How to Write an Amazing Online Dating Profile

How to write an amazing online dating profile

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Are you thinking of meeting new people in the online dating world? If you are, you need to make a great first impression.

And it all starts with knowing how to write an online dating profile that will attract the right men.

This might make you a little nervous and excited at the same time but it’s totally normal.

For most people, the hardest part of starting to date online is figuring out how to write an amazing online dating profile that will attract a potential life partner.

All dating sites offer their members a profile page where you can write about yourself in detail, upload a photo and search for interesting people you would like to date.

After your online profile picture, what you write about yourself in the bio is extremely important.

If you take the time to think about what’s going into your profile, you’ll create something that other people will be interested in reading.

Your internet dating success relies primarily on the strength of your online dating profile.

How to write an amazing online dating profile

A well-written, carefully planned profile can get you lots of responses, where a dashed-off, careless one won’t.

Many people who have trouble dating online can trace their difficulties back to a poorly written profile.

You don’t have to be a prize-winning author to produce a good profile. Just following some simple rules can get your profile moving in the right direction:

A lot of people are keen to start searching for and contacting people as soon as they join a site.

As a result, they either leave their profile blank or write something quickly before beginning their search.

This is okay if you’re just having a look around, but if you are serious about finding love online, you should take some time and make sure your profile is a good reflection of who you are.

After all, it’s what makes you stand out from the rest of the people on the site. Here are a few tips on how to write an amazing online dating profile…


How to write an amazing online dating profile

1. Keep it brief and straightforward

When you want to draft your bio, try to write a profile that is detailed enough to tell people about you, but short enough to leave them wanting more.

Writing a full-length essay is a waste of time as most people wouldn’t bother reading it all.

If someone did read it through and contacted you, you probably wouldn’t have anything left to talk about!

So, stick to the main details about yourself and don’t write everything about yourself.

Leave some details out that you can talk about when you finally meet your date in person.


2. Be your real self

It’s easy to lie about yourself or include false details when writing a profile, but more difficult to follow through once you meet someone.

If your profile says you’re 6’4” when you’re really 5’1”, your cover will be blown as soon as you turn up for your date.

Also, starting a relationship with a lie is a sure way to get off to a bad start.

Always be honest in your dating profile and display real photos of you.

If you lost some weight or even gained some, have an up to date photo showing how you look today.

Unfortunately, even people who are honest sometimes lie unintentionally in their profile by trying to write it in a way that they think would make them more attractive to other people.

If you want to attract a like-minded person, you have to be honest about who you are, your hobbies and any other important detail about yourself.

How to write an amazing online dating profile


3. Don’t be too demanding

Many people use their profiles to list the qualities they would like their ideal match to have.

There is nothing wrong with that, but make sure you balance this with information about yourself. You don’t want to come across as writing a ransom note.

Moreover, it’s best you don’t set your standards unattainably high if not you’ll scare potential dates away instead of attracting them.


4. Don’t mention bad experiences

If you want to impress men with your bio, avoid mentioning past disappointments and bad break-ups in your profile; this is not what the space is meant for.

Do you really want this to be the first thing people see when they look you up?

Don’t let yourself be defined by negative aspects of your personality and bad experiences of the past.

Write only positive aspects of yourself so your profile can look impressive.

You’ll get the chance to talk about your past when you start dating someone.

How to write an amazing online dating profile


5. Make it funny

Using humor is a good way to brighten up a profile and give people a glimpse into your interesting personality.

Some of the most successful profiles are the ones that simply make people laugh.

You can include a joke you find funny as long as you make sure you write something about yourself in the profile as well.

Don’t just crack jokes on your profile and expect to attract good dates. Make it all blend together!

How to write an amazing online dating profile

6. Be original

Anyone can write I have a good sense of humor, but not anyone could make you laugh.

When writing about yourself, don’t just use a list of adjectives.

Try to go deeper and give people examples of what you actually mean.

A good way of doing this is starting off with a list of adjectives and then using each one as a starting point for a few lines of text.

Avoid copying and pasting other people’s already written profiles; write from your heart and be creative.

This bio is going to make or break your dating goals, strive to be original in your writeup.


7. Upload a clear and beautiful picture

People always want to know who they’re talking to that’s why it’s important to upload a good picture of yourself.

Not having a photo on your profile will make many people ignore you completely.

Some people even specify in their search that they only want to date people whose picture appears on the site.

Remember to use a recent picture to avoid confusing your future dates.

Don’t worry about your looks. Different people have different tastes and not everyone expects to meet a movie star or a supermodel online.

A clear headshot of you smiling is all it takes to seriously increase the number of responses you get.

How to write an amazing online dating profile

8. Be consistent

When you’re writing your online dating profile, make sure your bio, your screen name and your picture all match the impression you want to give.

If you are a woman looking for a serious relationship, calling yourself “CrazyLady” and uploading a terrible picture of yourself, is not likely to attract the kind of man you’re looking for.

A woman looking for a husband should probably not use a username that hints about how good she is in bed.

You may come across as being wayward; leave that for Mr. Right to find out when it’s time.

If he wants to marry you, let it be because he genuinely loves you.

9. Proofread and check for grammatical errors

This tip might seem irrelevant but it’s critically important.

While chatting with someone online, you may make a few spelling mistakes that a potential suitor will find annoying.

However, until you get to that stage with someone, no one should know that you’re terrible at spellings or sentence construction.

It shows a lot to a potential date while they go through the online dating profiles that someone has taken the time to spell check their document.

You can get a friend to proofread it for you if you want just in case you’ve missed something important.

If you don’t know what to say in your bio, here are some examples of dating profiles to give you a head start.

If you can’t take the time to write something legible, most people will assume you won’t have time to bother doing other even more important tasks.

And when you only have two or three seconds to make that first impression before someone clicks on another profile, every detail counts.

If you’re struggling to write an attractive profile that will impress good men, I highly recommend the Online Allure Formula to help you craft a mind-blowing profile.

It will also give you some online dating profile tips to help you win in the dating game.

When you first start out dating, it could be stressful figuring out things on your own, that’s why I made this list to help you start on the right foot.

Your online dating profile is the first and maybe last impression you will make to potential partners. Make it count!

If you’re looking for a great resource to help you navigate the competitive dating world, the Get a Great Guy Guide covers every aspect of attraction and dating.

It will also give you definitive step-by-step advice about every facet of your dream relationship, including getting a guy’s attention, developing attraction and a relationship.


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