15 Nice Things Men Want To Hear From You

15 lovely men want to hear from you

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Do you often tell your man some nice things men want to hear from you? Even if you do, I’m sure you don’t do it often. You’re not alone though.

A lot of women believe men are not emotional so they don’t need to hear you say some really cute things. But that’s a totally wrong mindset!

Men like compliments too. It’s okay to tell him some nice things regularly.

Apart from greatly boosting his confidence, it’s going to improve your love life.

Little issues that normally arise in your relationship will dramatically disappear because you’re telling your man what he really wants to hear from his woman.

So, if you’ve not been showering compliments on your man, add that to your relationship to-do list.

Are you ready to know what every man is dying to hear from you? You’ll be surprised at how simple they are!

To help you get started, here are 15 nice things men want to hear from you often… It wouldn’t hurt to use them sometimes.

If you’re shy to say them out loud, you can totally use them as sweet text messages or writeups on a cute romantic card to brighten his day and make him smile.


Things Men Want To Hear From You

1. You look great

One of the common things men want to hear from you is how good they look because it increases their self-confidence.

Men care a lot about their appearance and that’s why they take the time to dress well.

Even when they can’t afford designer clothes, they clean up real nice and appear as if they are wearing expensive clothes.

They may spend some time every weekend ironing their clothes and polishing their shoes just to look good whenever they step out the door.

This shows that they really do care about the way they look and how others see them.

If your man puts extra effort into his appearance, don’t forget to tell him he looks great when he leaves for work or steps out to attend an event.

It would put a smile on his face and an extra bounce in his step when he knows his woman appreciates his appearance.


2. You’re so smart

If you don’t know this already, I’m going to tell you this straight up that men want to always be seen as smart heads.

That’s why they try to argue a point endlessly just to be proved that they are truly smart.

If your man reads the Daily News or any informative article regularly, it’s because he wants to be on top of his game.

It won’t look good if he’s in a gathering with other gentlemen and he can’t join the conversation; he’ll look dumb and he doesn’t want that.

If your man achieves a milestone in his life no matter how small, remember to tell him how smart he is.

When he’s right in any argument, just admit that he’s right even though it would hurt your ego.

It will increase his confidence and make him do more in the relationship. Add this particular compliment to your list of things men want to hear from you.

15 nice things men want to hear from you


3. We’re in this together

Nothing is sweeter than hearing these words of solidarity and undying loyalty.

Every human being on earth wants to know that they have at least one person who can be there for them even in their darkest hour.

Your man is not different; he wants the same thing. Among the things men want to hear from you, long-term commitment is at the top.

When a man commits to a serious relationship, he wants to know that you won’t run away when things get tough emotionally or financially.

He needs constant reassurance that you’re always going to be there for him.

If you’ve got a good man who goes out of his way to put a smile on your face and make your life easier, constantly remind him that you’ve got his back no matter what happens.

He’ll be pleased to hear these romantic words from the woman he loves.

4. You are my soulmate

When a man genuinely falls in love with you, he wants to possess your body and soul.

He wants to be your last and that means not sharing any part of you with any other man.

Men are very serious about this because of their possessive nature. They hate to share something they love.

If you tell him he’s your soulmate, it’s going to make him reassured of your undying love for him.

It’s also going to prove that you can’t love any other man the way you love him.

If you have a man you love dearly, let him know that even in another lifetime, you’ll still choose him.

5. Thank you for being there

Among the five magic words, you’ll find “Thank You” because it has a way of filling our hearts with positive vibes.

No matter what we do whether big or small, we always feel happy and appreciated when someone tells us “Thank You”. It’s such a small word but it’s so powerful.

if you’ve not been using this magical word often, I advise you to make it a part of your vocabulary.

Tell your man “Thank you for being there” even when he doesn’t deserve it.

If he’s been good to you and supportive of your dreams, just tell him thanks for his effort.

Good men are rare to find; if you’ve found one that is a little bit okay but not perfect, learn to appreciate him from time to time.

Telling him such sweet romantic things men want to hear from you will make him become super addicted to you.

15 nice things men want to hear from you

6. You mean the world to me

What does your man mean to you? I’m sure he means a lot to you but have you ever told him that?

He needs to know that he’s your world and that without him, your life would crumble.

A man who loves you deeply will take these words seriously because he loves you that much too.

If your life would be empty and miserable without him, remind him often what he means to you. It would be nice for him to know that you really care about him.


7. You are so good in bed

Intimacy is one of the greatest bonds a couple can have and that’s why couples who don’t get this part right will often break up.

We all want to become best lovers and great partners but most times, our partners are not encouraging us and acknowledging our efforts.

Even if your man is not so great in bed but he tries to make sure you’re satisfied and happy, tell him he’s really good in bed.

He may not believe it at first but when you keep saying it, he’ll want to live up to that compliment by increasing his skills in the bedroom.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should lie if he’s terrible in the bedroom and you’re unsatisfied. If he’s doing a good job, complement him.

And if he’s not meeting up to your expectations and satisfying hour needs in bed, find a way to tell him politely and be willing to coach him through it.

8. I was just thinking of you

In your busy schedule, take out time to tell your partner you were thinking of him.

You can tell him this by calling directly, sending him a cute text message, delivering a card to his office or leaving a lovely note in one of his pockets for him to find.

When he gets your message out of the blue, it will literally warm his heart to know that his woman was just thinking of him.

Anytime you think about your man, let him know about it; he’ll be thrilled to know that someone special is thinking of him.

15 nice things men want to hear from you


9. I miss you

This is another powerful word at the top of the list of things men want to hear from you especially when they are not present with their loved ones.

Don’t forget to tell your man you miss him when he’s away for a few hours or out of the country on a business trip.

You never know what he’s going through and a lovely word like this may be all he needs to keep going.

Let him know that you miss everything about him even his annoying remarks. It will strengthen your relationship when you’re miles apart.

To make it even more romantic, drop a passionate love note in his pocket or travel bag before he leaves so he can find it when he arrives at his destination.

A romantic gesture like that will make him miss you badly and keep you in his mind until he returns.

Say those romantic things men like to hear can greatly improve your relationship with a man.

10. I’m so lucky you’re mine

I particularly tell this to my husband every time because I feel so lucky that we are together. My life would be a total mess without him.

We’ve been a great complement to each other. We are better versions of ourselves because we’re together.

I’m really grateful that I have him in my life and if I were to choose another partner, I’ll still choose him.

If you often wake up wondering how you ended up with a wonderful partner and you feel really lucky to know he’s yours indefinitely, tell him how you feel.

He’ll be happy to know he is loved and adored. It will warm his heart to know that someone loves him completely.

These are one of the things guys like to hear often because it gives them security in a relationship.

15 Things Your Man Wants to Hear You Say

11. I’m really proud of you

Men love being acknowledged and appreciated when they achieve things in their life or career.

If your man has been working tirelessly on a passionate project, tell him you’re proud of him even if the work is still uncompleted.

It will give him joy to know that someone appreciates his hard work and creativity.

Even if he’s not presently working on any project, you can still tell him you’re proud of the man he’s become.

It will make him strive to do more so he can receive more praise from you.


12. You make me so happy

Every man who loves his woman strives to make her happy in his own little way.

If your partner makes you happy in any way, let him know about it. He’ll do more to keep you happy if you appreciate his efforts.

Don’t complain all the time about how he’s not meeting all your demands; appreciate him for the little things he does to make you smile.

When you’re grateful for the little things, better things will come to you. That’s the law of attraction!

13. I love you to the moon and back

Okay, you must not say it in that exact order but you know what I mean.

I don’t really need to include this here but to make the list complete, I’m going to mention it.

Love is one of the greatest gifts anyone could ever have. We all want to be loved and adored by someone.

If you love your man, remind him of how much you love him. He’ll be delighted to hear you say those little magic words.

Make him feel loved by telling him you love him every day. “I love you” is at the top of the list of nice things men want to hear from you.

15 nice things men want to hear from you

14. I really appreciate you

Appreciative words are also among the things men like to hear from a woman but not every woman remembers to appreciate her man.

How many times do you appreciate your man for all that he does for you?

Sometimes, when he goes out of his way to do something for you, do you remember to appreciate him or you feel you’re entitled to them?

Most men out there are not good to their women; they hit them, abuse them and treat them badly.

So if you’ve got a man with a big heart, appreciate him for all that he does for you.

Shower him with some cute compliments guys like to hear every day. He totally deserves it!

15. I believe in you

It feels so good to know that we have a buddy or sidekick who absolutely believes in us no matter what we do.

When people undertake some risky tasks, they do it because they have someone who totally believes in them and they do their best just to make that person proud.

Your man wants to know that you believe in him and that he’s capable of doing whatever he sets his mind on but he also needs your approval.

You can give him that by telling him you believe in him even when he makes mistakes. Be his personal cheerleader and he’ll love you for it.

Things Men Like To Hear From Women

I’ve given you a comprehensive list of nice things men want to hear from you. If you made it to the end of this long list, I’m really proud of you.

Few people make real efforts to build a healthy and happy relationship.

You’ve taken the first step, now take the next step by implementing all these nice words into your man’s life.

You’ll notice your relationship changing for the better when you start using them.

Do you regularly tell your man some nice things men want to hear from you?

If you don’t, it’s not too late to start especially now that you know that men like compliments from a woman.


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