10 Things Mature Men Never Do In A Relationship

things mature men never do in a relationship

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Emotional maturity plays a significant role in the success of a romantic relationship.

When one partner is immature, it can create unnecessary tension and conflict.

In a healthy relationship, it’s important for both partners to avoid behaviors that could damage the foundation of trust and intimacy they’re building.

Some unhealthy behaviors couples shouldn’t engage in include mind games, lack of communication, keeping secrets, and passive aggression.

We’ve already written a blog post about things mature women never do in relationships and we’ll talk about some immature things men need to stop doing too.

Emotionally mature men treat their partners with love, respect, honesty, and kindness.

If you’re a man who engages in silly mind games or selfish behavior, you need to consider adjusting your attitude.

Your partner deserves the best version of you, so make the commitment to avoid these unhealthy things in your relationship.


Are you guilty of engaging in some immature behaviors from time to time?

You may lose your partner if you continue to act childish and refuse to grow up. 

It’s time to step up your game and become the kind of person your partner would enjoy being with.

Here’s a list of things mature men never do in a relationship:

1. Mature men don’t play games or test their partners

Mature men know that playing games or testing their partner is a waste of time and energy. They value honest, direct communication in a relationship.

Emotionally mature men say what they mean and mean what they say. No mind games, manipulation, or hidden agendas.

They speak their truth with compassion. They don’t make their partners jealous on purpose or as some kind of “test”.

They know that kind of behavior is disrespectful and destroys the foundation of trust and security in a relationship.

Mature men don’t play hard to get or make their partners guess what they’re thinking or feeling.

They openly share their thoughts, desires, and emotions to encourage transparency and build intimacy.

If you always test your partner by flirting with others or threatening to end the relationship during arguments, that’s a sign of immaturity.

Work on building trust and learn to resolve conflicts constructively.

An emotionally mature man communicates with honesty, trusts his partner completely, and strives to resolve issues healthily.

things mature men never do in a relationship

2. They are never violent or aggressive

Mature men know that violence and aggression have no place in a healthy relationship. They remain calm and composed even when upset or angry.

Losing your temper and lashing out physically hurts your partner and severely damages your connection.

Emotionally mature men find constructive ways to resolve conflicts through open communication and empathy.

Rather than make threats or break things, mature men take a timeout to process their feelings before continuing a discussion.

They give their partner space if needed and allow tensions to diffuse so a resolution can be reached in a respectful manner.

Relationships require work, but they should never involve fear or pain.

Mature men build their partners up with kindness and positive affirmations instead of tearing them down with insults or abuse.

They understand that real strength is shown through patience, compassion, and self-control.

If you find yourself acting violently towards your partner, seek professional help for anger management immediately.

A healthy relationship is a safe space where both partners feel heard, supported, and secure.

Instead of behaving hostile and making your woman afraid of you, try to be more loving and affectionate towards her.

Choose to become the kind of man your partner deserves – a mature man who brings out the best in her and loves her unconditionally.

3. They never disrespect or belittle their partner

Mature men respect their partners and treat them as equals.

They know that putting someone down or making them feel small is not okay.

Emotionally mature often men build their partner up with compliments and praise.

They express appreciation for the big things, like achievements at work, as well as small acts of kindness.

Making their partner feel loved and supported is a top priority for them.

Mature men use constructive criticism and communicate with compassion.

If there’s an issue to address, they do so with care, empathy, and understanding.

They never resort to name-calling, hurtful insults, and personal attacks.

Mature men value their partner’s opinions, make decisions together, and compromise when needed.

They know that using force or overriding their partner’s wishes is disrespectful behavior that damages trust in the relationship.

Mature men also take responsibility for their mistakes and apologize sincerely.

They don’t make excuses or blame their partner when things go wrong.

Do you often admit your fault and say sorry?

Valuing someone means appreciating them for who they are, building them up, communicating with care, compromising when needed, and taking ownership of mistakes.

Make sure you treat your partner as an equal and with the utmost respect. This is one of the best ways to build a healthy, long-term relationship.

4. Mature men don’t cheat on their partner

One of the biggest things responsible men don’t do is to be unfaithful to their partner.

Mature men know that cheating is never the answer. Once they’ve committed to someone, they stay committed!

Rather than cheating, mature men address any underlying issues in the relationship.

Maybe the chemistry has faded, or the stresses of life have strained the connection. Whatever it is, talk about it!

Compromise and work as a team to solve problems together. With effort and understanding, you can reignite the spark.

Staying faithful is a matter of integrity and honor. Your partner deserves your loyalty, and you deserve theirs in return.

Don’t give in to temptation or make excuses to rationalize bad behavior. If you’re unhappy in your relationship, communicate openly and honestly.

Talking about your issues can help you rediscover why you fell in love in the first place!

In the end, cheating only creates pain, damages trust, and complicates relationships.

Emotionally mature men recognize that the rewards of a strong, committed relationship far outweigh any short-term excitement.

They nurture the bond they share with their partner and hold it sacred above all else.

things mature men never do in a relationship

5. They don’t lie or keep secrets

Mature men value honesty and transparency in a relationship. They don’t feel the need to lie or keep secrets from their partners.

Lying and hiding things from your partner is a major red flag.

Mature men know that trust and communication are the foundation of a healthy relationship.

They always try to be open and honest in their interactions. Rather than making up excuses or stories, mature men tell the truth.

They know that eventually, the truth will come out, and it’s better for the relationship to be transparent from the start.

Keeping secrets and hiding parts of your life from your partner is unhealthy.

Mature men want their partners to know who they really are and accept them fully.

They share details about their struggles, past experiences, and future goals.

Lying and secrecy create distance, while honesty and transparency bring you closer together.

Mature men understand this and make truth and communication a priority in their relationships.

Make the effort to always communicate sincerely in your relationship.

This will strengthen your connection, increase trust, and make your partner feel heard and understood.

6. They don’t neglect their partner’s emotional needs

Mature men know that a relationship is a two-way street.

They understand their partner has emotional needs that require attention, and neglecting them is a recipe for disaster.

If you want your relationship to thrive, make sure to check in regularly on your partner’s emotional well-being.

Ask thoughtful questions to start a meaningful conversation, like “How are you feeling today?” or “What’s on your mind?”

Listen without judgment and offer support in any way you can. Here are other ways to make your woman feel loved:

• Give compliments and affection freely: Say “I love you” often, hold hands, give hugs, and engage in small acts of physical intimacy to strengthen your bond.

• Make quality time a priority: Have weekly date nights, try new activities together, reminisce about happy memories, or simply talk about your dreams. Focusing on each other without distractions can rekindle your spark.

• Express gratitude for your partner to make her feel valued: Say “thank you” for the big things and small acts of kindness. When you appreciate your partner openly, her love for you will increase.

A mature man knows that maintaining a loving relationship requires work.

But by constantly meeting your partner’s emotional needs, you’ll build a solid foundation that will last for years to come.

things mature men never do in a relationship

7. Mature men never try to control or manipulate their partner

Mature men in healthy relationships know that controlling or manipulating their partner is a big no-no. They value independence, trust, and mutual respect.

Manipulation is the opposite of real intimacy. Rather than scheming to get what they want, mature men communicate openly.

They recognize that any attempt to exert control over their partner will severely damage the relationship.

Emotionally mature men give their partners space to be themselves. They don’t make demands or issue ultimatums.

They don’t snoop through personal belongings or check up on their partner constantly.

They build their partner up rather than tearing them down. They offer encouragement and support during tough times.

In a nutshell, mature men recognize that the healthiest relationships are based on mutual trust and respect, not control or manipulation.

They value their partner’s independence, happiness, and well-being.

If you’re in a committed relationship, try to support your partner, give her the freedom to pursue her passions, and don’t stifle her growth.

Your supportive and uplifting behavior will help your relationship thrive.

8. They don’t avoid taking responsibility for their actions

Mature men know that blaming others and making excuses are for boys, not real men.

When you mess up in a relationship, own it. Take responsibility for your actions and how they impact your partner.

Apologize sincerely without playing the blame game. Say “I’m sorry for what I did. It was wrong and it won’t happen again.” Then actually follow through by changing your behavior.

Admitting fault and being willing to sincerely apologize is a sign of emotional maturity and strength.

It allows you both to move past issues, rebuild trust, and strengthen your connection.

Your partner will appreciate your honesty and willingness to accept consequences.

No one is perfect, so being able to say “I was wrong” and ask for forgiveness is priceless.

Use “I” statements when you apologize and speak from the heart. Let your partner know you understand why your actions were hurtful or disrespectful.

A meaningful apology and taking full responsibility for your mistakes shows you value them and your relationship.

Mature, emotionally intelligent men step up and do the right thing. They don’t make excuses or pass the blame.

When you mess up, simply say “I’m sorry” and commit to doing better next time. Your relationship will be better for it!

things mature men never do in a relationship

9. They don’t depend on their partner for financial support

One of the most noteworthy things mature men never do is to extort a woman for money.

A mature man knows that a healthy relationship involves give and take. He doesn’t expect or rely on his partner to support him financially.

He is able to fully support himself financially without depending on anyone else.

This means he can build a life with a partner because he wants to, not because he needs to for financial reasons.

A responsible man contributes equally to the relationship. He pays for dates and activities together. He splits living expenses evenly if cohabiting.

He doesn’t see his partner’s income or assets as a means to support his own lifestyle.

A mature man has a steady income and manages his finances responsibly.

He saves money regularly, pays off debt, and works to build wealth over time through investing and careful planning. He is in full control of his financial situation.

He chooses to get into a serious relationship with a woman because he genuinely wants to, not due to insecurity or lack of options.

An emotionally mature man also respects his partner’s career and financial independence.

He doesn’t make demands or place unreasonable financial expectations on his partner. He understands that she has her own financial responsibilities, goals, and priorities.

Rather than being threatened, a mature man is supportive of his partner’s financial success and independence.

He gives her space to pursue her own career and financial well-being. Together, they build a secure future for themselves.

10. They don’t prioritize their friendships over their relationship

Mature men know that while friendships are important, the relationship with their partner should be a top priority. 

Even when life gets busy, they carve out time to connect with their significant other.

Maybe it’s a weekly date night, morning coffee together, or just putting the phones away for an evening at home.

Mature men understand that loving relationships require effort and intimacy is built through shared experiences.

Don’t abandon your significant other to hang out with your buddies every day.

Prioritize your relationship and always make time to be with your partner.


A healthy love life is all about balance, which means sometimes putting your own needs and wants aside for the good of the relationship.

Mature men are willing to compromise when needed and make sacrifices to ensure their partner’s happiness and the overall health of the relationship.

Now that you know the unhealthy behaviors to avoid, start working towards building a mutually fulfilling love life with your significant other.

Make an effort to communicate honestly, listen attentively, and encourage your partner to do what makes her happy.


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