Top 10 Introvert Dating Apps For Shy & Reserved People

Top 10 Introvert Dating Apps

Dating for introverts is exhausting and it doesn’t get any easier when you’re surrounded by extroverts who seem to attract new friends and hot dates effortlessly.

To make things worse, popular dating apps like OkCupid, Tinder, and Bumble are specifically designed for swiping through a bunch of profiles to find the one.

This can get overwhelming and tiresome really fast if you’re an introverted person who prefers less stimulation and more meaningful interactions with people.

Plus if you’re looking to build a long-lasting and fulfilling relationship with someone, physical appearance isn’t the only appealing quality to watch out for.

Luckily, introversion doesn’t have to get in the way of finding a life partner.

Dating apps for introverts such as Birdy and So Syncd make it easy for shy people to find love without having to go on meaningless dates.

They match users based on compatibility and personality type, not just facial looks alone.

Rather than forcing yourself to mingle with strangers every weekend in crowded parties and noisy bars, you can meet new people from the comfort of your own home.

Some introvert-friendly dating sites even offer video dating features to help you test your compatibility virtually before going on real dates in person.

This will enable you to stay out of the spotlight and allow you to interact with potential partners on your own terms before deciding to seriously date them.

If dating feels like a never-ending chore, this list of introvert dating apps will help you find compatible partners without having to browse through countless profiles daily.


As an introvert, you may get turned off by the mainstream dating apps that are created to facilitate hookups and casual flings.

If you’re looking to meet and connect with like-minded individuals online, here are some of the best dating apps that are suitable for introverts and reserved people.

#1 Birdy

10 Best Dating Apps For Introverts

Birdy is an introvert dating site that provides a safe place where single people can find the best matches and connect with each other in a healthy and authentic way.

It uses the Myers-Briggs test to recommend potential partners that have similar personality traits.

This removes the guesswork from dating and gives you a shared ground to spark stimulating conversations with other users.

The Birdy app is free to use for both Android and iOS users. To create a profile, you’ll have to answer a few basic questions, add your personality type, and create a storybook that reveals who you really are.

You can find compatible matches by browsing through your daily suggested profiles or joining chatrooms. If any two users like each other’s storybook, they can start chatting right away.

I love that it offers free personal development workshops to help introverts improve their lives.

If you’re struggling with social anxiety disorder or mental health issues, you can find these workshops really helpful. 

#2 Coffee Meets Bagel

Top 10 Introvert Dating Apps

Coffee Meets Bagel is the perfect dating app for people who are tired of endless swiping. It uses a smart algorithm to curate quality matches based on your set preferences.

Unlike swiping-based apps, once you sign up for a free account, you’ll get a batch of potential matches specifically picked for you every day at noon.

This can greatly reduce the overwhelm that comes with online dating and help you find better dates who are interested in serious relationships.

If you don’t check your suggestions, they’ll expire when your next daily batch comes in.

You can start a chat with someone if you’ve both liked each other’s profiles. I really like that you can skip the small talk and start deep conversations with personalized icebreakers.

You can also pass on a suggested profile or send a message with a like to anyone who catches your attention.

While the Coffee Meets Bagel app is available to all smartphone users, video chat features are currently offered to only iOS users.

Video calls usually last for 15 minutes and are a great way to get to know a potential partner. 

#3 Hinge

10 Best Dating Apps For Introverts

Hinge is the online dating app designed to be deleted and it’s on a mission to help you find love.

If you’re tired of creating new accounts on multiple dating apps, Hinge promises to connect you to the best people who are your type.

It uses a Nobel-Prize-winning algorithm to deliver the most compatible partners so you can go on better quality dates.

To activate your profile, you’ll have to answer three prompts which are then reviewed to discover which ones are most likely to be successful in finding you good dates.

You can start a conversation with someone by liking or commenting on a specific part of their profile that stands out to you.

You get to send only 8 free likes per day which are automatically reset within 24 hours.

You also have the option to connect and chat with people who’ve liked your profile if you choose to match with them.

To ensure you actually connect with your potential matches, you’ll get a friendly nudge to remind you when it’s your turn to reply.

Hinge also follows up to hear how your date went after you exchange numbers with a match.

It’s good to know that video call and video chat features are available on the app to enable users to interact with each other more conveniently. 

#4 So Syncd

10 Best Dating Apps For Introverts

This is another dating app based on personality type. Similar to Birdy, So Syncd connects compatible personality types based on the Myers-Briggs test.

It pairs up not only couples who have enough similarities to understand each other but also the right amount of differences to create an exciting and meaningful relationship.

Once you install the app, you’ll have to take a 5-minute test to discover your personality type. If you already know yours, you can simply add it during the signup process.

After signing up, you’ll see other users who are looking for authentic and long-lasting connections.

You can tap like or pass on the profiles and if two users like each other, you’ll become a match and can start chatting.

To avoid analysis paralysis, you only get 30 likes per day but you can send unlimited messages once you match with someone.

I think it’s really helpful that every user on So Syncd is tagged with a personality type so you can instantly know if your potential partner is introverted or extroverted. 

#5 EliteSingles

Top 10 Introvert Dating Apps

EliteSingles is a premium dating platform created for single professionals who are looking for a serious relationship.

Its user base consists majorly of educated singles who are over 30 years old.

Once you sign up on the EliteSingles dating site, you’ll answer a couple of personality test questions to ensure you’re matched with compatible singles based on your preferences.

This is an important feature that benefits introverts in a lot of ways. By taking the quiz, you’ll automatically weed out people that are incompatible with you.

This means you don’t have to waste your valuable time engaging in small talk with potential matches only to find out much later that you have absolutely nothing in common.

Since only paid members are allowed to view profile photos, send messages, and see who visited their profile, you’ll be connecting with real people who are searching for genuine love. 

#6 Happn

  10 Dating Apps For Shy People

Happn is a local dating app that makes it easy to find the people you’ve crossed paths with in real life.

Maybe you’ve locked eyes with a mystery person in your favorite coffee shop or you’ve sat across a certain someone in a restaurant but haven’t connected with them yet.

This intelligent matchmaking app gives destiny a boost and makes it happen for both of you.

It’s perfect for introverts who dislike long-distance relationships and prefer to date single people in their locality.

Anytime you cross paths with someone in real life, their profile will show up on your timeline.

You’ll need to have an internet connection and turn on geolocation for the app to work.

Once you get a list of potential matches on Happn, you can choose to like a profile secretly or increase your chances of finding love by sending a little personalized message to someone who interests you.

When two users like each other, it’s a crush and you can start conversing to get to know each other better.

I love that you can make an audio or video call with your crush before meeting in person.

If you decide to take a break from receiving crushes on your timeline, you have the option to become invisible on Happn for 8 hours at a time. 

#7 eHarmony

10 Best Dating Sites For Introverts

eHarmony is a popular dating site known for helping people find stable relationships that end in marriage. In fact, someone finds real love on this platform every 14 minutes.

If you’ve had your fair share of mind games and shallow conversations on dates, this dating site could be where your search for a lasting relationship ends.

Whether you’re a Christian, Jew, or black person, you’ll find a large pool of quality singles from diverse backgrounds who are ready for something real.

eHarmony uses a proprietary matching system to match users with highly compatible singles.

It also provides a detailed personality report, video dating features, fun icebreakers to spark conversations, and free dating advice on the platform.

To create an account and find the right match, you’ll have to enter your basic information and complete a lengthy compatibility quiz that features a lot of personality test questions.

As a free member, you can view the daily matches recommended for you based on the preferences you specify during signup.

To view their profile photos and communicate with them via chat or video, you’ll need to upgrade to a premium membership plan which costs $35.90 to $65.90 per month.

If you’re considering making an investment in your love life, look no further than eHarmony.

It’s worth every buck you spend because it offers true compatibility and connection for singles. 

#8 Single and Shy

Top 10 Dating Sites For Shy People

This online dating site is specifically designed for introverts and shy people who find it difficult to talk to strangers.

Most of its members are shy singles who are learning to come out of their shells and interact with others.

If you’re looking to develop your social skills, the Single and Shy dating site can be a good place to start.

It’s free to join but if you want to view other users’ profiles and chat with them, you’ll have to subscribe to a paid membership which starts as low as $4 per month.

You’re matched based on physical preferences, location, and interests. To find people in your area, you can filter the search results and narrow down your match preferences.

If you find it difficult to reach out on dating apps, you have the option to send a virtual gift to a potential match to make a good first impression.

Single and Shy doesn’t offer a downloadable app at the moment so you’ll have to use the website to access its dating services.

It’s great to know that you can block a user if you receive unsolicited messages and inappropriate content or if you suspect fraudulent activity. 

#9 S’More

Best Dating Apps For Introverted People

S’More is an iOS dating app dedicated to fostering relationships via deep conversations, not just profile photos alone.

It’s perfect for introverts who are seeking something more substantial.

All profile photos are blurred and you’ll need to chat with someone to reveal their photos. This puts the focus on creating soulful and authentic connections with potential partners.

With a free S’More account, you’ll receive up to 10 daily picks of the most compatible matches based on age, proximity, set preferences, and behavioral factors.

You can engage with and send messages containing links, photos, and videos to any of the suggested profiles.

If a text exchange occurs between two users, you’ll become a match and can continue chatting with each other.

You’ll also be able to have blurred video calls with them which gradually clear up after you spend 2 minutes together on your virtual date.

You can also meet new people by watching, liking, and commenting on celebrity dating videos.

To boost your visibility, get more daily matches, and chat with unlimited users, you need to upgrade to S’More premium for $12.99 per month. 

#10 Shy Passions

Dating Sites For Shy People

This introvert dating site doesn’t have a modern interface like the rest and it may feel a little bit clunky to use.

But what I love about it is that you have a variety of niche groups and forums you can join.

Whether you’re struggling with Asperger’s syndrome, social anxiety disorder, or extreme shyness, there is a group for you on this platform. And it gets even better!

If you love music, writing, or reading, you can join a related passion group to connect with people with similar interests.

Another great thing about this website is that since it’s geared towards shy people, you won’t feel so alone when you become a member of the community.

Everyone is a little bit shy on here too! The bottom line is that Shy Passions is a good dating site for introverted people who find it difficult to socialize in real life. 


Meeting new people when you’re an introverted person is quite intimidating and draining.

You may spend a lot of time and energy trying to find your soulmate, only to end up in shallow, superficial relationships with little or no value.

From leaving your comfort zone and going to crowded bars to engaging in small talk with total strangers, there are so many things that can hinder you from getting into a fulfilling relationship.

To make it easy for you to achieve a healthy and thriving love life, I scoured the internet to find the top 10 introvert dating apps that are perfect for shy people.

Whether you’re interested in making new friends or finding a lifelong partner, these dating sites can help you connect with meaningful people and get to know them better.

With video dating features, you can meet your potential date face to face without stepping a foot outside your home, which is a lifesaver for introverts who prefer to stay indoors.

One more thing, remember to extend your online relationship to the real world to further enhance your bond and pave the way for a more satisfying love life.

10 Best Dating Apps For Shy & Reserved People


1. Are dating apps for extroverts?

A lot of online dating apps are most suitable for outgoing people who get energized when they interact with others. However, if you’re a shy person, you can still find a date if you sign up for good dating apps for introverts.

2. How can an introvert find a date?

If you’re an introvert who wants to meet new people, you can find a romantic partner by signing up for online dating apps, going to local events in your area, or joining interest-based groups.

3. Is there a dating app for introverts?

Few dating sites are designed solely for shy people who struggle to meet compatible partners in real life. Some of the best personality dating apps for single people include So Syncd, Birdy, and EliteSingles.

4. Is Bumble good for introverts?

Bumble is perfect for confident daters but may not be suitable for introverted women who are not ready to put themselves out there. However, if you don’t have a problem with sending the first message, the Bumble app could be for you.

5. What is the best app for introverts?

So Syncd is a great dating app that uses the Myers-Briggs test to match users based on their personality type. It’s perfect for introverted individuals seeking a long-term partner that complements them.

6. What are some free dating sites for introverts?

If you’re an introvert looking for potential dates online, you can sign up for free dating sites like Coffee Meets Bagel, Birdy, and Happn. You’ll be connected to compatible partners who are interested in genuine, deep relationships.


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