How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day Alone

How to celebrate Valentine's day alone

Are you looking for ideas on how to celebrate Valentine’s day alone without a romantic partner?

Being single on Valentine’s day is one of the best things that can happen to you because it gives you the opportunity to take proper care of yourself and work on your own happiness.

While it might seem like not having a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day is the worst thing ever, it actually isn’t that bad to not be seeing someone during the holiday of love.

If you usually look at happy couples and wish you had someone special to celebrate the day of romance with, know that you’re not alone and it’s totally okay to be single.

Even without a boyfriend by your side, there are still plenty things you can do to celebrate on Valentine’s day.

Whether you’re looking for something fun to do at home or the best way to spend the night out, I’m going to give you ideas on how to celebrate Valentine’s day alone.


How To Celebrate Valentine's Day Alone

1. Buy a personalized gift for yourself

This is the most important thing for you to do on the most romantic day of the year because your happiness should be your priority.

You deserve good things in your life and Valentine’s day is the perfect time to give yourself a special treat.

When was the last time you bought yourself a cute little something to celebrate your awesomeness?

Instead of throwing a pity party for not having a boyfriend, go get yourself something really nice to appreciate your personality.

Personalized gifts are often great presents to show love during holidays or celebrations. Get yourself a red rose, a good book or an adorable teddy bear to cuddle with.

2. Organize a spa day at home

Valentine’s day would be the worst day to visit a spa because you’ll see lots of couples getting massages and all sorts of luxury treatment.

Save yourself the trauma and organize a fancy spa day at home with everything you need to pamper yourself.

An at home spa day would be the perfect way to spoil yourself a little bit without the interference of a third party.

Soak in a bubble bath, apply a face mask and paint your nails in any color you want. You totally deserve a special treat to celebrate yourself.

3. Grab a cold drink

On this special day, you need to show yourself lots of love and you can do that by relaxing at home.

What better way to relax than having a glass of champagne or a can of chilled beer while you watch some of your favorite movies?

Just don’t go overboard with the drink so you don’t end up with a nasty hangover the next day.

4. Watch lots of interesting movies

The most exciting thing about this idea is that you can either do it at home by picking out some of your favorite movies and watching them from your couch while munching on cookies or popcorn.

Or you can go over to your local theater and entertain yourself with some of the latest flicks with the rest of the crowd.

Whatever you decide, just make sure you spend the whole day entertaining yourself with interesting movies that can cheer you up.

Do yourself a favor and avoid watching romantic movies that may steer up feelings of loneliness or sadness in your heart.

How To Celebrate Valentine's Day Alone

5. Call your loved ones

Since it’s a day of love, it’s only appropriate to call your loved ones who are not currently with you.

If you’re in the mood for it, consider doing a video chat with your family members and friends. You can even show them the lovely gifts you bought for yourself or tell them how you’re spending the day.

Don’t forget to shower and wear some make-up before you show your face on a screen. Spending quality time with a family member or close friend is a good idea to remind you of the people who love you.

6. Give someone a thoughtful gift

If you know anyone who could really appreciate a gift from you, pick a nice present that’s budget-friendly and brighten up someone’s day.

It doesn’t have to be expensive to show much love to the receiver. Any thoughtful present can put a smile on someone’s face and make them feel loved.

Gift ideas could include cute things like bullet journals, chocolates, teddy bears, flowers, spa baskets, handmade gifts and movie tickets.

7. Engage in your favorite hobbies

Do you have any favorite hobbies you enjoy doing? Create time to do those things you love today. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as you enjoy doing it.

Pick up a few supplies from your local store and immense yourself in your hobbies. You can also learn a new skill that could be vital to your career along the way.

8. Try volunteering

Have you considered that there are other people around you that might not be getting some love on Valentine’s day because they have no one to show them love?

Instead of feeling depressed and curling up at home, visit a nearby animal shelter, nursing home, or local hospital and spread some love to people who really need it.

You can also join your local community center on singles awareness day to educate people on what it means to be single and how they can impact lives.

How To Celebrate Valentine's Day Alone

9. Visit an old friend

We all have that one friend who is special to us but we never find the time to visit because of unforeseeable circumstances.

On this special day of love, it would mean a lot to pay a visit to someone you’ve not seen in a long time.

If you know a friend who might be feeling lonely on Valentine’s day, drop by and say hello. You can also decide to spend the whole day with your best friend if you have one.

10. Cook your favorite meal

When last did you cook up a storm in your kitchen? If you’ve been filling your belly with junk food, do yourself a huge favor by cooking some healthy meals today.

Write a shopping list, pick the ingredients you need from the grocery store and keep yourself busy in the kitchen.

This is the perfect opportunity to cook your favorite food and savor it’s delicious taste with a bottle of wine on the side.

If you’re feeling lazy and just want to enjoy your favorite treat, have a fancy dinner in a new restaurant or order take out for one.

11. Plan a girl’s outing with your single friends

If you have single friends who are less busy today, plan a day out as a group to explore the area.

Being in the company of others in the same situation as you will help to ease your loneliness on Valentine’s day.

Attend a concert, visit the Cinema, go to a karaoke club, visit the museum or go to a carnival with your single friends. Make sure you have lots of fun together!

If you normally celebrate galentine’s day with your closest friends, you can choose to use February 14th as your day of rest so you can unwind from stress.

12. Host a fancy game night at home

If going out isn’t an option for you, hosting a fancy game night at home would be a good way to spend quality time with your single friends.

Invite your friends over in the evening to play some interesting games. Nominate people who would bring different items like popcorn or drinks.

Have fun winning each other and laughing out loud. You can also turn game night into a sleepover if you like the idea.

How To Celebrate Valentine's Day Alone

13. Start something new

On a more serious note, you can be more adventurous on Valentine’s day by starting something new and seeing where it leads.

I started my blog on February 14th, 2016 when I had to spend the day alone because my boyfriend couldn’t make it on time.

I’m still enjoying this favorite hobby of mine that I started accidentally several years ago. The day of love can be the best time to start something with passion and build it over time.

There is a good chance that a new hobby could turn into a profitable career or a money making venture in the long run.

14. Stay away from social media

We all know how social media looks like on Valentine’s day every year.

Married couples and engaged people will fill up their timelines with adorable couple photos that can make us cry.

To avoid feeling sorry for yourself, stay away from social media on V-day. Focus on yourself and your happiness instead.

15. Have a solo party at home

This is one of my best ways to celebrate Valentine’s day alone. Turn into your own personal disc jockey and lighten up the night.

Play some upbeat songs that can get you on the dance floor in no time. Stay away from romantic songs and blues that remind you of love.

Enjoy a solo party at home and dance till you can’t go on. You can also invite some friends over if you want to make the night more fun.

How To Celebrate Valentine's Day Alone

Your happiness shouldn’t be based on your relationship status. Work on being happy first before you get into a relationship with someone.

Learn to enjoy yourself as a single person so that you can have a healthy relationship without clinginess or dependence on another person.

Being single on Valentine’s day isn’t a bad idea as long as you have fun things to keep you busy. There are plenty of ways for single people to have fun without romantic love.

Don’t let your single hood make you feel depressed or sad. It’s just one day and it will surely pass.

Try some of these ideas I’ve mentioned above and have a blast on Valentine’s day. The right person for you will come when you least expect it. Have faith as you pursue your own happiness.


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