7 Things Men Find Attractive In A Woman

things men find attractive in a woman

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Do you know the things men find attractive in a woman?

Most people think men are only attracted to a woman’s body or her beauty, but there are so many other personality traits men value in a woman.

If you’re a woman who’s looking for lasting love, you need to have something valuable to offer your man other than good looks or physical intimacy.

Sure, it’s important to look good but don’t obsess about your appearance when you’re trying to attract the right man.

Applying heavy makeup, dressing to kill, and getting a man to sleep with you will not keep him interested for a long time, especially if he’s looking for something more substantial.

Most men lose interest in women who are too shallow or superficial in relationships, so it’s crucial that you have the right characteristics men want in a life partner.

In this article, we look at some of the things men find attractive in a woman so you can stay informed on your dating journey.

things men find attractive in a woman


If you’re clueless about what men want in a romantic relationship, here are the top personality traits real men look for in a woman:

#1 A cheerful and positive attitude

Do you know that being positive is an attractive trait?

Men love to be around happy, positive, and fun-loving women who know how to keep things exciting in a relationship.

Of course, you don’t need to play all the time or pretend to be happy just to please a man, but it’s necessary to cultivate a positive mindset.

Life is already stressful and close relationships need to provide a certain level of peace and comfort to both partners.

If you’re always grumpy or sad, no one will want to spend much time with you because that kind of energy can be depressing.

So it’s wise to stay positive and engage in meaningful activities that make you happy when you’re in a relationship.

A positive woman will be able to offer her man more emotional support when things get difficult and this will make him stay for the long haul.

#2 Her feminine side

One of the most irresistible traits that attract a man to a woman is her femininity; that ladylike attitude that’s gentle and nurturing.

There’s something alluring about womanhood that’s hard to put into words.

And it’s the reason why good mothers usually have a positive effect on their children whenever they’re upset.

Men also look for this comforting presence that a woman effortlessly creates just by being herself.

This doesn’t mean you should be timid, complacent, or lowly to make a man feel comfortable around you.

But it’s important to let your gentle and nurturing side shine more when you’re in a committed relationship.

Try to manage your temper and don’t be too aggressive toward a man if you want to build a long-term relationship with him.

Let him be the man in your life instead of trying to dominate him or compete with him for power.

things men find attractive in a woman

#3 A healthy self-esteem

Another personality trait men look out for in a woman is self-confidence.

The way you carry yourself matters when it comes to romantic relationships.

A man needs to know that you value yourself and won’t allow anyone to intimidate you or make you feel insecure.

So keep your head high, always speak your mind, and set some standards.

Don’t let a man control you, push you around, or play with your feelings because you’re desperately trying to win his love.

Know what you want and be bold enough to refuse what isn’t good for you.

When you behave confidently in a relationship, a man will respect you and want to stay by your side because you have the qualities he’s looking for in a life partner.

Any man who leaves you because you have boundaries in your relationship is not the right one for you.

A real man knows the importance of having a healthy self-esteem and he’ll cherish you for being confident.

#4 Emotional maturity

To maintain a healthy relationship with a man, you need to be emotionally stable and know how to regulate your emotions well.

This means maturely expressing your feelings and treating your partner with respect no matter how upset you are.

Many women make the mistake of letting their insecurities push them to act immaturely and this can lead to a failed relationship.

The most important thing men value in a woman is emotional maturity.

An emotionally stable woman knows how to control herself and doesn’t react to every little thing that goes wrong.

She also trusts her man and doesn’t question his intentions all the time or suspect his every move.

This doesn’t mean you should turn a blind eye to everything and accept bad behavior from a man.

But, it’s a good idea to stay calm and gather your facts before you accuse your partner of wrongdoing.

If you often behave childishly or let your emotions control you, learn to stabilize your feelings before reacting or taking action in your relationship.

This is the most valuable trait you need to cultivate as a woman!

things men find attractive in a woman

#5 A well-groomed appearance

Another good trait men find attractive in a woman is a neat and tidy appearance.

You can turn heads just by wearing the right clothes that complement your personality.

You don’t need to follow every fashion trend or shop at the most expensive boutiques for a man to fall in love with you.

If you dress well and look comfortable in your outfit, you can catch a man’s attention anywhere you go.

In addition to other personality traits like self-confidence and independence, it’s also important to put some effort into the way you look.

Men tend to be more visual than women so don’t neglect your physical appearance or personal hygiene when you go out in public.

Try to change your hairstyle regularly, use a moisturizing body lotion on your skin, wear bright-colored clothes, and apply some makeup on your face to enhance your glow.

When you look good and smell nice, a man will definitely notice your presence if you walk into a room.

#6 A good sense of humor

Knowing how to make a man laugh and laughing at his jokes is an attractive trait most men look for in a life partner.

It’s so essential for a man to be around someone who puts a smile on his face and can play with him when it’s necessary.

Research shows that laughter is a great way for couples to bond with each other and build long-lasting relationships together.

When you laugh with someone, your brain releases feel-good hormones that make you addicted to them over time.

This feeling is similar to when you eat chocolate, make love, or get high on a chemical substance.

If you’re always too serious or uptight in a romantic relationship, a man will get turned off by your attitude.

As a woman, you should know when to get into boss mode and when to have fun with your man.

Real men don’t need drama and chaos in their lives; they get that already at work and on the streets.

When they come around you, they’re looking to unwind, have fun, and bond with you.

So if you can keep a man happy with your great sense of humor, he’ll stick around just to have more fun times with you.

things men find attractive in a woman

#7 Independence

Being independent in a relationship is another trait men find attractive in a woman.

When a woman is capable of taking care of herself without relying on anyone, it shows how strong and dependable she is.

Most men don’t want to date needy and attention-seeking women who dish out a lot of demands.

They prefer it if you can earn your own income, make some decisions by yourself, and have a few hobbies to stay busy during your leisure, so you don’t cling to them all the time.

There are also a group of men who just want a housewife to cook, clean, and take care of the family. This is fine if it works for both of you.

But nowadays, many men see the need for a strong, independent woman in their lives and would love it if you’re self-sufficient in a relationship.

So it’s essential as a woman to stand on your own feet and seek support or assistance from your man whenever necessary.

Just don’t be needy, insecure, or clingy. And remember not to treat your man disrespectfully or take him for granted because you think you don’t need him.


There are many attributes men look for in a life partner.

I’ve mentioned the topmost characteristics that you should never overlook if you want to attract the right man into your life.

You don’t need to be perfect or pretend to be someone you’re not just to find a man, but it’s important that you love yourself, embrace your femininity, and be confident in your own skin.

When you give off that confident, independent, and positive vibe, a man will want to keep you by his side because you have what he’s looking for in a woman.

Any man who feels threatened by your independence or high self-worth is clearly not the right partner for you.

So set some standards, have good boundaries, and allow your personality to shine everywhere you go. That’s the best way to attract your perfect match!


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