9 Signs Your Partner Wants To Break Up With You

signs your partner wants to break up with you

Do you suspect that your partner wants to break up with you but they’ve not summoned the courage to do it yet?

There are often warning signs of a failing relationship that show up when things are not going smoothly in your love life.

However, sometimes things may be going well for you but your significant other thinks otherwise and wants to break up with you.

If you see the following signs in your relationship, it means your partner is thinking about leaving you.


You may innocently think that your romantic relationship is blissful meanwhile your partner is planning to end things between you.

If you notice a significant change in your partner’s behavior and you suspect they want to leave, here are 9 warning signs your partner wants to break up with you.

#1 They stop contacting you frequently

One of the most common signs of disinterest in a relationship is a lack of communication.

When a partner is no longer interested in you, they’ll begin to reduce the number of times they contact you.

For example, if your partner normally calls you twice a day, they’ll decrease it to once a day when they’re contemplating breaking up with you.

This is because they need time away from you to be able to call off the relationship.

If your romantic partner used to call or text frequently and they suddenly stop contacting you as often as before, that’s a huge red flag.

Ask them what’s going on to be sure everything is okay in their personal life, so you don’t accuse them of attempting to leave you when they’re dealing with life issues.

If you confirm that there is no problem and they still won’t communicate with you regularly, it’s a sign they’re losing interest and want to break up with you.

signs your partner wants to break up with you

#2 They accuse you falsely

Sometimes when people want to end a relationship they look for a reason to do it instead of just leaving abruptly.

This is because they feel guilty for leaving a good partner who did nothing wrong to them.

To have a solid reason to leave and remove the feeling of guilt from their heart, they look for every opportunity to accuse you of lying, cheating, or being disrespectful.

If your significant other keeps accusing you falsely when you’re innocent, it could be a sign they’re looking for something to make you look guilty, so they won’t feel bad for leaving.

When they can prove that you’re a bad person, they won’t have to admit that they wanted to leave in the first place and would use your “wrongdoings” as the perfect cover for a breakup.

#3 They withdraw from you emotionally

Another sign your partner wants to end the relationship is that they’ll disconnect from you emotionally.

They do this by not contacting you regularly, spending more time with other people, making new friends, and diving deep into work to stay occupied.

You may not notice they’re withdrawing from you because you assume they’re extremely busy or dealing with a lot of issues at the moment.

So you leave them alone to sort things out not knowing that you’re giving them exactly what they want.

While it’s okay to need some space to be yourself, staying away from your romantic partner for an extended period of time is not a good idea.

Healthy couples often lean on one another during hard times instead of drifting apart or moving toward other people.

If your significant other is spending most of their time alone or with friends and family, it’s a sign they want to detach from you emotionally.

They’re keeping you at arm’s length because it would be easier to leave when they have no feelings for you.

#4 They come up with excuses to not hang out with you

Does your partner tend to come up with timely excuses to avoid hanging out with you?

For example, if you have an important upcoming social event that they should attend with you, they’ll find the perfect excuse to be absent during the occasion.

Or maybe you buy two tickets to one of your favorite concerts and you think they’ll be excited to go but they turn you down with another well-thought-out excuse.

Someone who is falling out of love with you will be disinterested in spending quality time with you on a regular basis.

And they’ll always avoid attending social gatherings with you or going out on romantic dates as a couple.

If you notice your partner is deliberately missing out on special occasions, it’s a sign they’re planning to break up with you.

signs your partner wants to break up with you

#5 They claim to be busy all of a sudden

A common sign a partner wants to end a relationship is that they’ll claim to be busy all the time.

Whenever you complain that they’re not calling, texting, or hanging out with you often, they’ll say they’re busy with stuff.

The truth is nobody is too busy for the people they love.

When you mean a lot to someone, they’ll miss you when you’re apart and make out time to be with you on a consistent basis.

If your significant other claims to be busy with work or other engagements most of the time, it means they no longer see you as a priority in their life and are contemplating leaving the relationship.

#6 They start a fight over little things

Another major sign your partner wants to break up with you is that they’ll start fights over irrelevant things.

For instance, if you forget to load the dishwasher or take out the trash, they’ll turn it into a big fight instead of being empathetic towards you.

Everyone makes mistakes and we are not perfect in any way.

So it’s necessary that romantic couples learn to be patient, understanding, and accommodating in their relationship.

Of course, it’s okay to argue as a couple but when you’ve reached a certain level of compatibility with your partner, you shouldn’t fight over every little thing anymore.

If you notice that your significant other is grumpy, hostile, or critical towards you, it’s a sign they want to break up with you but haven’t found the right opportunity yet.

#7 You notice a significant change in their behavior

Is your partner acting weird or different toward you all of a sudden?

Maybe they used to be happy and romantic, but they’ve become cold and distant overnight.

Or they previously spent their leisure time at home but now prefer to work late or hang out in bars at night.

A big sign someone wants to end an intimate relationship is that they’ll change their behavior and start acting differently toward their partner.

This new attitude could be a result of them falling out of love with you or connecting emotionally with another person.

If you realize that your partner is no longer the person you used to know, it could mean that they’re turning away from you and attaching to a new lover.

Or they’re just not interested in building a long-term relationship with you anymore.

To avoid jumping to conclusions, try to find out if they’re struggling with mental health issues that could be affecting their personality and love life.

signs your partner wants to break up with you

#8 Your partner tells you they want a break

Has your partner mentioned that they need a break from the relationship?

That’s a sure sign they’re confused about their feelings for you and don’t know where their love life is headed.

A romantic partner who is sure of their feelings and the future of your relationship will not ask for some time off to figure things out.

Instead, they’ll talk to you about the issues they’re facing and be willing to work with you to put your relationship on the right track.

So if your significant other tells you they want a break, it means they want to end the relationship but don’t have the courage to cut off from you at the moment.

And they’re afraid that they may be making a huge mistake by leaving so they want to leave the door open just in case they don’t find someone better.

#9 Your instincts tell you something is wrong

Our instincts are the inner compass that guides us in life and most of the time, they are usually right.

Sadly, a lot of people choose to ignore their gut feeling when things aren’t going well because they don’t want to face the truth or deal with their emotions at the moment.

Do you suspect that your partner wants to end the relationship? That could be your subconscious mind warning you ahead of time.

You would be wise to listen to it and confront your significant other about their recent suspicious behavior.

Of course, they may deny anything of the sort, but at least you will be alert to recognize other red flags that may show up in your love life.


Now that you know when someone is planning to break up with you, this doesn’t mean you should end the relationship first.

These signs are only to warn and prepare you so you won’t be taken by surprise.

Sometimes, a partner may think about leaving the relationship but change their mind after much reflection.

It’s important that you don’t make the first move even though you see some signs your partner wants to leave you.

It’s also possible that you may not see it coming when your significant other breaks up with you because some people are good at pretending in a relationship.

But if you notice any of these warning signs, be forewarned and get prepared to move on if things fall apart.


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