How To Satisfy A Woman In Bed

how to satisfy a woman in bed

Is your woman sexually satisfied? How do you know you’re giving her exactly what she wants in bed?

If you normally have penetrative sex for two minutes, ejaculate, and then roll over to sleep, chances are that your woman’s level of satisfaction is low.

According to research, about 80% of women rarely or never climax during physical intimacy and up to 15% of women have never had an orgasm before.

So if you’ve been having regular intercourse with your woman for a while, she’s likely not satisfied in bed.

But she won’t tell you because she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings or risk ruining a good relationship.

Plus, it’s probably easier for her to fake an orgasm during sex then use a vibrator later when she’s alone or hook up with a more experienced lover behind your back.

Of course, it’s not entirely your fault if your sex life isn’t satisfactory. After all, it takes two to tango.

But you need to work on improving your bedroom skills in order to keep your relationship alive.

The truth is, satisfying a woman goes beyond just having sexual intercourse.

There are more skills involved in making her orgasm and keeping her happy in bed.

For example, you may need to engage in oral sex, try mutual masturbation, or use sex toys to enhance her pleasure.

This article reveals some practical tips on how to satisfy a woman in bed so she’ll never think of cheating on you with another man.

Keep reading to find out how to please your woman sexually.

how to satisfy a woman in bed


Many men are clueless when it comes to pleasing a woman sexually.

If you’re not sure of what you’re doing in bed or what it takes to truly satisfy a woman, you’re not alone.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to satisfy a woman in bed and make her fall deeper in love with you.

1. Connect with her emotionally

Sex is different for women than it is for men; it takes us a while to get in the mood or even reach an orgasm.

The best way to turn a woman on is to awaken her emotions and make her desire you.

You can do this by sending her a sweet love message, buying her something nice, or complementing her looks/personality.

Don’t wait until you’re in bed before you start seeking her attention. Romance her throughout the day to keep the passion burning.

If a woman doesn’t feel an emotional connection with you, she would likely not want to be intimate and may not be open to having an orgasm.

It’s important to maintain a bond with your woman before trying to get her into bed at night.

how to satisfy a woman in bed

2. Have longer foreplay during sex

It can take a long time for women to get things moving in the bedroom meanwhile for most men, it’s as easy as undressing.

If you want to satisfy your woman in bed, you need to play with her more before having penetrative sex.

Longer foreplay can give her enough time to get aroused and be in the mood to get penetrated.

When you go straight to intercourse without first playing with your woman, she might not enjoy the lovemaking and will instead experience pain.

Focus on stimulating all parts of her body to increase blood flow. Gently fondle her nipples, kiss her thighs, caress her tummy, or lick her earlobes.

Doing this can make her want to get intimate with you and will increase her chances of reaching an orgasm.

3. Know exactly what she wants in bed

Do you know what your woman likes in bed or do you just go ahead and do what you think she will enjoy?

Every woman is different and your current partner might not be particularly interested in the things your ex adored.

Take the time to study your woman’s body, ask her intimate questions, and watch her reaction in bed to discover exactly what she wants.

You may be surprised to know that she enjoys anal play or loves to be tied up during sex.

So instead of guessing, put more effort into understanding your woman’s needs and spend adequate time fulfilling her desires.

4. Turn her on with romantic words

Do you ever talk dirty to your woman? Saying some naughty words in bed can also help to put a woman in the mood and ensure she enjoys the lovemaking experience.

Look into her eyes and say something like “You are so beautiful” or “I can’t wait to eat you up”.

If you’re not used to talking dirty, start with simple phrases that express your desire for her.

When a woman knows you love her and want her badly, she’ll be eager to make love to you.

And if she’s wet before you get under the sheets, you won’t have to work so hard to satisfy her.

how to satisfy a woman in bed

5. Stimulate her erogenous zones

To satisfy a woman in bed, you need to touch her in places that drive her crazy.

Every woman has different hot spots and it’s your job to find out what gives your woman shivers. Take your time to explore her body and discover her triggers.

Kiss her on the neck, massage her breasts, squeeze her butt, and tickle her behind the ears. As you play with her, watch and listen to her.

If you touch a particular spot and she moans or arches her back, that means she loves what you’re doing.

But if she moves away or tries to remove your hand, that’s an indication that you need to stop and look for another erogenous zone that’ll make her melt.

6. Engage in oral sex

It can be difficult for some women to reach an orgasm during intercourse alone so you may need to perform oral sex on your woman to make her orgasm.

If you often find it tiring to maintain a good rhythm during cunnilingus, this rose licking sex toy can save the day.

Just apply some lube on it then turn it on and place the toy on your woman’s clitoris to give her mind-blowing orgasms.

To intensify her pleasure, you can also use a finger vibrator to tease her nipples while you stimulate her clitoris.

7. Use sex toys to increase her pleasure

Since most women don’t reach orgasm through penetrative sex, you need to employ other means to satisfy your woman.

Sex toys can maximize a woman’s pleasure and they are a great addition to the bedroom.

You can experiment with a G-spot vibrator, a dildo, or a clitoral stimulator to see what works for your woman.

If you want to spice up your sex life and drive your woman wild in bed, apply a female enhancement gel directly on her clitoris before using a vibrator. It’s a game-changer!

how to satisfy a woman in bed

8. Be generous with the lubricant

Women are sensitive to touch and if you’re not gentle with your partner or use enough lubricant during sex, you can cause her pain instead of pleasure.

To reduce friction during lovemaking and make the experience more enjoyable, apply some water-based lubricant on her before penetration.

When she’s well lubricated, her pleasure will be heightened which can lead to an orgasm.

So be generous with the lube and choose a skin-friendly one that won’t cause irritation.

9. Always make sure she reaches orgasm too

The number one problem most men make is turning a woman on, having sex with her, and abandoning her as soon they ejaculate.

This is a wrong approach and can lead to an unsatisfactory love life. Women need more time and attention to reach an orgasm.

If you’re satisfied, it doesn’t mean she is too. Most times, you have to stimulate her clitoris before she can cum.

Never assume that your woman is happy in bed. Try to check up with her after each lovemaking session and make sure she’s satisfied.

If she finds it difficult to orgasm, this clitoral massager can bring her over the edge in a few minutes.

You can also give your woman intense orgasms by stimulating her G-spot with a vibrator as you fondle her body.

how to satisfy a woman in bed

10. Cuddle with her after lovemaking

Do you often roll over to sleep or jump into the shower right after sex?

Women feel unloved and neglected when a man moves away immediately after lovemaking.

It’s important to relax and spend time in bed with your woman when the deed is over.

Cuddle with her, talk about your relationship and help her fall asleep before you leave.

This will enhance your bond and make her fall deeper in love with you.


Satisfying a woman in bed takes time, patience, and attention. You also need the right skills to keep your love life afloat.

I’ve given you a few tips and tricks you can use to please your woman and give her toe-curling orgasms.

Try to learn about her body, find out what she likes, and be willing to try new things such as sex toys and different lovemaking positions.

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Finally, maintaining a healthy romantic relationship takes a lot of work and commitment.

However, when you put in the effort to satisfy your woman, she’ll bond deeply with you and your sex life will flourish as a result.


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