12 Things She Wants To Hear You Say But Won’t Tell You

11 cute things she wants to hear you say

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Women love being encouraged and reassured in a relationship.

When you say nice things to a woman on a regular basis, it makes her feel loved and appreciated.

As a guy, do you often tell your woman cute things she wants to hear from you?

If you’ve not been very vocal with your girlfriend or wife, you need to start putting more effort into using romantic words in your relationship.

This may not be easy for you because men are not naturally good at expressing their feelings openly, but it’s necessary that you try to shower your woman with nice compliments often.

The biggest concern most men have when it comes to meeting and attracting a woman is not knowing what to say in those awkward first moments when you introduce yourself.

In romantic relationships, being attractive strongly depends on saying the right thing at the right time.

However, the reality is that it actually doesn’t matter at all what you say when you talk to women, what matters is how what you say makes her feel.

Women are emotional by nature and if you are giving off a creepy, aggressive, or desperate vibe you’re going to turn her off. If you make her feel confused or insecure she’ll run away.

On the flip side, if you make her feel happy and desired, she’ll turn into soft jelly waiting to melt in your hands.

Since the beginning of the written language, words have been the one thing that always trigger a woman’s love hormones.

If you want to attract a woman and keep her in your life, it’s important to use some powerful and emotional words that can significantly increase your success of winning her heart.

The truth is women love words. How often do you tell your woman the things she wants to hear you say?

All women love affection; we crave it but most times we won’t tell you because of pride or we just want you to figure it out yourself.

We may throw tantrums and act like total drama queens all the time but the most important thing is that we want to hear you say some really nice things to us, especially when we are moody.

The little thoughtful things you say to a woman can make her day, boost her confidence, bring you close together, and improve your relationship.

If you put more effort into your words, you can make a huge difference in your relationship.

In fact, knowing some of the right things to say to a woman can make your love life thrive.

If you’re confused about what to tell your woman, here are 12 things she will really love to hear from you but won’t tell you.


Looking for what to say to a woman to melt her heart? Tell her these romantic words to make her feel extra special:

1. You look gorgeous

Every woman loves knowing that her man finds her attractive.

When you tell her she looks gorgeous just before she steps out, she’ll appreciate the fact that you noticed her physical appearance.

By appreciating your woman often, you can boost her self-confidence and increase her love for you.

Use this compliment when she’s leaving for work in the morning, going out for a special occasion, or trying on new clothes.

If you notice your partner is wearing a new fragrance or makeup, tell her she smells amazing and looks gorgeous.

Women love it when their men notice little changes in their appearance. Don’t forget to compliment her whenever she looks pretty.

2. You’re beautiful

Women love to put in extra effort to look good, especially when they have a man around but sometimes, there is no time to freshen up or apply makeup.

Telling her she’s beautiful is very powerful if you say it when she first wakes up, or any time you catch her looking good without putting a lot of effort into her appearance.

It’s crucial to compliment your woman often because many women feel insecure or ashamed about their bodies.

Complimenting her means you see her inner beauty and appreciate her for who she is.

If she’s all messy from working in the kitchen and isn’t wearing any makeup, but you like the way she smiles at you, tell her how beautiful her smile is.

It’s not always about the way she looks. When we’re in love with someone, we see the beauty in what they do or how they do it.

If she’s doing something she loves, pause and appreciate the beauty in that and tell her how beautiful she looks.

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3. You’re so smart

Women like to be complimented on more than their looks.

They also love to know that their man finds them intelligent and smart. It shows you’re noticing more than just physical appearance.

For example, when your partner offers a helpful suggestion and you realize it will solve a problem you’ve been struggling with, tell her, “You’re so smart!”

Whether it’s a simple insight that made your job easier or an idea that saved you some money, show your gratitude for her opinion.

Sometimes you can tell her she’s smart when she says something that makes total sense. 

But don’t overdo it; she’ll see right through you when you start saying it just to impress her.

When you give your woman a compliment, you need to genuinely mean it or she won’t believe you!

11 Things She Wants to Hear You Say But Won’t Tell You

4. Do you know what I love about you?

People enjoy hearing what others like about them. Your partner will love hearing what you specifically love about her.

This phrase is fun because it gets you thinking about all the little things you adore about her, and then you can let her know.

Be specific—what exactly do you love about her?

Her sense of humor? Her smile? Her caring personality? The way she organizes the house? The way she listens intently?

Whatever you love about your woman, always remind her about it. These are the kind of mushy things she wants to hear you say often.


5. You’re right

Natural human instinct is to argue a point, even if we start to doubt it.

We’ll realize we’re wrong and continue to push our opinion anyway just to make sure we are right.

Other times, we realize the other person is right but we don’t acknowledge it because of our big ego.

In a relationship, it’s important to communicate and show the other person you value them.

When she’s right, let her know even if your ego doesn’t like the idea.

You can use this when she makes a suggestion about something you’re doing. It doesn’t have to be during an argument.

Just say, “Wow, you’re right. That’s a good idea.” And when you disagree but realize she’s right, go ahead and tell her then too!

It will stop an argument in its tracks. Usually, she’ll soften and try to see your perspective too.

Or it can end an argument and let you move on to more important things.

6. We’re in this together

It’s so nice to know someone has your back. Problems tend to disappear when two people work on them as a team.

Couples who share problems are usually happier than couples who solve issues individually.

If your woman is dealing with something, you can make the situation so much easier by telling her you’ll do your best to help her solve it.

She’ll know you’re committed to her and helping her grow as a person.

You can say this when she’s handling issues related to her family, friends, finances, health, or even her work.

11 nice things she wants to hear you say

7. You’re the only one for me

These are beautiful words that will warm any woman’s heart, especially if you mean them.

Say this to your woman when you want to melt her heart. It shows your adoration, love, and commitment to her.

This is one of those romantic words that’ll really bring you closer together and make her fall in love with you over again, even if you’ve been together for years.

When a woman knows you only have eyes for her, she’ll feel very special as if she’s the most beautiful woman on earth.

If you’re serious about your partner and want to stay committed to her, let her know she’s the only woman in your life.

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8. I’m proud of you

All humans love it when they achieve a goal or milestone in their life but they enjoy it more when they are acknowledged for their efforts.

This is something everyone needs to hear.

It means so much to know your partner is proud of you. Men need respect, but women also need to know that their partner is proud of them and happy that they’re together.

Tell your woman you’re proud of her when she does something amazing, gets a promotion in the office, or achieves an important goal.

9. What do you think?

Women love it when you ask for their opinion and show that you care about what they think.

It’s also nice that you want their advice, and even nicer when you take it.

You’ll score big points for including her in big decisions when you don’t need to, but want to.

Simply asking her, “Can I get your perspective on this? Or what do you think about this?” will make her feel incredibly important.

Things she wants to hear you say

10. I need you

One of the sweetest things she wants to hear you say is, “I need you, I want you, and I love you.”

These are the three most magical phrases that are capable of healing any broken relationship.

“I need you” is a way to let your woman know how much she means to you.

Your partner will like to hear that you love her, but sometimes it’s nice for her to know that you need her in your life and that she’s not wasting her time with you.

This phrase says she’s a part of you and you can’t do without her.

Most women dream of being irreplaceable in a man’s life and when you let her know she’s needed, she’ll literally melt into your arms.

11. I want to spend the rest of my life with you

Every woman knows how scary the idea of commitment is for a man.

So, when you admit that you want her in your future, it really shows that you’re ready to take that next step with her.

Only say this to your woman if you’re sure about your future together; don’t give her false hope just to get laid.

Women take commitment and marriage seriously, so make sure it’s what you really want for both of you.

If you’re already married, you can say “I’m so glad that I’m going to spend the rest of my life with you. ”

12. I’m so lucky to have you

Most women want to be deeply loved and cherished by their romantic partners.

When you say you’re lucky to have her, your woman will feel so happy to be in a relationship with you.

She’ll also feel more secure being with you because she knows you won’t leave her anytime soon.

Whenever you’re cuddling in bed together or your woman does something extraordinary for you, tell her how lucky you are to have her in your life.

Instead of making your woman feel as if you’re doing her a favor by dating or marrying her, remind her that she’s a rare gem and you’re proud to be her man.


These are some of the nice things wonen want to hear you say but won’t often tell you.

Knowing what to say and when to say it will put an extra sparkle in your woman’s eye.

Try some of these phrases in the following week, and watch what happens in your relationship.

If you’re looking for more powerful phrases to make your woman fall in love with you over and over again, download these 101 Romantic Love Notes and drop one in a place she can easily find it every day.

It’s also a good idea to come up with a list of cute things she wants to hear you say and tell her often, especially when she doesn’t expect it. It will greatly improve your relationship.


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