25 Funny Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Boyfriend

funny Valentine's day gifts for your boyfriend

Are you looking for funny Valentine’s day gifts for your boyfriend? If you’re tired of coming up with the same sort of gift ideas that are predictable and boring, it’s time for some change.

The perfect way to keep your relationship exciting is by getting a funny gift for your boyfriend on Valentine’s day.

Men love it when women are confident, mysterious and fun to be around with a great sense of humor.

If you want to be the best girlfriend this year, you can win his heart over by giving him the perfect Valentine’s day gift to cheer him up and brighten his day.

The season of love is always a great time for hopeless romantics like us to exchange Valentine’s gifts as we celebrate love. But not all gifts are suitable for special moments.

funny Valentine's day gifts for your boyfriend

When you’re in a romantic relationship with someone special, you need to know the right gift to give on every special occasion.

Sometimes, knowing your boyfriend’s love language can guide you to a great gift that will make him love you more.

What if you don’t know the best present that can make him feel loved? That’s not a problem at all.

Even if you don’t know what he likes, you can get him one of these funny Valentine’s gifts that are created specifically for men.

In this gift guide, I’m going to share some unique ideas for the best Valentine’s day gifts so you can give your boyfriend a good laugh next time you want to celebrate him.

These gifts are going to make him roll over with laughter because they’re actually silly in a fun way. You can give him more than one present if you’re feeling generous! 


Most of these gifts are hilarious, silly and naughty but they are also some of the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men.

They are more unique than the predictable box of chocolates, beard oils or star wars gift that women give to their men every year.

Your boyfriend is going to love number four because it’s totally irresistible! Sorry for the spoiler but I couldn’t help it.

1. Novelty Toilet Paper

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than giving your boyfriend a roll of toilet paper with a hilarious message written all over it.

2. All Of My Boobs Card

What better way to express your love for your man than to surrender all your boobs to him? The perfect time to give him this greeting card is immediately he wakes up.

3. His & Hers Pillowcase Set

If you always argue about which side of bed to sleep on every night, this pillowcase set will help you mark each other’s territories in a cheesy way.

4. When You Want A BJ Candle

No sane man refuses oral when it is offered especially if it comes from a woman he loves. This funny candle is a naughty gift your boyfriend will cherish for a long time.

funny Valentine's day gifts for your boyfriend

5. Naughty Valentine’s Day Card

If you can’t count the amount of pleasurable moments you’ve enjoyed with your man over the years, then he deserves a big thank you card for all his efforts.

6. You’re My Favorite Keychain

This keychain is a hilarious gift for that favorite guy who likes to annoy you almost every day but somehow you still love him and can’t imagine your life without him.

7. Humorous Boxers For Men

Share your sense of humor from top to bottom with this quirky gift. You’re sure to enjoy a good laugh each time your boyfriend puts on this fun boxer shorts.

8. Do Not Disturb Socks

These funny and adorable socks will make a great gift for that special man in your life who loves playing video games in the living room for hours.

9. Capsule Messages In A Bottle

Does your boyfriend have a phobia for drugs? Play a prank on him by giving him a bottle of capsules with secret love notes written by you. 

funny Valentine's day gifts for your boyfriend

10. Mr. Good Looking Apron

This funny apron will be the highlight of any barbecue date night with friends or a special dinner with the family. It is a perfect gift for men who enjoy cooking.

11. Toilet Timer Gift

Send a clear message to your boyfriend this Valentine with this toilet timer gift. This is one of the best gag gifts for anyone who lingers long when using the bathroom.

12. Naughty Valentine’s Card

If you’re looking for something to brighten his day and make him laugh hard, this naughty card will make a perfect romantic gift for your man.

13. MySack Golf Bag

Does your man play golf regularly? Make him popular with this funny golf bag gift. He’s going to receive a lot of great comments from his fellow golfers when he takes it along for the next game.

14. Empty Prank Gift Boxes

Do you know that there are boxes for plausible products that don’t really exist? Make your boyfriend laugh by putting his real present inside one of these empty prank pack boxes.

15. Men’s Sarcastic Tank Top

These sarcastic tees have the funniest sayings and are perfect for when he’s at the beach, binging movies on the couch or working out at the gym.

funny Valentine's day gifts for your boyfriend

16. Shawty U Fine Teddy Bear

Express your love for your boyfriend, make him feel appreciated and give him something to hug when you’re miles apart. This soft teddy bear is a unique gift for your first Valentine’s day together.

17. Valentine’s Day Token

If you’re looking for a sentimental gift to warm his heart, this BJ token is the best Valentine’s gift you can ever give to your man because it means he’ll be able to redeem it any time he wants some sweet treats from you.

18. Giant Burritos Blanket

Turn your boyfriend into a giant burrito by wrapping him in this cozy blanket on a cold night as you watch your favorite shows together on the couch or cuddle with him in bed on Valentine’s night.

funny Valentine's day gifts for your boyfriend

19. Hot Girlfriend Coffee Mug

Your boyfriend will think of you every single time he sips his morning coffee from this funny mug. This is the perfect Valentine’s day gift to remind him of his super hot girlfriend.

20. Funny Gamer T-shirt

Does your boyfriend love video games? Whether he’s a PC or console gamer who plays FPS, RTS, RPG, adventure, racing, side scrollers, platform or other types of games, this shirt is for him.

21. Cotton Candy Flavored Lube

Give him a naughty gift that you can both enjoy together on Valentine’s day. This cotton candy flavored lube is delicious, non-sticky and perfect for when you want to go downtown. It’s a great way to add more fun to your love life.

22. BigMouth Cleaner Soap

If you’re looking for an outrageously hilarious gag gift for your boyfriend, this stimulating soap ring will help you treat him to some good clean fun in the shower or bathtub.

23. Funny Valentine’s Day Card

Looking for a freaky Valentine’s Day card guaranteed to make him blush? This naughty greeting card is a nice way to make him smile and hint him on pleasurable things to come.

funny Valentine's day gifts for your boyfriend

24. Funny Video Gamer T-shirt

Here’s another thoughtful gift for that special guy in your life who is obsessed with playing video games on the couch.

25. Funny Ninja Shirt

Whether your boyfriend is cute and adorable or sarcastic and nerdy, he’ll surely have some fun with this graphic t-shirt. The Ninja face on the inside of the shirt is just so hilarious.

I had a good laugh while looking for Valentine’s gift ideas for men on Amazon. I’m sure you did while going through this list too!

Most of these gifts seem silly but they often do their job of making men burst into laughter when they are opened.

If you have a boyfriend you totally adore and you’re looking for funny Valentine’s Day gifts for him, go through this guide again and pick something you really like to make him laugh.

Funny Valentine's Day Gifts For Boyfriend


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