10 Outstanding Traits of a Confident Person

10 Outstanding traits of a confident person

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Recently, I wrote on 10 Simple Ways to Boost Your Confidence and some people sent me thank you notes and others reached out to me on twitter.

I was really happy for the little contribution I was able to make to your lives. 

Today, I’ll still be writing on Confidence.

Are you a confident person?

How do you know you’re not pretending to be one?

Does your life radiate confidence?

Are you confident in some cases and fearful in others?

You’re about to find out if you are truly bold and confident:

10 outstanding traits of a confident person

1. A Confident Person Knows He is Loved:

Love is something that cannot be forced on anyone.

A confident person knows when he is genuinely loved and he doesn’t fear being unloved.

He knows his loved ones; he keeps them close and never doubts their love nor does he feel insecure.

Even though he is friendly, he is not a people pleaser and he knows that even if no one else loves him, God loves him dearly.

2. He Knows What He Wants:

A confident person always knows what he wants and goes after it without looking back.

He is never fearful, doubled minded or indecisive about anything.

His “Yes” is always yes and when he says “No” he really means No.

He is courageous and bold enough to take risks and get what he wants.

He sets goals for himself and tries to achieve them within a set time.

3. He Refuses to Live in Fear:

A confident person has an “I shall not fear” attitude.

He doesn’t tremble when faced with challenges and he doesn’t over worry.

That doesn’t mean that he never feels fear, but it means he doesn’t allow it to rule his decisions and actions.

When problems arise, he simply thinks about a solution instead of worrying.

10 outstanding traits of a confident person

4. He is Always Positive:

Confidence and negativity do not mix together. A confident person remains positive in the midst of negativity.

He knows being positive is so much more fruitful than being negative.

He thinks positively, speaks positively and acts positively.

In fact, he radiates positive vibes. Thinking negative thoughts only makes you miserable.

5. He is Resilient:

Resilience is one of the most outstanding traits of a confident person.

The ability to bounce back after each setback is what sets a confident person apart from others.

He doesn’t see setbacks as failures instead he sees them as stepping stones to a higher ground.

He never allows mistakes to stop them; they derive lessons from them and implement them.

6. He Avoids Comparisons:

Comparison is one of the things that destroys people; it makes them miserable, unsatisfied and unhappy.

 A confident person knows that no matter how beautiful, smart or talented he is, there is always someone who will be better than he is.

It doesn’t bother him though; he tries to be the best he can without comparing.

10 outstanding traits of a confident person

7. He Takes Action:

Most people only talk and talk but never act. A confident person doesn’t stop at utterances alone, he takes action.

He overcomes fear, anxiety and shyness by coming out of his shadow and taking positive actions.

He also takes responsibility for the actions he has taken; he doesn’t complain or blame others for his mistakes.

8. He Sticks to His Values:

Values are sometimes difficult to implement for a long time. Some people try to live by their values but somehow they go astray.

A confident person knows his values and he strives to keep them at all times; he lives by them and doesn’t allow circumstances to sway him from them.

9. He Loves Who He is:

Self-acceptance is the first step to a confident and happy life.

Some people don’t like themselves; they either hate their bodies or some parts of their bodies.

A confident person feels comfortable in his own skin.

He knows he is beautiful, talented and awesome; there is no need for him to spell it out for anyone.

He loves who he is and he is content with the way he is. Don’t call it arrogance or pride; it’s CONFIDENCE.

10 outstanding traits of a confident person

10. A Confident Person is Independent:

Independence is something everyone would love to have but not everyone has the determination or courage to work for it.

Most people are scared of the unknown and they hesitate to make decisions.

A confident person knows what it means to be independent and he works for it.

He takes charge of his own life; he doesn’t give any one the chance to dictate things for him. He’s strong, confident and independent.


Are you really confident? Do you have most of these outstanding traits?

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