is to reconnect with your partner, carry along these deck of cards on your next camping trip!

#7 Bottle Bash

If you like frisbee, you’ll love Bottle Bash. This game set up takes less than one minute and can be played on 20, 30, or 40 foot long areas depending on skill level.

It is ideal for endless backyard fun for the whole family, tailgating, camping trips, the beach, and other outdoor scenes.

#8 Do or Drink

Ready for funny dares and a camp night of fun? This drinking game is the most hilarious game ever and it will have you both reeling from laughter.

Be warned! Doing these dares will completely take your night to the next level, you’ll be talking about it for weeks after it ends.

#9 Tic Tac Toe

Did you play this classic game of tic tac toe on a piece of paper with your family as a kid? It could bring back some nostalgic memories.

The game set comes with five O’s, five X’s, a 9.5-inch-square cardboard play surface, and instructions just in case you need a reminder of how to play it.

#10 Magnetic Dart

When was the last time you played the dart game? If it’s been a while, it’s time to test your hand-eye coordination skills.

Luckily, this game comes with magnets to ensure the dart always flies accurately and to keep it from falling off the board.

#11 60 Second Slam

Can you come up with a word for each letter of the alphabet for the category of “Things in a Supermarket”? Now try “Rock Bands” or “U.S. Cities”.

Race against the clock and your opponent in this challenging alphabet game. If you want to come out as the winner, you have to think super fast.

#12 Deer In The Headlights

This is a fun, fast-moving card and dice game for the whole family but it is also suitable for 2 players.

In this game, you have to be the first player to discard all of your cards to win the round, but watch out! A ‘Deer in the Headlights’ roll will stall your progress.

#13 Ring Toss

The ring toss outdoor game is simple to set up and only takes a few minutes. It is perfect for a boring, rainy day or as backyard games at a BBQ!

The game kit includes 3 sets of rings, wooden peg base, and carry bag. You’ll have so much fun with it!

#14 What Do You Meme?

Do you love memes? In this 435 card game, you get to compete with your partner or friends to create the funniest memes.

You can do this by using one of your dealt caption cards to caption the photo card in each round.

#15 …I Should Have Know That!

I should have known that! is an addictively entertaining trivia game with over 400 questions about things that you should know.

In contrast to traditional trivia formats, you don’t receive points for answering questions correctly. Get ready for nonstop brain freezes, laughs, and embarrassing answers.

#16 Intimacy Deck

What’s a camping trip without lots of hot lovemaking sessions? This Intimacy Deck will help you start relationship-building conversations with brilliant, fun and engaging cards.

It will also regnite the same curiosity and excitement you shared with your partner on your first date together.

#17 Unsolved Case Files

Unsolved Case Files puts you in the shoes of a detective tasked with solving a murder that happened decades ago with only the original investigator’s case file.

In order to solve this cold case murder mystery game you’ll need to find 3 separate clues that crack open the case. If you love crime and mystery, you’ll enjoy this game.

#18 Pick Your Poison

If you’re looking for what to do with your partner while sitting around the campfire, ask each other tough would you rather questions and laugh out loud at the answers.

“The ‘Would You Rather’ board game you’ve been waiting for finally exists and it’s guaranteed to make you have a great time while you’re camping.

#19 Bungee Table

Whether you’re looking for a new game to introduce to your partner or want some competitive game for campfire nights, Bungee Table is your choice!

This hockey sling puck game will entertain both kids and adults. The board is 17.13 inches long and 10.24 inches wide which means there is plenty of space on both sides for enjoyable games.

#20 Not Parent Approved

A card game for mischief makers. In each round, one player picks and reads a question card and another person answers with the funniest answer card.

Ever wondered how booger juice, vampire bunnies, and grandma can end up in the same sentence? With Not Parent Approved, you get to show your mischievous side without getting into trouble.


Playing games is a great way to break the ice, reconnect with your partner and get the party going.

Whether it’s game night, going on a road trip, camping, or just a rainy afternoon at home, you’ll enjoy this list of fun camping games for couples.

I created a collection of board games, card games and other types of games so you can pick your favorite and carry it along next time you’re traveling or going camping with your partner.


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