71 Little Things That Will Improve Your Relationship

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Do you know that there are little things that will improve your relationship if you do them consistently?

They are so simple to do that you will probably laugh at some of them but don’t strike them off your list.

These things seem very little and insignificant but they are necessary for a successful marriage.

Successful marriages happen because at least one spouse commits to doing small things in great ways over an extended period of time.

Do you want to see real change in your relationship? Then establish the right habits and do them consistently.

Here is a comprehensive list of little things you can do to improve your relationship with your spouse:

71 Little Things That Will Improve Your Relationship

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1. Ask how your spouse’s day went and really listen.

2. What was your song when you were dating? Call your spouse and sing it to him.

3. Share dessert with one fork.

4. Visit your spouse at their office unannounced and give him a kiss… and then leave.

5. Kiss your spouse immediately you wake up.

6. Kiss your spouse before going to bed.

7. Caress your spouse’s hand spontaneously.

8. Touch your spouse’s hand or cheek while driving.

9. Share a story from the news or your day that was interesting.

10. Sit on your spouse’s laps or invite him/her to sit on yours.

11. Rub shoulders next time you sit next to each other.

12. Learn a new joke today and share it with your spouse.

13. Hug your spouse for 5 minutes today.

14. Place your head on your partner’s lap when you’re relaxing.

15. Play with your spouse’s foot next time you sit together.

16. Compliment something your spouse is wearing.

17. Call your spouse out of the blue to let him know you’re thinking of him.

How to improve your relationship

18. Dance together on the porch when no one’s looking.

19. Give your spouse a nice foot or shoulder rub.

20. Tell your spouse that if you had to do it all over again, you’d choose him.

21. Play with your spouse’s hair while talking in bed.

22. Fall asleep holding hands.

23. Have a tickle or pillow fight.

24. Share a problem and listen to your spouse’s solution.

25. Remind your spouse to drive safely next time he leaves the house.

26. Call your spouse at work with the latest news or a funny story.

27. Say “I’m sorry” about a mistake you made recently.

28. Compliment your spouse on your favorite physical trait.

29. Think of 3 ways your spouse has made you a better person… tell him now.

30. Look at your spouse until he catches you staring… then give him a big smile.

31. Share what you admire most about your spouse.

32. Have a “remember when?” moment… talk about it with your spouse.

33. Thank your partner for helping you through a challenging time in your life.

34. Find a reason to touch your spouse when you are in the same room.

35. Dig out the wedding album and reminisce.

how to improve your relationship

36. Hold hands under the table and look into each other’s eyes.

37. Brush your spouse’s hair out of his eyes.

38. Straighten his tie; be sure to touch him with love.

39. Prepare dinner together on a weekend.

40. Button or zip his shirt; remember to do it with love.

41. Kiss in the elevator or lobby when no one is looking.

42. Cuddle your spouse while sleeping.

43. Before parting, tell your spouse you can’t wait to see him again.

44. Kiss the back of your spouse’s neck while she is reading.

45. Turn off your spouse’s alarm clock then wake him with a warm kiss.

46. Listen to your spouse’s worries and ask how you can help.

47. Make your spouse’s lunch for the day… deliver it with a kiss.

48. Send your spouse a text message saying “I Love You.”

49. Help your spouse with the house chores.

50. Have a shower together once a week.

51. Scrub your spouse’s back when you are bathing together.

52. Help your spouse polish his shoes.

53. Accompany your spouse to an important event.

54. Jog together twice a week.

55. On a cold night, help your spouse put on his socks and gloves.

56. Give your spouse breakfast in bed on a weekend.

57. Run an errand for your partner.

58. Open the car or house door for your spouse.

How to improve your relationship

59. Tell your spouse he is amazing.

60. Watch an interesting movie together.

61. Take long walks together.

62. Fix something broken for your spouse.

63. Appreciate your partner for something he did today.

64. Hit the gym together or do Yoga twice a week.

65. Accompany your spouse to the barbing salon.

66. Visit a close friend together.

67. Go shopping together once a month.

68. Hold hands while working on the streets.

69. Cook dinner for your spouse on a weekend.

70. Play a game together this weekend.

71. Help your spouse do the laundry at least once a month.

How to improve your relationship

These are some of the little things that will improve your relationship over time.

When you caress your spouse’s hand, play with their feet, rub their shoulders or stroke their cheek, there is a moment there when you and spouse completely connect with each other.

Your souls literally merge and become one. Fill your relationship with a few of these moments each day and your relationship will begin to change.

If you’re looking for more ways to show love to your partner, I recommend the 1001 ways to say “I love you” bundle to help you show your genuine affection for your partner.

Are there really 1001 ways to say “I Love You”?

With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, it seems like we can get so much more done but seem to have less time to do anything, especially finding the time for romance!

With this book, you’ll have your hands on exactly what it’s going to take to bring the spark back into your relationship!

What do you do to improve your relationship every day?


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