7 Things Women Want In Bed

things women want in bed

Do you know what women crave in bed?

There are so many things women want in bed, but most men have no clue and don’t bother to improve their lovemaking skills.

When you don’t prioritize a woman’s needs and keep her satisfied in bed, she may be tempted to leave you for a better lover.

In this blog post, we share a list of things women want in bed so you can keep your partner happy.

Whether you’re looking to rev up your routine or planning a special night with your woman, these tips are guaranteed to drive her wild.

things women want in bed


For most women, intimacy begins long before you get into bed. The way you treat a woman during the day can affect how she behaves in the bedroom.

You need to woo her with romantic gestures, kisses, love notes, and gentle touches throughout the day for her to connect with you emotionally.

Here are 7 top things women want in bed:

#1 Emotional connection

For many women, establishing an emotional connection with their partner is vital for a fulfilling love life.

Feeling loved, desired, and emotionally connected can enhance intimacy and create a safe space for exploration.

If you want to satisfy your woman and make her toes curl, build an emotional connection with her.

Embrace intimate moments like eye gazing, holding hands, kissing, and gently caressing each other’s faces.

Make deep conversation and listen to understand your partner’s desires. An emotional bond will intensify your physical pleasure.

Whisper how much you care and find your woman attractive. Hearing loving words will release oxytocin, the “love hormone”, intensifying arousal and orgasm.

Shower your lover with sincere compliments. Tell her how much her touch turns you on.

Hearing what specifically arouses you will encourage your woman to do more of the same.

Playfulness releases endorphins that energize you both and strengthen your connection.

Remember to laugh together, tickle each other, and play fun bedroom games to lighten the mood.

Make eye contact, smile, and focus on your partner. Pay attention to her reactions.

Being fully present in the moment will make lovemaking more passionate and pleasurable.

Take time to kiss, fondle, and explore each other’s bodies. Feeling emotionally bonded will make the experience infinitely better for both of you.

Don’t rush into intercourse, build up anticipation and arousal. Tease each other playfully and passionately.

An emotional connection requires effort but leads to a deeply satisfying love life.

Follow these tips, and you’ll be well on your way to giving a woman toe-curling orgasms.

things women want in bed

#2 Open and clear communication

Communication is key to a great experience in the bedroom! Telling your woman exactly what you want and how you want it can be a huge turn-on for her.

Your partner isn’t a mind reader, so learn to speak up during intimacy. Tell her exactly how you like being touched.

Give her specific instructions on what you want her to do to you. Moan, gasp, and vocalize when something feels good.

Physically guide your partner’s hands or say something like “Touch me here”, “Keep doing that” or “Kiss my neck”. She’ll love your confidence!

Ask open-ended questions to start an intimate conversation. Whisper “What do you want me to do to you?” or “What are you thinking about right now?”.

Discussing fantasies together can be a good way to boost your arousal and learn more about each other’s desires.

Speak up if there’s something you don’t enjoy too. Say “That doesn’t feel good for me, can we try something else?”

Show her the pressure and pace you prefer. This allows your partner to avoid that move in the future and try new techniques that you’ll both enjoy.

Don’t be afraid to give constructive feedback afterward. Gently let her know what got you going by saying something like “I loved it when you _.

Next time, could we try?” She will appreciate you helping her become a better lover.

Open communication, guidance, and positive feedback are the keys to a fulfilling love life.

Don’t hold back – tell your partner exactly what you want, and your next lovemaking session will be super hot!

#3 Lots of foreplay and sensual touch

Foreplay is the appetizer before the main course, and women want a full spread!

Prolonged foreplay helps ensure she’s fully aroused and ready to play with you.

Use your hands, lips, and tongue to explore her body. Touch her face, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, chest, stomach, back, and thighs.

Massage and caress every part of her, finding the spots that make her shiver with delight.

Women love kissing, so give her lots of it! Start with soft, slow kisses on the lips, then work your way down to her neck.

Gently suck or nibble her earlobes and kiss behind her ears. Stroke, rub, and tease her in sensitive areas while kissing her.

Going down on a woman is one of the greatest gifts you can give her. Slowly kiss your way down her body until your head is between her legs.

Gently spread her lips, lick, suck, and tease her with your tongue.

Insert a finger or two into her as you lick to stimulate her hot spot. Keep a steady rhythm, and don’t stop until she reaches orgasm.

The key is to take it slow and be attentive to her reactions. Watch her body language and listen for audible cues to guide you to her pleasure spots.

Make sure she’s fully aroused before moving on to intercourse. With patience and practice, you’ll be giving her the perfect foreplay she craves every time!

things women want in bed

#4 Dirty talk

One of the hottest things women want in bed is dirty talk.

Hearing naughty words and phrases coming from your mouth can send tingles down your woman’s spine.

When things are getting steamy, whisper flirty compliments in her ear. Tell her how beautiful she looks and how much you want her.

Describe what you’re going to do to her using explicit language. Ask her if she likes how you’re touching her. Beg her to do naughty things to you.

Dirty talk works because it taps into imagination and fantasy. It helps build anticipation and excitement.

Hearing your partner express raw desire for you is extremely arousing for most women.

So don’t hold back – whisper sweet nothings into her ear as you caress her body! Talk dirty to her and let her know how much you want her.

Of course, start slowly if you’re not used to talking dirty. You don’t have to jump straight into hardcore fantasies.

A few sensual words while kissing her neck or a teasing question while your hands roam can work wonders.

Pay attention to her reactions to figure out what really gets her going.

Dirty talk is all about confidence, creativity, and reading your partner’s body language.

Start with compliments and encouragement, then escalate to naughty phrases as she gets aroused.

Have fun with it by laughing and maintaining a playful vibe. With practice, your confidence will grow, and soon you’ll be turning your woman on with little effort.

#5 Variety and exploration

You’ve heard it before, variety is the spice of life, and it applies to intimacy too.

Doing the same thing in bed every time, in the same way, can lead to boredom for both parties.

Mixing things up in the bedroom keeps your love life fun and exciting.

Trying new things in bed, whether a kinky new position or adding a naughty costume, builds excitement and brings you closer together as a couple.

Set a schedule to experiment every week or two and see what romantic adventures you can get up to!

An open mind and a sense of humor are all you need to start exploring. Here are some ways to add more excitement to the bedroom.

• Try new positions: Missionary is fine, but experiment with woman on top, spooning, the lotus, or standing positions. New angles mean new sensations for both of you. Even subtle changes to familiar positions can make a big difference.

• Explore new locations: Take it out of the bedroom! The couch, the kitchen counter, the shower, at the back of a car, on a rooftop under the stars – any change of scenery will get her blood pumping. Just be careful not to get caught if choosing a more public place!

• Add some toys: Bringing in a feather, silk scarves, massage oil, or stimulating adult toys is a great way to add extra fun and pleasure in the bedroom. Start with something simple and let her guide you to what she enjoys. 

• Engage the senses: Blindfold her or use scented candles to tantalize her sense of smell. Put on her favorite music to keep things upbeat and lively. Offer her chocolate, strawberry, or champagne – feeding each other is incredibly sensual. 

Mixing up your routine and trying new things, exploring uncharted territory together, and engaging all the senses are fantastic ways to keep your love life passionate.

Your woman will appreciate your enthusiasm for adventure and your desire to keep things hot!

Don’t forget to add variety in the bedroom; it can make a huge difference.

things women want in bed

#6 Focus on pleasure and satisfaction

When it comes to pleasure during lovemaking, women want men to focus on their experience and enjoyment.

Make her satisfaction a top priority! Nothing is more of a turn-on for a woman than a partner who is genuinely interested in her pleasure.

Pay attention to her body’s reactions and cues. Notice what makes her breathe heavier, moan, or squirm with delight.

Ask her directly what she enjoys and wants more of. Her pleasure should be your pleasure too! Slow down and savor each sensation.

Take your time exploring and building up anticipation. A leisurely, teasing pace will drive her wild and intensify her climax.

Use your hands, mouth, and tongue to give her more pleasure. For most women, intercourse alone does not lead to orgasm.

Generous amounts of foreplay are needed. Focus more on her sweet spots like the neck, inner thighs, and earlobes. 

Toys can be your best friends- they provide direct, intense stimulation, and enhance the lovemaking experience.

Don’t be afraid to bring a few adult toys into the mix. You can also try a couples toy that stimulates you both at the same time!

Change up positions and locations. Making love in missionary position in the bedroom every time can become boring and predictable.

Get creative with new poses, different rooms in the house, or even different times of the day. Variety and spontaneity boost arousal and pleasure.

Most of all, make your woman feel loved, cherished, and desired. Compliment her, gaze into her eyes, and hold her close.

Emotional intimacy and a meaningful connection will make her orgasms more powerful and deeply satisfying.

Focus on giving her a memorable experience, and she’ll come back for more!

If you don’t know how to make a woman reach her orgasm, this intimacy guide will show you secret techniques to make her scream your name in bed. 

#7 Emotional support after lovemaking

How you treat your woman after intimacy can make or break your relationship.

Giving emotional support through physical affection, words of affirmation, quality conversation, and making sure her needs are met will make her feel loved and respected.

After finishing up, don’t just roll over and go to sleep! Women want emotional intimacy and bonding after lovemaking.

Cuddle, kiss, and caress her. Hold her close, gaze into her eyes, and compliment her genuinely. Say something like:

“You’re so beautiful. I feel lucky to have you.” Or “That was amazing. You’re incredible.”

It’s also important to engage in pillow talk after making love- discuss your relationship, dreams, or whatever is on your mind.

Cuddling, talking, and expressing affection can create emotional closeness and strengthen your bond as a couple.

Your woman will feel supported, adored, and cherished when you spend quality time with her after intercourse.

And she’ll remember your loving affection and tenderness long after the physical sensations have faded.

So don’t skip this step! Lovingly linger in bed, savor the experience you just shared, and deepen your intimacy.

She’ll greatly appreciate your patience, presence, and nurturing.

Make snuggling and bonding a habit after lovemaking.

It’s a simple but meaningful way to show you care, and it may just inspire another round of fun under the covers!


When it comes to pleasing a woman and satisfying her in bed, it’s all about paying attention to her body language, going slow, building anticipation, and maintaining an emotional connection with her.

Taking the time to engage in sensual touch, kissing, caressing, and exploring each other’s bodies can heighten arousal and build anticipation before intercourse.

Playfulness and passion are also important for an amazing love life, so unleash your true nature!

Pay close attention to your woman’s needs, try new techniques, communicate openly, and keep a positive, passionate attitude.

Every woman’s desires are different, so it’s important to communicate and discover what specific forms of touch and stimulation are pleasurable for her.

Focusing on her pleasure and orgasm will make for an intensely satisfying experience for both of you.

Women appreciate partners who are fully present, listen attentively, and respond to their needs.

When you feel confident and empowered in the bedroom, your partner will surely benefit too.

Go surprise your lady with an unforgettable night of passion and watch as she melts in your hands.


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