How To Keep Your Man Happy In A Relationship

how to keep your man happy in a relationship

Is it possible to make a man obsessed with you? And what does it take to make a man stay for the long haul?

Knowing how to keep your man happy in a relationship can be confusing but it’s not as complicated as you think.

Most people assume men can never be satisfied with only one woman and that it takes a lot to keep a man interested.

This is often true with playboys who have made the decision to have fun with women and not get into a committed relationship with anyone.

However, if you have a good man who adores you, you won’t struggle to keep him interested in you.

As long as you treat him right, show him respect, and give him what he needs, he’ll love you deeply.

The truth is, men are really simple, down-to-earth, and easy to understand. It doesn’t take a lot to make them happy in an intimate relationship.

Once you understand what makes a man tick, you’ll find the key to his heart and effortlessly make him devoted to you.

If you’re looking for tips on how to keep your man happy in a relationship, you’ll find this article helpful:

how to keep your man happy in a relationship


Certain things make a man stay with a woman for the long haul and if you have most of the qualities your man loves, he’ll stay loyal to you.

Here’s how to keep your man happy and faithful in a relationship:

1. Always treat him with respect

Being arrogant and disrespectful in a relationship is the fastest way to chase a man away from you.

To keep a man happy, it’s important that you show him respect, treat him nicely, and allow him to be his own person.

You don’t have to do what your man says all the time but you must give him the respect he deserves if you want him to stay committed to you.

Avoid raising your voice during conversations, talking to him with a condescending tone, and calling him names when he makes mistakes.

2. Listen to him when he talks

Another way to keep a man happy in a relationship is to pay attention to what he says.

Nowadays, many people are addicted to their phones that they never stop and listen to what someone is saying.

Have you tried to have a meaningful conversation with your partner only to discover that they’re absent-mindedly scrolling through their phone and not listening to anything you’re saying?

It’s annoying, isn’t it?

To make a man feel wanted in a relationship, you need to create time to discuss with him, be attentive during conversations, ask him personal questions, and connect with him emotionally.

Choosing your phone over your man is detrimental to your relationship and can destroy the bond you share according to research studies.

This is because when you ignore someone consistently, they begin to feel unseen, neglected, and unimportant to you.

Try to listen when your man talks and focus more on understanding his viewpoint rather than getting defensive or winning an argument.

how to keep your man happy in a relationship

3. Make him feel loved and wanted

Many women think men don’t need constant love and attention because they’re not emotional.

On the contrary, research has shown that men feel most loved when a woman hugs them, kisses them, and showers them with nice compliments.

Always tell your partner sweet romantic words, reassure him of your love daily, and touch him affectionately.

When you show a man love and affection, it will stir up feel-good hormones in his brain, which are vital for bonding in an intimate relationship.


4. Appreciate him for every good thing he does

Couples who have been together for a long time often fall into a routine and take each other for granted.

This can make them forget to show appreciation in the relationship.

One of the best ways to make your man happy is to appreciate him even for the little things.

Whether he’s taking out the trash, assisting you with the dirty dishes, or running errands for you, remember to say, “Thank you” to your man often.

Being grateful for kind gestures can make your partner feel seen, valued, and appreciated, so practice gratitude in your relationship regularly.

5. Satisfy him in bed often

Another way to keep your man happy is to fulfill his intimate needs and satisfy him in bed.

Most men complain that their women don’t give them regular physical intimacy and they would prefer to make love more often.

Lack of satisfaction in the bedroom can cause problems in a relationship and even lead to infidelity.

Try to please your man in bed often and be open to exploring new romantic ideas that can increase his pleasure.

If you’re always too tired or not in the mood for intimacy, it can turn your partner off and make him feel rejected.

Men feel more connected to a woman when they make love, so remember to satisfy your man in bed regularly.

This is one of the best ways to keep the passion alive in your relationship!

how to keep your man happy in a relationship

6. Be supportive in any way you can

Some women think men don’t need support and prefer to work independently.

While men love to lead in a relationship, they also like to have a supportive partner who’ll give them good advice and help them make better decisions.

If you want to make your man fall deeper in love with you, show him support in any way you can.

When he’s feeling sad or defeated in life, motivate him with soothing words and give him suggestions on how to deal with the issues he’s facing.

If you notice he’s having a bad day, look for simple ways to cheer him up, and don’t push him away when he needs your affection.

Showing your man support can give him more strength and let him know that he’s not alone in the relationship.

7. Shower him with nice compliments often

Do you know that men love receiving compliments? It’s not only women who like hearing nice things on a regular basis.

Men have emotional needs and they feel more secure in a relationship when you compliment them.

If your man gets a fresh haircut or wears a new outfit, try to tell him something nice about his appearance.

You can also drop little love notes in his pocket, lunch boxes, or anywhere he can easily see them.

When you notice the subtle changes in your man’s looks and comment on them positively, it will increase his confidence and let him know you truly care.

8. Celebrate him on special occasions

Do you celebrate your man on important dates?

It’s essential to do nice things for your partner and make him feel loved by celebrating him occasionally.

Many women expect to be pampered in a relationship but they forget to do something special for their men.

If you have a good man who cherishes you, try to spoil him from time to time and go out of your way to impress him once in a while.

how to keep your man happy in a relationship

9. Be kind, patient, and understanding

Men have a reputation for being macho and it often appears as if they don’t need tender love, but they do.

If you have a good man who’s working hard to become a better partner, try to be understanding and patient toward him.

Listen intently when he’s talking and avoid jumping to conclusions when you’re unclear about something.

When you show a man compassion, you lessen his stress and provide a safe space for him to be vulnerable with you.

Avoid nagging when he makes mistakes and don’t insist on having your way all the time.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to be kind, nurturing, and compassionate in a romantic relationship.

10. Give him freedom and space to explore his hobbies

Being independent in a relationship is vital to your personal development as well as the success of your love life.

One of the most effective ways to make a man happy in a romantic relationship is to give him space.

Men don’t like to feel trapped or suffocated by a woman, so you must allow your partner to enjoy his alone time on a regular basis.

Don’t stop him from hanging out with his friends or playing video games at home as long as he’s contributing to the growth of the relationship.

Your man doesn’t have to be with you all the time and he needs to maintain a close relationship with his friends for the sake of his mental health.

Try to occupy yourself with meaningful hobbies so you won’t feel bored or lonely when he’s pursuing his personal interests.


The things men crave in a committed relationship to stay happy are the little things that really matter.

You don’t need to go to great lengths to keep your man interested in you. As long as you treat him right and fulfill his needs, a good man will cherish you forever.

The bottom line is, if you want to keep your man happy in a relationship, you have to respect him, appreciate his efforts, and be intimate with him on a consistent basis.

Once you’re able to give a man the essential things he needs in a romantic relationship, he’ll stay faithful to you and won’t leave you for someone else.


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