Top 10 Benefits Of Sex In A Relationship

benefits of sex in a relationship

Do you know that there are many benefits to having sex on a regular basis?

Research shows that couples who make love once a week are more likely to be happy in their relationship.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t have a healthy love life if you don’t make love often but the frequency of sex plays a huge role in a couple’s happiness.

Apart from the physical aspect though, sex also has emotional, psychological, and health benefits.

For most people, sexual intercourse is a way to relieve stress and connect with someone they love.

But are there any other benefits of sex in a relationship?

When you have sex with your partner, you’re not only satisfying your intimate needs but also creating a deep emotional bond with them.

Sex aids the release of the love hormone “oxytocin” which promotes feelings of love, trust, and emotional connection between couples.

Astro Numerologist and Relationship Coach, Sidhharrth Kumaar explains, “By facilitating the release of oxytocin, dopamine, and other feel-good hormones, sex brings partners closer and is responsible for keeping the flame of desire alive.” 

In this article, we explore the top 10 advantages of physical intimacy in a relationship according to experts.

benefits of sex in a relationship


If you’ve ever wondered if there was any other positive effect of lovemaking apart from sexual pleasure, here are some great benefits of sex in a relationship:

1. Sex helps to maintain your positive body image and self-esteem

One of the emotional benefits of sex includes an increased sense of self-esteem and support in the development of closeness.

Dr. Tom Murray, a Certified Sex Therapist and former Professor at Adler University says, ” To feel desired by another person creates a sense of belonging, which correlates with a sense of self-worth.” 

If you have a romantic partner that enjoys your body and expresses that through verbal and physical means, it boosts your self-esteem, leaving you feeling sexy and desired.

It can be quite heartbreaking and emotionally isolating when someone no longer feels desired.

Typically, sex communicates that a person holds a special status in one’s life.

For example, monogamy is an agreement that each partner can enjoy the other’s body in ways that other people don’t have access to.

In essence, sex sends a strong message to your significant other that, “You are my person.”

Being intimate with your partner can help to boost your confidence and faith in the relationship.

benefits of sex in a relationship

2. Sex relieves stress in the body

Constant stress, frustration, and anxiety are the byproducts of the hustle culture.

More often than not, professional stress finds its way into your personal life weakening your romantic relationship.

Sex is a healthy way to disconnect from the frantic routine of everyday life, suspend responsibilities, and focus on your own pleasure.

Whether it’s a passionate lovemaking session, a quickie, or a planned date night without the kids, sex helps to relieve stress in many ways.

First, the physical aspects of a great night of sex can feel just as good as a great day at the gym.

While it can’t replace the physical health benefits of a nutritious diet, weight lifting, or your morning run, sex is a captivating form of exercise that allows you to sweat it out.

Second, the secretion of hormones such as oxytocin and dopamine during intercourse combat stress and has been scientifically proven to decrease high blood pressure and the chances of developing heart disease.

These sex hormones also play a role in regulating your mood, providing relief from the symptoms of mental health issues like depression, and fostering attachment between lovers.

3. Sex boosts the immune system

Frequent sex can help you keep off colds, flu, and other infections.

People who have sex 1-2 times per week have a 30% decreased chance of catching a bug because of an increase in illness-fighting antibodies.

So, take your vitamins, get your eight hours of sleep every night and have sex a couple times a week!

4. Sex acts as a natural pain reliever

During sexual intercourse, our bodies release endorphins which are natural pain relievers aimed at easing the nerves and calming the mind.

Frequent sex can also help to reduce menstrual cramps and migraines.

So, instead of reaching for the ibuprofen, make love to soothe away minor aches, joint pains, and headaches.

benefits of sex in a relationship

5. Sex helps you sleep better

If you usually have a cocktail or alcoholic drink before bed to get a good night’s sleep, sex can help to reduce insomnia.

All you need is a willing partner and some good lovemaking to help you drift off to sleep easily at the end of the day.

Plus, in females, a release of estrogen aids in better REM sleep while in men, the prefrontal cortex shuts off after orgasm, putting them in sleep mode quickly.

6. Sex increases the bond between a couple

Sex is great and it’s the one thing that distinguishes your romantic relationship from other forms of intimacy in your life.

Maybe you share secrets with your best friend, travel with family members, or cuddle with your child often.

These are all things you commonly also do with your spouse but physical intimacy is what makes your connection with your partner different from a platonic friendship.

According to New York Times Bestselling Author and Relationship Coach, Laura Doyle, sex fosters closeness and connection with your partner, which creates a deeper bond and commitment to one another.

As you can imagine, regular sex with your partner increases long-term relationship satisfaction.

This is because chemicals like endorphins and oxytocin are emitted in the brain during sexual activity, which makes you feel closer to your partner, therefore increasing the overall bond you have with them.

7. Sex makes space for vulnerability and trust

Sharing your body with your partner demands a certain level of trust and vulnerability.

When your partner appreciates the real you, you feel safe in their presence. This, in turn, builds a sense of belonging.

It also allows the couple to be honest in their approaches and express themselves without any inhibitions.

The hormones produced during sex also diminish the fear of losing each other to someone else.

benefits of sex in a relationship

8. Sex impacts intimacy outside the bedroom

Soft kisses, cuddling, hugs, simple caresses, and other acts of intimacy make your partner feel loved and appreciated.

Thankfully, enjoying some action beneath the sheets encourages warmth and playfulness outside the bedroom as well.

The feel-good hormones produced during sex linger longer than expected. It feeds the premise of a romantic relationship – to express and accept love.

9. Sex helps to resolve minor fights and friction

When your partner suddenly turns grumpy and you find them nagging even after several discussions on what’s troubling them, it’s time to give them the best sex of their life.

After a good lovemaking experience, you’ll discover that your fights will dwindle as if they never happened.

While sex is not the solution to serious issues, it can very well work to put an end to a nonsensical quarrel. No wonder make-up sex works all the time!

10. Sex adds the “long-term” element to your relationship

According to recent studies, couples with a healthy sex life are less likely to file for divorce than those who are not having sex with their spouses.

Without sex, a relationship is just like living with your roommate and it’s no longer exciting.

In a monogamous relationship, sex boosts commitment levels and maintains the much-needed spark that a relationship needs to survive.

It takes conscious efforts to keep the romance alive in a relationship, especially once the honeymoon period ends.

Plus, sexual attraction usually diminishes in a long-term relationship, leaving no room for connecting beyond sharing household chores and taking care of children.

Incorporating sex in your daily life helps reignite the stale romance and spice up your sex life.

It allows the couple to do something together meant to satisfy their personal needs, and not of others.

benefits of sex in a relationship


Physical intimacy helps to cultivate affection in a relationship while expressing love and care for your significant other.

It’s a celebration of your tenderness and devotion to each other.

If you want to keep the excitement and spark alive in your relationship, try to explore your sexual fantasies together.

We are meant to have and enjoy pleasure. Imagine how stressful life would be without pleasure.

While you manage to navigate things well, sex helps with stress levels and is a natural mood booster.

Your body normally produces oxytocin during sex which creates feelings of relaxation and helps to reduce both depression and anxiety.

Even those awkward and funny sexual experiences have a positive effect on us. For instance, have you been walked in on by someone?

Have you fallen off the bed, banged your head on the headboard, or opened your eyes during a passionate moment to see your cat on the bed trying to climb your partner?

Go ahead and laugh about it!

Sex, orgasm, and laughter release feel-good chemicals that relieve stress, build immunity and make us feel great.

So, combining a few laughs with great sex leads to a healthy body and mind.

The bottom line is that having regular sex can improve overall well-being, breathe new life into your love life, and keep your mental health stable.


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