4 Steps to Planning a Successful Wedding as a Couple

Planning for a successful wedding

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Congratulations on your engagement! Now you’re probably wondering how and where to start with planning a successful wedding together to make sure it’s the most memorable day for both of you.

If you don’t plan well things can get a bit tricky from choosing a wedding dress to the cake and wedding venue. It can be totally stressful that’s why it’s advisable to plan your wedding with your spouse.

With this being the first big life-changing project you’re embarking on, you’re probably looking for ways to ensure you both enjoy the journey without too much stress. This also means you want to savor every moment with your partner by not just rushing your way through the wedding planning.

Whatever plan you already have in mind to prevent common stress symptoms from getting the best of you and your fiance, below are 4 steps to planning a successful wedding together without stress and conflict.


Planning for a successful wedding

#1 Plan early

If you have a specific season or date in mind, you’re probably keen to have your plans put together during that season. To ensure you’re both successful in your mission, an early organization is vital to enjoying your engagement and planning the details for the wedding day.

If you want to make it more fun, go for a casual dinner date to brainstorm ideas and devise a list of the essentials and non-essentials together for your big day. Take time to make up a budget too, to prevent the financial strain of unexpected costs arising over the months leading up to the wedding.

Deciding what you both need to buy, do and spend money on will enable you to agree on a sufficient plan together in advance. This will prevent you both from rushing around, making hasty decisions and unnecessary disputes caused by the wedding being rushed and disorganized.

If your wedding is in June, start planning for it by late March so you won’t miss out on any important details. Start by choosing your wedding color and contacting the bridesmaids. If you plan early, your wedding would be more organized.

#2 Be ready to compromise

Part of planning a successful wedding together and becoming a married couple is the willingness to compromise.

So whether it’s revisiting the guest list and inviting additional people that your husband wants to attend, choosing an alternative option of flowers for the wedding to fit both of your tastes or discussing the different wedding trends you both agree on.

Taking the time to listen to your partner and exchange ideas, will prevent heated discussions occurring and provide a happy, healthy journey for planning your wedding.

#3 Work with a budget

If you want to have a successful wedding without stress, you need to work with a budget. It’s very easy to spend all your savings during a wedding and then go bankrupt afterward. If you want to prevent a financial crisis after your wedding, prepare a reasonable budget and work with it.

Know how much you’re spending on drinks, food, cake and wedding venue. The only expensive thing at your wedding should be your wedding rings; those are the only reminders of your wedding. Watch your spending habits and don’t go overboard; remember your marriage officially starts after the wedding.

Planning for a successful wedding

#4 Refocus

Amongst visiting wedding venues, designing wedding invitations, creating a guest list, choosing your attire, bridesmaids, and groomsmen, a vortex of wedding planning can soon take over your lives if you both don’t take time to breathe and refocus.

Stepping back from what could be an all-consuming wedding planning journey, will enable you and your partner to revisit the reason behind all of your planning.

The reason being to express your love for one another and your joint commitment to be united in the eyes of God in the presence of your loved ones.

Refocusing is a necessary skill that will serve you both well in achieving a successful marriage together. As you both gain perspective on your wedding purpose, make room to spend quality time with each other as a newly engaged couple.

This post presents not just how to survive but how to enjoy the wedding planning saga together, by preparing as soon as possible, compromising and spending the time to refocus your energy on each other.

Planning a wedding from scratch is a big task with a huge learning curve attached for the both of you. If you don’t plan well, your wedding might not be entirely successful.


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