11 Tips on How to be an Awesome Partner

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Relationships are hard. They seem really easy to start but they are actually difficult to maintain.

When you enter into a new relationship, you are plagued with a hundred and one thoughts on how to be an awesome partner and make your relationship work.

You are bothered about the success of your relationship and you try your possible best to keep your relationship strong.

The first 5 months of a relationship are really tricky; this is the period when trust is built. 

You’re very excited and you’re trying to impress your new partner that you tell little white lies just to make him feel you are a great choice partner for him.

Then he finds out about all the lies and secrets you’ve been hiding.

The next thing you know, you’re back to square one; alone, depressed and heartbroken.

No matter how much we lie to ourselves, the fact remains: we hate being alone.

Everyone loves companionship, love and deep affection.

We all want someone we can trust, someone who would be our lover, confidante and best friend all at once.

How to be an awesome partner

We need someone who would stand by our side and never leave us no matter how much we fight or quarrel.

Yes, we yearn for that special person who would love and accept every bone in our bodies.

A life partner who would be loyal and faithful to us till death do us part is what we’re really looking for in a relationship.

We crave a perfect relationship. Yes, we need all these things but how can we achieve them?

We have to become awesome first before seeking out an awesome partner.

I’m sure you would say “I was an incredibly awesome lover on Valentine’s day”.

Maybe you showered your love with lots of gifts and affection.

But Valentine’s day is not the only day you should show affection to your partner.

How to be an awesome partner

You need to be an awesome partner every single day. 

Yes, it may be difficult! You are human, you have flaws and you make mistakes but you need to try and make your relationship work.

Before we proceed, I need you to ask yourself this question “Am I an awesome partner to my lover?” Have I been a great lover to my previous partners?

It is very easy to expect another person to do the things we don’t normally do.

We want the best from them; flaws or mistakes are not allowed.

We expect so much from other people but never do those things that we ask of them.

If you want an awesome partner then you have to be an awesome person first.


11 tips on how to be an awesome partner

#1 Apologize More:

Learn to say sorry whenever you offend your partner.

Don’t insist on being right and don’t be quick to transfer the blame to your partner. Just say “sorry”. It works like magic every time.

#2 Always Say Thank You:

It is so easy to expect and accept gifts from your spouse but yet difficult to be appreciative.

You expect him to do some house chores but you forget to say ” thank you”.

If you want to be an awesome partner, you need to remember to always say “Thank You”.

#3 Think Before Talking:

Words are as sharp as swords. Be careful the way you use them; you may hurt someone’s feelings.

Think before you talk to your partner, avoid using negative words instead inspire him with your positive words.

How to be an awesome partner

 #4 Love Yourself:

If you don’t love yourself, how would you love someone else?

Love yourself first, be happy and then you can transfer the love to those around you. Always treat yourself with Love!

#5 Show Genuine Affection:

If you miss your partner, show him how much you miss him.

If you love him, let him know. Treat him with love and care; let your affection be genuine.

Don’t be fake by showing your affection only when there is money.

Even when there is no money, let your love remain strong and genuine.


#6 Compliment Your Partner Every day:

We all need some assurance from time to time, especially from our partner.

We want to know we look as beautiful as we feel. Compliment your partner every day.

Tell him how handsome he looks. Tell him how wonderful he makes you feel.

Compliments go a really long way when used often; use them.


11 Tips on How to be an Awesome Partner

#7 Be Thoughtful:

You know those little things we say or do every day and feel no one is watching or listening?

Those things that mean a lot to us but we never really emphasize on because we want someone to be thoughtful and observant enough to notice them.

Your partner feels that way too. Be thoughtful enough to take note of those little things and work with them.

#8 Listen To Your Partner:

We all have busy lives full of experiences that we have a lot to say.

A lot of words to even fill up the ocean. We don’t expect to be interrupted until we have finished what we want to say.

But how many times do you even listen to your partner? You need to learn to listen more and talk less.

Pay attention to what your spouse is saying and give positive feedback.

#9 Be Grateful:

How many times do you complain about how bad things are? How many times are you grateful for the good things in your life?

Learn to look around you and be grateful for what you have because some people secretly wish they had what you have. Be grateful!

How to be an awesome partner

#10 Be a Good Communicator:

Do you always expect your partner to read your mind? You need to stop that!

He is not a magician. Stop expecting him to know exactly how you feel; tell him.

Express your true feelings to him. Don’t pretend as if everything is okay when it isn’t. Learn to communicate effectively.


#11 Be Great in Bed:

You may think your partner’s intimate life isn’t important but it is.

Many relationships break up because of infidelity or unsatisfactory love life.

Learn more about intimacy, explore more and experiment with your partner. If you are great in bed, nobody will want to lose you.

These are the basic tips you need to be an incredibly awesome partner.

Go over each point and see how you can improve yourself and your relationship.


What do you do to improve your relationship every day? 


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