9 Silly Mistakes Women Make In Bed

9 Silly Mistakes Women Make In Bed

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Do you know the silly mistakes women make in bed that turn men off and make them look unattractive?

Most times, women do terrible things that make a man lose interest in them and this can lead to disconnection in a relationship.

Knowing and avoiding these mistakes women make in bed will help you keep your man addicted to you for as long as you desire.

And when a man becomes obsessed with you, he’ll find you totally irresistible and attractive every time he sees you.

When it comes to a couple’s intimate life, there are many things that will cause it to flow and cease.

Sometimes, it is exciting and other times boring. It’s not entirely your fault!

I know work, tight schedules, household chores and probably kids take so much of your time and energy.

You’re often so tired that intimate moments together with your lover becomes a lot of work too.

So, when he bothers you enough for it, you just reluctantly open your legs and let him in without really being involved.

There’s a lot more attached to making love than just opening your legs to satisfy your partner’s needs.

Lovemaking is an art that involves tenderness, passion, desire, patience, and love.

You need to be involved to experience how beautiful and amazing it is!

Honestly, if you put more effort to really satisfy your man, your love life will improve.

Being irresistible in bed can make or break your relationship and it’s really important to cheat-proof your relationship and make a man totally obsessed with you.

9 Silly Mistakes Women Make In Bed

If you want to secure your relationship, you need to give a man what he really wants in bed.

And most men won’t tell you what they secretly like in bed, you’ll need to use the right techniques to discover his secret fantasies.

If you want to awaken a man’s desire to earn your love, prove his devotion to you, and give you romance that lasts a lifetime, learn the 7 things men really want in bed.

Men are pleasure-seeking creatures who will always choose a woman with better lovemaking skills if they have the option.

Are you giving him what he truly wants in bed?

If your man is not daydreaming about the last lovemaking session he had with you, it means you’re not scoring good points in the bedroom and that’s really bad for the future of your relationship.

Here are a few deadly mistakes women make in bed and how to avoid them while getting intimate with your partner:


9 Silly Mistakes Women Make In Bed

#1 Turning From Hot Mama to Boss Lady

I know you’re busy and you’re working hard to earn a living but please, don’t forget the dude.

Don’t treat him as if he is insignificant or as if he’s a thorn in your flesh. Intimacy shouldn’t be seen as a chore but a way of connecting with your partner.

This is one of the most common mistakes women make in bed that I hear men complain about often.

While the rigors of everyday life can have an impact on your desire level, it most likely doesn’t extinguish it.

You need to nurture your intimate relationship. Pay enough attention to your partner.

Drop little romantic notes for him to discover during the day or send him passionate text messages to make him crave your hot body while he’s still at the office.

This is a huge turn on for most men!

Wear some attractive underwear beneath your work clothes and surprise him when he gets home. Do something that reminds him of the irresistible diva you are.

#2 Being Unresponsive

A lot of women do this especially when they are too tired to get intimate with their partner.

When he asks for it, they just lie down and let him do his thing without even getting involved.

Intercourse with a corpse is not an exciting experience. Don’t just lie there and tell him to do ‘his thing’. Get involved. Move your body. Make some noise. Be responsive.

Men love receiving oral a lot but some women refuse to do it or even bother to learn how to do it the right way.

Enroll in my course, The Irresistible Diva, to learn how to go down on your man like a pro and drive him crazy with desire for you.

If lovemaking isn’t pleasurable for you, find out what’s missing! Try different positions in bed, take hot baths before bed or get a better nightie that gets you in the mood.

#3 Not Speaking Up About Your Needs

Similar to men, women also fall victim to the idea that your partner will know or sense what’s going on with you. If something is going on that you don’t like, speak up.

When you are not comfortable with a particular position, tell your partner. Don’t say “He’s the one who needs it. Let him hurry up with it.” If you would like more romance or lube, say it.

When you’re honest and freely communicate your needs, you get the chance to experience even more excitement when making love to your partner.

If you find it difficult reaching the big ‘O’ alone or during lovemaking, talk to your partner about your needs and work through them together.

Feeling shy to talk about intimacy? These 201 Intimate Questions For Couples will help you talk about your intimate and secret desires with your partner.

9 Silly Mistakes Women Make In Bed

#4 Not Taking Care Of Your Body

What most men find as a lasting turn on more than anything is the way a woman carries herself.

Her confidence and charisma are what attracts him to her. Don’t ever lose it.

A lot of women let themselves go and become nonchalant about self-care when they get into a long-term relationship.

Doing this can make your man lose interest in you overnight and find you unattractive in bed. 

If you always look down on your body, you can do something about it by working out if you want.

But, one thing you can do is learn to embrace the skin you’re in and feel confident to flaunt it.

Wear attractive underwear that appeals to your man. Walk around naked when you’re alone with him. Show off your beautiful curves. Make love with the lights on.

Stop feeling insecure about your body; if you don’t like it, do something about it. But if you can’t change it, accept it the way it is and love it without reservation.

Get some sweet-smelling perfumes, shave regularly, exercise often, watch what you eat and keep yourself together.

When you own your body, you can flaunt yourself for him because you know you are beautiful and attractive.

#5 Being Insecure About Other Women

Just like not owning your own body, being constantly threatened by other women is not attractive. 

This is one of the biggest mistakes women make in bed all the time. Instead of giving more attention to their love life, they dwell in insecurity.

Remember your partner chose you, so focus your energies on keeping his eyes on you and get rid of those crazy scenarios you’re making up in your mind.

Stop searching through his inbox looking for messages his other girlfriends send him.

Stop going through his call logs to see who called him more than once during the day. Just stop it already!

You’re simply being paranoid. Save yourself the energy; it’s not worth it at all.

Learn to seduce him, tease him, and tempt him so he won’t have to look elsewhere!

If you give him what he’s looking for in bed, he’ll only have eyes for you and your body.

Instead of looking for signs he’s cheating, get creative in the bedroom and show him what he’s missing.

When you know how to make a man want you so badly, he’ll be addicted to you without even knowing it. Isn’t that what we all want from our man?

You can get that complete commitment from your man if you work on improving your bedroom skiils.

#6 Hiding Your Inner Nature

Many women fear that if they are bold and experienced in bed, they’ll come across as wayward or cheap to their partner. That may be just what your man wants at times!

Have you ever asked yourself why men often cheat with women who seem very experienced in the bedroom?

It’s because men want more fun and excitement in their lives.

Women who hide their true nature cannot satisfy a man in bed. The entire act will be one-sided and boring if he has to do all the work while the woman remains passive.

Some women even fake their pleasure during intercourse and this is often one of the most terrible mistakes women make in bed.

If you do that, your relationship might not improve because your partner doesn’t know that you’re not satisfied each time you make love.

Teach him how you want to be touched and stop hiding your inner nature. Your man wants to see this passionate side of you.

Have the courage to let go once in a while. Get on top during lovemaking and give it to him the way he loves it.

Don’t be scared to make the first move and take charge. Be “a lady in the street but a freak in the bed.”

A common thought is that men are led by two brains. Don’t forget about his northern brain. Stimulate him!

If you want to be great in bed, The Irresistible Diva course will help you learn how to achieve more pleasure, add more spice to your love life and keep the passion burning.

9 Silly Mistakes Women Make In Bed

#7 Not Going Down South

Aha! Here comes one of the issues that most men complain about; their partner’s refusal to give them oral.

Ladies, this is a big issue for the guys; you need to look into it critically. Your relationship is going to be boring and unsatisfying without it.

If you don’t like the idea of giving him oral and he wants you to, talk to him about it so you can figure out a way to make it beneficial for all parties involved.

Tell him why you don’t want to do it and if there is anything you need him to change before you start doing it, tell him.

Let him understand your point of view. Speak up about your needs with these intimate questions for couples.

#8 Not Making The First Move

Another complaint I often hear from men is the issue of their woman not initiating intimate encounters.

They are the ones who always have to make the first move even when the woman needs it too.

Perhaps, this is due to the fact that some women are too shy to open up to their partner or they are afraid of coming across as promiscuous or cheap.

Your relationship, as well as your intimate life, needs to be mutual. When you’re interested in getting intimate, let it be known to your partner.

Don’t leave it up to him to figure it out as if he’s the only one who has intimate needs. Try to make the first move sometimes.

Show him you want him as much as he desires you and don’t be afraid to light up the fire in the bedroom.

#9 Being Too Hasty

I know you think men are the only ones who are usually hasty during lovemaking but they aren’t.

One of the most common mistakes women make in bed is not putting enough effort or attention into romance or intimacy.

Some women are so hasty that they even urge their partners to skip romance and go straight to the main business.

They don’t want to invest too much time and effort during the act; the earlier it ends the better for them.

When it comes to romance and intimacy, remember it’s an art; slow down, take your time with each other and enjoy the intimate moments together.

Don’t claim to be so busy that you don’t have time for passionate lovemaking; create time for it and stop making excuses. Don’t rush it.

Slow down, relax and savor the blissful moment. You can also consider scheduling romantic dates to help you get in the mood for intimacy.

9 Silly Mistakes Women Make In Bed

Getting intimate with your partner doesn’t always have to be a chore! There are simple ways to make lovemaking more exciting for you and your partner.

I’ve given you 9 terrible mistakes women make in bed that you need to avoid to prevent your relationship from falling apart.

If you want to be great in bed and make your man totally addicted to you, The Irresistible Diva course will teach you how to keep your man interested in you and cheat-proof your relationship.

Some of the mistakes women make in bed are totally avoidable. You just need to be aware of them and make sure you’re not currently doing them.

If you value your love life, get the resources you need to improve your bedroom skills and do the work necessary to take your relationship to the next level.

9 Silly Mistakes Women Make In Bed

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