8 Things a Woman Really Wants in a Relationship

8 things a woman really wants in a relationship

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What are the things a woman really wants in a relationship?

Some men complain that they don’t understand women and they have no idea of what they really want.

The behavior of women is such a mystery to most men that they give up trying to understand women. You’re not alone if you feel this way!

Women are often complicated human beings because of how emotional they are.

We change every day but there are certain things we expect to get from our men and when we have them you’ll have little or no problems.

If you really want to attract and keep a women you need to engage her on an emotional level by constantly telling sweet romantic words.

Women need to be emotionally gratified. Once you understand how to evoke a deep and sensual emotional connection with her, it won’t matter if you live in a mansion or a garbage can.

Every woman has different things she wants from a man but there are a few common things that most women want in a relationship.

If you want to know what women really want in a relationship, here is a list of some qualities every woman expects from a man in an ideal relationship:


8 things a woman really wants in a relationship

#1 A presentable appearance

Just as men like their women to dress well and look good, women like their men to look good, smell nice and be well-groomed.

Even if you don’t wear designer clothes, she’ll appreciate you if you just dress well, keep your beards well-trimmed and look neat.

Men who don’t pay sufficient attention to the way they look are unlikely to win the attention of sensitive women who care about physical appearance.

If you want a have a successful relationship with a woman, you need to take proper care of yourself and maintain proper hygiene.

#2 A listening ear

All women want their men to pay attention to what they are saying.

You may not agree with her thinking but don’t make the mistake of looking bored or uninterested when she’s talking with you.

Always try to pay attention, even if you don’t intend to do what she wants.

Most women enjoy talking; this is the first way they express their ideas and feelings.

If you want to know what she likes or dislikes, pay attention to what she’s telling you even the insignificant things.

The moment I decided my boyfriend was a great listener was when he covered my feet with a blanket because he remembered that I easily get cold on my feet.

I thought he wasn’t listening when I told him this but he actually was and that made me bond with him faster.

If you want to be a great partner, listen to your woman and take note of important things she says.

It means a lot to us when our men listen! The fact that our point of view was considered before a decision is taken is enough to make us happy.

8 Things women want in a relationship

#3 An active intimate life

Not all women want mind-blowing and passionate romance every night but every woman wants her man to be good in bed at least.

They want to be desired by a man and to be completely fulfilled by him. If you want to have a good love life, make an honest effort to satisfy your woman.

Take out time to know her needs and how she wants to be loved. I think the biggest mistakes men make are being selfish in bed and not being able to satisfy a woman.

Women don’t like to be rushed into making love unless they are in a mood for it. They prefer being pampered instead of being rushed into it.

#4 A great companion

Every woman wants a great companion who would stay with her until she grows old.

Yes, we want our men to support us in all we do and be there for us all the way even if we don’t know what we are doing.

The three most important qualities women value in their men are honesty, loyalty, and emotional support.

They don’t want their men to cheat on them or hold back anything from them.

They would like to be equal partners in the relationship. Men often try to hold back their problems related to work or their finances.

This is not good for a long-term relationship.

Women feel more wanted and involved when their men rely on them for emotional support.

Try to involve her in your work and inform her of your  problems without being blunt or cruel.

No woman wants to be told that she is ugly, fat or dumb. But, at the same time, they would not like their men to lie to them about their looks.

Unless you’re in an open relationship, every woman wants her man to be faithful to her.

This is really important to us! We want to be greatly desired and wanted by our men.

We want to make him happy in bed and be equally satisfied. But most importantly, we don’t want our men to cheat on us with another woman.

8 things a woman really wants in a relationship

#5 Financial stability

No matter how successful a woman is, she wants her man to be stable financially and career-wise.

We just want constant stability in our lives; we don’t want to foot the bills alone all the time.

We don’t want to be in a situation where we are forced to beg for favors.

We want our men to take care of some basic necessities of life. You don’t have to be wealthy to make us happy.

We just want you to sincerely contribute your best while making efforts to secure a better future.

Even if your woman is working, don’t just sit at home all day and expect her to take care of your needs. Try your best to bring something to the table!

#6 A fairytale romance

Even if they don’t say it, women want a fairytale romance but they know it only happens in the movies.

But still, it won’t hurt to pamper us once in a while and sweep us off our feet in a sweet romantic adventure.

No woman wants to be tied to work or children all the time. We all want some occasional excitement in our relationship.

This is where men need to be imaginative and thoughtful with pleasant surprises.

The surprises don’t need to be big or expensive.

They can be as simple as giving her flowers, a box of chocolate, a fancy movie night, dinner at her favorite restaurant or a passionate weekend at a nice resort outside of town.

She would totally enjoy it more if you add a dash of spontaneity to your style of romance.

8 things a woman really wants in a relationship

#7 A good conversationalist

Women like men who can strike a good conversation and make them laugh.

We want men who can brighten up our day and make a room come alive.

Men who are dull and boring or too obsessed with their own affairs are unlikely to keep a woman interested.

Women like men who are willing to chat with them on their wavelength.

I fell in love with my boyfriend because he is a great conversationalist.

He doesn’t ever run out of interesting topics to discuss and he always manages to make me laugh.

This was a very strong foundation for our relationship because we were good friends before we started dating.

If you struggle to find the right things to say to a woman to melt her heart, these romantic love notes will turn you into her knight in shining armor.

#8 Genuine love and affection

After all, said and done, one thing is certain; women love to be wooed. They want to be pursued. They want to be courted.

They want men to try and win their affection. They also want men to shower them with love and affection.

It’s a great psychological game that both men and women love to play.

If you want to have a happy relationship, show your woman how much you love and care.

Pamper her regularly, be romantic and fun to be around. Let her know how you feel about her and don’t forget to tell her every day that you love her very much!

8 Things a woman really wants in a relationship

If you’ve ever wondered what women want, I’ve given you a highlight of a few things a woman really wants in a relationship.

If you take note of them and study your woman, you won’t find her complicated at all.

In fact, she’ll be like an open book to you because you can easily read her moods and know what she wants or dislikes in a relationship.


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