7 Ways You Can Have the Right Work/Life Balance

7 Ways You Can Have the Right Work/Life Balance

Are you a career woman, a busy mom or a single lady who is looking for ways to maintain the right work/life balance?

Maybe you’re trying to build a successful career and still have a perfect family? I totally understand!

You want to be successful at the work you do but you don’t want your home life to suffer because of work overload.

Your work needs you. Your spouse needs you. Your kids need you. Your friends need you too.

In fact, it seems like everyone needs your attention. But you rarely have the time or energy to carry them all along.

As a professional blogger, content writer and relationship coach, I often feel as if 24 hours in a day is not enough for me to smash my goals.

Work life balance

So, I work tirelessly most days just to meet up with demands of work and home life.

Of course, all work and no play eventually leads to stress, burnout, anxiety, boredom, and stagnant relationships.

One day, I looked at my life and said: “This all has to end”. I can be a busy woman and still have the right work/life balance.

I can be great at what I do and still have a successful relationship with my family and friends.

That single decision turned my life around. Now, it’s so easy to maintain the right work/life balance without feeling burned out, stressed out or frustrated.

I want you to have a balanced work and home life too!

That’s why I’m going to share 7 ways you can have the right work/life balance without feeling exhausted all the time.


7 Ways You Can Have the Right Work/Life Balance

#1 Get a Planner or Bullet Journal

If you want to have a great work/life balance, you cannot do without a good planner or bullet journal.

You need a planner to help you organize your day properly. Without a planner, you’ll jump out of bed and do whatever comes to mind.

But, if you have a planner and you take the time to write out your daily, weekly, and monthly activities, you’ll find it really easy to achieve all your goals.

Once you have a planner, let it be the second book you read after your bible.

Go through your planner first thing in the morning so you can have an overview of everything you need to do.

A planner is a must if you want to have a balanced work and home life.

If you don’t have a planner you use regularly, I want to recommend The Living Well Planner to help you organize your life.

It’s the perfect tool that can help you not only plan your days but help you keep track of your budget, plan your meals, organize your schedule and even help you crush your goals.

#2 Don’t Bring Office Work Home

If you’re a career woman who is striving to get to the top of the career ladder, you may need more than 24 hours in a day to complete your daily tasks.

So, any office work you cannot finish in the office follows you home.

Whatever little time you have to unwind and take care of your family is spent on more office work.

How long are you going to keep that up? It’s not a healthy routine and it’s going to affect everyone including you.

You need to realize that office hours are meant for work while the rest of the day is for you to relax and spend time with your family.

So, how do you balance it all? It’s pretty simple…

Leave all unfinished office work in the office, switch off your office phone as soon as you leave the office and push every work-related thought to the back of your mind.

Reserve every evening for yourself and your family. Don’t let work interfere with family time.

Make sure you attend to the most pressing task first thing in the morning when you get to the office.

That’s the only way you’ll be able to balance your work and home life effectively.

If you don’t remain firm, office work will always encroach into family time.

Work life balance

#3 Outsource Other Tasks

As a woman, you’ve been blessed with only two hands and two feet but, the work you have to do can be shared among 5 people.

You have to juggle many tasks on your to-do list every single day and tasks never seem to end.

In fact, more tasks keep joining the ones that are already on the list.

How do you manage all the tasks without neglecting yourself?

Try to outsource some tasks you don’t necessarily need to do yourself.

You don’t need to mow the lawn yourself. You don’t need to fix the broken pipe in the kitchen by yourself.

Get a lawn mower who can work on your lawn once or twice a month.

Employ a housekeeper who can clean your house once a week.

Take some of your clothes to the laundry man. Find someone to do some of the tasks you don’t have the time to do yourself.

You’ll have more time on your hands if you outsource some difficult or time-consuming tasks and only do the work you necessarily have to do.

#4 Spend Quality Time With Your Family 

Life can get a little crazy sometimes! Unexpected things happen without prior notice.

There is so much to do and never enough time and sometimes it feels like you are so busy chasing your goals that there’s no room left for your family.

If you want to maintain the right the work/life balance, you have to make a firm decision to create time for your family.

Make out time to attend family events. Don’t miss school games, ballet shows or parent-teachers conferences.

Have dinner together as a family every day. Homework can be done by anyone who has a more flexible schedule right after dinner.

Watch TV together in the evenings after homework is done. Go on fun family outings once a month.

If you have a partner, create time for date nights at least twice a month.

If you can’t always go out because of the weather, low funds or something else, you can still have exciting date nights at home with your partner.

Make it a priority to go on a compulsory family vacation at least twice a year.

Don’t let work get in the way of spending quality time with your family. If you have little kids, give them adequate attention.

Tuck them in for the night, read them bedtime stories and hug them right before they go to bed.

Kids grow fast and in the next 5 years, they won’t be little children anymore.

Don’t miss their childhood; enjoy every moment of it. Weekends should only be spent with family.

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7 Ways You Can Have the Right Work/Life Balance

#5 Create a Schedule for House Chores

As a busy wife or mom, you may not have all the time in the world to do house chores.

You have to attend to work, your husband, the kids, and house chores. Where in the world would you get the time to fit in all that?

The best trick to help you organize your life is to have a schedule for house chores.

Don’t try to fit doing laundry, cleaning the house and cooking large meals into one day.

It’s not going to work and even if it did work, you’ll be too exhausted at the end of the day.

Saturday mornings should be reserved for cooking meals and cleaning the house.

Sundays can be reserved for doing the laundry and other not-so-tasking household chores.

If you space out your chores nicely, you can even steal a nap in the afternoon and then go on a nice date with your partner in the evening.

#6 Practice Self-care Regularly

Many busy women make sure every other person is happy except themselves.

They go out of their way to make everyone comfortable, they invest their time, energy and resources to help others have a better life.

But they always neglect themselves and others don’t even notice.

This happens to almost every woman I know. We work so hard and carry everyone’s burden but no one carries our own heavy luggage.

If you’re a busy woman, you must practice regular self-care. It is non-negotiable!

You won’t go very far if you don’t take care of yourself often.

If you keep overworking yourself without proper rest and care, you’ll eventually breakdown from stress.

Always remember to make out time during the weekends to treat yourself with tender love and care.

If you’re a coffee addict, switch to Sweet Red tea right before bed. It will help you relax while burning away unhealthy fat.

If you’re a yoga person who rarely finds time to be consistent, enroll for the Yoga Burn Challenge to help you take care of your body, mind, and soul.

Don’t forget to add mani-pedis, movie nights, and hot spa baths in your self-care routine.

These tips will help you unwind and relax after a long tiring day at work.

Work life balance

#7 Schedule romance at least twice a week

If you’re married or in a romantic relationship, you know intimacy is always on the menu whether you’re in the mood or not.

After a hectic day, getting under sheets is definitely the last thing on your mind but your partner may not understand that.

The moment you get under the cozy blankets for a good night’s rest, you’ll feel a restless hand nudging you to get intimate.

Sometimes, you give in and other times, you kindly say “Not tonight honey”.

It happens to almost every couple and the couples who survive in a longterm relationship are those ones who are wise enough to schedule romantic encounters.

You can’t always be in the mood for intimacy and you can’t always turn your partner down either.

Your partner will never understand why you’re always denying him intimacy so the best thing to do is to talk to him about scheduling romance.

If you want to have a healthy and successful relationship, schedule romantic encounters at least twice a week.

Mondays are extremely exhausting so fix romance on Thursdays and Sundays or whenever you think will be favorable for both of you.

When you schedule it, you’ll be better prepared to connect deeply with your partner and it won’t really feel like a chore because you’ll be ready for it.


Having the right work/life balance isn’t always easy to achieve, You may not always meet up with every goal you set but that’s life for you.

It’s never perfect and you can’t always control everything; just go with the flow when things don’t go your way.

Be kind to yourself and always remember to take care of you too.

You deserve rest, care and beauty sleep anytime you need it; allow yourself the leisure of relaxation and true happiness.

Life is not all about work and career. The world will not stand still without you so live your life beautifully.

You deserve to live life to the fullest. I give you full permission to pamper yourself from now onwards!


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