How To Stay Positive During Hard Times

how to stay positive during hard times

Staying positive during hard times is one of the most challenging things to do as an individual.

In difficult moments, the mind naturally focuses on all the bad things happening, and seeing a good outcome feels almost impossible.

I’ve been there before, and I can tell you it’s not an easy experience.

It can be hard to stay positive when life throws you curveballs, especially when you don’t have a solid support system.

But no matter what obstacles come your way, it’s important to remember that you are strong and resilient.

This article offers helpful advice for maintaining a positive attitude when everything is falling apart.

how to stay positive during hard times


If you’re struggling to look on the bright side, here are a few tips on how to stay positive during hard times and make the most of any situation.

1. Stay away from negative people

Misery loves company, and when you’re going through tough times, it’s tempting to surround yourself with people who would understand and sympathize with you.

Unfortunately, when you complain about your problems, you’ll attract negative people who want to feed on your energy.

The last thing you need when trying to maintain a positive mindset is toxic people who drain your energy and dampen your spirit with their darkness.

If you want to overcome your challenges and become stronger, stay away from negative people.

Nothing good ever comes out of constantly whining about your problems.

When you grumble about all the bad things happening, you give away your personal power by blaming other people for your issues and expecting someone to rescue you.

The best way to stay positive during difficult times is to focus on the good and hope for better days as you do your best to improve the situation.

Don’t associate with pessimistic people, and avoid telling your problems to everyone you meet.

Confide in a few trusted friends and family members if you have any, but don’t throw a pity party.

2. Have a regular spiritual practice to keep you grounded

It’s normal to spend a lot of time feeling sorry for yourself and getting emotional about the challenges in your life, but it won’t change anything.

In fact, the more you focus on your problems, the bigger they’ll appear, which can create more feelings of fear, panic, and anxiety.

I’ve learned to turn to God during challenging moments, and it has helped to strengthen my faith.

So when everything is going wrong in your life, reconnect with your Creator and work on improving your spirituality.

Whether you believe in God or not, having a regular spiritual practice can enable you to stay calm as you navigate tough times.

Spirituality helps to keep us grounded in every aspect of our lives and it’s one of the most important things to do when life seems unbearable.

You can create more positivity in your life by praying, meditating, reading spiritual books, listening to uplifting music, and doing yoga regularly.

You can also take cleansing baths, diffuse essential oils in your home, and burn incense to clear any negative energy around you.

how to stay positive during hard times

3. Create time for self-care every day

Most people forget to take care of themselves during hard times because they feel sad, depressed, and hopeless about life.

When life gets hard, it’s normal to want to isolate yourself, stay in bed all day, and lick your wounds.

However, neglecting yourself will only lead to poor well-being, depression, and other mental health conditions.

Make sure that you take care of yourself even when you don’t feel like it.

This could mean anything from getting enough sleep and eating healthy meals to taking breaks throughout the day or setting aside time for fun activities.

Taking time for yourself can help boost your mood, increase mental clarity, and give you the energy you need to tackle the day ahead.

4. Train yourself to have faith

Keeping your faith during difficult times is not easy, but it’s crucial if you want to overcome your trials.

When you lose faith, you’ll have no hope for the future, which can break your spirit.

Faith is the one thing that keeps most people going when everything is falling apart in their lives.

So train yourself to have faith during hard times by not paying attention to your problems.

It’s okay to acknowledge the issues you’re dealing with but don’t focus on them for too long.

Instead, maintain a positive attitude and keep hope alive because there’s always a solution to every problem.

5. Focus on what you can control

I discovered the power of positive thinking a few years ago, and it has literally changed my life.

Even when things are at their worst, I try to focus on what I want to manifest in my life instead of letting my problems weigh me down.

When things don’t go as planned, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with feelings of frustration and helplessness.

Instead of dwelling on these emotions, focus on the things that are within your control — such as how you choose to react in any given situation.

Think about the steps you can take to move forward in a positive direction and set realistic goals or make a list of achievable tasks to keep your mind busy.

When you focus on what you can control, you’ll have more energy to tackle the issues you’re facing and get a better outcome.

how to stay positive during hard times

6. Look at every situation as an opportunity for growth

During difficult moments, it’s important to remember that every obstacle gives us an opportunity for growth if we choose to look at it that way.

Each difficulty presents us with a chance to learn something new and develop our skills — whether it’s learning more effective coping mechanisms or gaining a deeper understanding of ourselves.

Don’t let hard times define who you are; instead, use them as an opportunity to discover new aspects of yourself and grow into the person that you want to become.

When you look at every challenge as an opportunity for growth, you’ll maintain a positive outlook in life which will help you find solutions faster.

7. Fortify your mind with positive words

Negative self-talk is one of the most common challenges people struggle to overcome when things get hard.

You may find yourself thinking that you’re a failure or a loser for not being in a better place than you are right now.

Other people may even tell you that you’re not good enough or that you don’t deserve to be happy and you’ll internalize these words without intending to.

To stay positive when things aren’t going well in your life, it’s necessary to feed your mind with healthy information.

This is easier said than done since you’ll be battling with a lot of negative thoughts that cripple you with fear and anxiety.

However, forcing your mind to think positively is going to pay off in a big way.

When you only consume healthy content, your mind will automatically dwell on positivity, and this can keep your faith alive while you find solutions.

The best way to fortify your mind during hard times is to read Bible verses, recite positive affirmations, listen to empowering podcasts, and watch motivational videos.

how to stay positive during hard times

8. Join a support group and connect with others

Having a support system to lean on during hard times is extremely important.

As adults, we love being independent and self-sufficient, but there are moments in our lives when we need someone to help us push forward.

Joining a support group with like-minded individuals can make you hopeful and give you actionable tips to improve your situation.

Don’t try to solve every problem yourself; you’ll gain more knowledge and find better solutions if you connect with others.

Reach out and share your challenges with people who have gone through what you’re experiencing so you can easily navigate the tough times.

9. Do something productive daily

When you’re battling with some issues in life, doing something meaningful is often the last thing on your mind.

You may be more focused on the negative situation because that’s all you can think about, and overthinking can leave you exhausted at the end of the day.

If you’re going through a rough patch, it’s essential to carve out time to do one productive thing every day no matter how small.

Don’t let a day go by without doing something that counts! As you stay productive daily, you’ll have little things to be proud of and grateful for.

Some meaningful activities to do include journaling, taking long walks, decluttering your home, and volunteering at a non-profit organization.


Sometimes, life isn’t easy, but there’s always something good that comes out of difficult times if we take the time to look for it.

Even when bad things keep happening and everything seems chaotic, try your best not to lose hope.

Instead, focus on self-care, do something meaningful daily, and look at every problem as an opportunity for growth.

If you’re on the verge of giving up, use these tips to help you stay positive during hard times. And remember that after the rain comes sunshine.

You’ll come out of this difficult time stronger and wiser, so don’t let it break you.

Even if it doesn’t seem like things are getting better, keep going and never give up. Your breakthrough might just be around the corner.


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