10 Obvious Signs Your Casual Relationship Is Getting Serious

10 Obvious Signs Your Casual Relationship is Getting Serious

If you’ve been dating someone for a while now, how can you tell if your casual relationship is getting serious?

When you are with someone you really care about, it’s pretty normal to find out where your relationship stands at some point.

You may also be wondering if there are any obvious signs that could tell you if the casual relationship will lead to marriage. You’re not alone!

If you are at the stage where you feel that you are ready to settle down and would like to know if the relationship is going anywhere, I’m going to give you concrete signs to watch out for.

In this post, you’ll also find out if the person you are with is as committed to you as you are to him. If he’s not, there is always a way to make him commit.

Here are some signs that could help you tell if your casual relationship is getting serious and how close you are to taking that vital next step…


10 Obvious Signs Your Casual Relationship is Getting Serious

1. You start using “we” instead of “I”

When your casual relationship is getting serious, the first noticeable sign is that you drop the “I” or “you” and start referring to each other as “we”.

This is because you’re seeing yourselves as a part of each other and you are actively working together as a team to achieve certain mutual goals.

Your problems become a collective problem that you usually solve together and you always support each other no matter.

Your vocabulary also changes significantly; you catch yourself using words like us, we and ours often.

2. You can’t live without each other

Your relationship is getting serious when you tend to miss each other when you’re apart. He is all you think of when you’re not together.

There is no one else that you can imagine being with than him. He is starting to become the most important person in your life.

If he is the first person you think about when you wake up and the last person who wanders in your thoughts before you sleep at night, then there is no doubt that your casual relationship is getting serious.

This is when most couples consider moving in together so they can spend more time together.

3. You constantly think of ways to make each other happy

At the start of your relationship, you did everything to impress your partner and make him love you as deeply as you love him.

But when your relationship starts getting serious, your major priority is making your partner happy. Your own needs come second because when he is happy, you’re okay.

Seeing him smile and hearing his laughter is the end goal for you now.

You are worried when he seems sad or depressed and you try to get him back on his feet when he is down.

He is also concerned about your welfare and wants to make sure you’re always comfortable. That’s a huge sign of a casual relationship becoming serious.


4. You see yourselves growing old together

If you start seeing yourselves growing old together, that’s a sure sign that you’ve found the one and your relationship is getting pretty serious.

Maybe you’ve had the discussion about loving each other until you grow old or maybe you frequently fantasize about older couples and wish you would end up like them.

Whatever the case, if you’re considering or wishing to grow old together, it means you’re ready to settle down and start a family of your own. And that’s really serious if you ask me!

5. You fantasize about having kids in the future

In addition to wishing you would grow old together, you may also start talking about what having kids would feel like.

Even though they may not be in the picture anytime soon, you still talk about the possibility and whether you want them or not.

Having kids is a great deal so if you and your partner are having a discussion about this, it’s a sure sign that your relationship is getting serious.

10 Obvious Signs Your Casual Relationship is Getting Serious

6. You look at money in a different way

Money is another serious aspect of every serious relationship; it can break or make your relationship in the long run.

Couples who remain happy after being married for several years usually manage their finances well together.

When you start having thoughts like buying a house together, saving for a trip, spending money on anything that you both can share and managing your finances as a couple, there is no doubt that your relationship is ready to move to the next step.

7. You spend almost every second together

When my relationship started getting really serious, I found myself spending most of my time with my partner because I enjoyed being with him and I didn’t want to stay apart for too long.

We missed each other terribly and we longed to spend our time together.

If your relationship starts getting serious, you’ll suddenly find yourselves craving some “couple time” without distraction.

You may even cancel dates with your friends and other people because you would rather spend time with your partner.

You’re never too busy to spend time together; you create time out of your crazy schedule to enjoy each other’s company because it’s really important.

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8. You are tired of being single and want to get married legally

In most cultures, marriage is seen as the legal union of a man and woman. As long as you’re not yet wedded, you won’t really be seen as a couple even if you have kids together.

When your casual relationship starts getting serious, you think it’s important to tie the knot in front of your loved ones and officially start a life together.

You start feeling tired of being single and start thinking about getting married to the love of your life.

9. You think it’s important for your families to get along

If you’re seriously considering getting married, it may also be important for your family and your partner’s family to get along.

The moment you get married, your families will have to be one and it’s essential for them to be on the same page.

It’s pretty normal to want a united family before you finally tie the knot when you’ve found a great guy.

Any enmity between your families will create a bad atmosphere for you, your partner and your future kids. If this is bothering you, it shows your relationship is getting serious!

10. You start talking more about the future and your goals together

Communication is the foundation of every successful relationship. It’s essential to discuss everything with your partner including goals, successes, and failures.

When your relationship starts getting serious, you may not only talk about insignificant things but important things too.

Since you’re considering the possibility of getting married someday, talking about the future and your goals becomes a normal activity.

Having great conversations like this can make your relationship stable for a long time.


It’s really important to know where you stand in your relationship so you’re not the only committing deeply into it.

Every serious relationship will have at least 5 of the signs I mentioned above.

If you find out your casual relationship is not as serious as you want it to be, here’s how to make your boyfriend commit to a serious relationship.


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