7 Things To Do When Your Man Is Ignoring You

things to do when your man is ignoring you

Is your man ignoring you all of a sudden? Maybe you’ve tried calling or texting him a few times, but he’s not responding.

You even see him online most of the time but he’s not replying to any of your chats.

It can be frustrating when someone you love ignores you for several days and refuses to interact with you.

You may keep wondering what you did wrong and how to fix things in your relationship. But don’t panic! There is an obvious reason why your man is ignoring you.

Some of the biggest reasons why men keep silent include being stressed with work or personal issues, needing space to be alone, and feeling disrespected in the relationship.

If your man is suddenly acting cold or emotionally distant towards you, here’s what you can do to get him back.


Experiencing a lack of communication or feeling ignored by your partner can be distressing.

However, it’s important to approach this situation with understanding and patience. Here are some things to do when your man is ignoring you:

1. Understand why he might be ignoring you

The first step to fixing the lack of communication in your relationship is to figure out why your man is withdrawing from you.

Once you know what’s going on with him, you’ll have an idea of how to fix your strained relationship.

Here are a few possible reasons why your man might be ignoring you:

He’s busy or stressed: We all get caught up in life’s demands. Maybe your man is swamped at work or dealing with family issues.

Give him some space and he’ll come around. Send an “I’m here for you” text to let him know you care.

He needs some alone time: Everyone needs time to themselves. If he’s an introvert, ignoring others could be how he recharges.

Do your own thing and reconnect in a few days. He’ll appreciate you giving him space to breathe.

There’s an underlying issue: If it’s unusual for your man to ignore you, talk to him to make sure everything’s okay. He may be having doubts about your relationship.

You can say “I’ve noticed you seem distant lately and want to make sure we’re good.” Let him know you’re willing to listen without judgment.

He’s pulling away from you: As scary as it seems, your man could be losing interest in you. But don’t confront him, that will only make him pull further away!

Instead, focus on yourself by pursuing your interests and giving him less attention. If it’s meant to be, he’ll come back to you!

things to do when your man is ignoring you

2. Give him some space and time

Another way to deal with a man who is ignoring you is to leave him alone for a while. Sometimes, people need space to process their thoughts and feelings.

If your partner is ignoring you, but you can’t pinpoint why, respect his need for space and let him know you’re there when he’s ready to talk.

In the meantime, take a step back and focus on yourself for a while. Spend time with your friends, pursue your hobbies, and work on personal goals.

Show him you’re independent and can have fun on your own. Even though you want to, don’t bombard him with texts or calls begging him to talk.

Send the occasional casual text to show you’re thinking of him, but keep things light and casual.

While giving him space, also allow him to reconnect if he wants to. For example, when he shares fun photos on social media, you can like or comment on them.

That way he knows you still love him and are open to hearing from him. If he does text or call, be warm and receptive. If he still ignores you, use the time apart for self-reflection

Space in a relationship is a chance for both people to gain perspective. Use it to evaluate what you want and need.

He may realize how much you mean to him after not having you around. Then when you do reconnect, you’ll have a clearer vision of how to strengthen your bond.

3. Reflect on your role in the situation

If your man is ignoring you, try to recall what you did to upset him. Is there a specific incident or argument that might have led to this lack of communication?

Sometimes we get so caught up in how the other person is acting toward us that we fail to look inward. Take a few minutes to reflect on your recent interactions with your partner.

Did you say or do something to upset him? Are you being too clingy or needy right now? Have you not been making enough time for each other?

Identifying any role you may have played can help you have a productive conversation.

Don’t beat yourself up over it, just acknowledge it and commit to doing better. Let your guy know you’ve thought it over and want to improve the relationship.

Tell him you value him and the time you spend together. Ask if there’s anything you can do differently.

Dwelling on the issue or Fighting about who is more at fault will only make things worse.

Apologize sincerely, forgive yourself and your man, then work on rebuilding your connection. You can plan a fun date night, try a new hobby, or watch movies together.

Spending quality time with your significant other will remind you why you’re together in the first place.

Every couple goes through ups and downs. The ones that last are those who are able to reflect, communicate, and make changes to overcome challenges.

If you’ve reached out to make things right but he’s still ignoring you, don’t beg for his attention or sit around waiting.

Go live your best life—when he sees you happy and confident, he’ll come around!

4. Communicate your feelings and needs

When your man is ignoring you, the first step to getting your relationship back on track is to speak your truth.

Don’t sit around wondering why he’s acting distant or what you did wrong. Let him know how his behavior makes you feel.

While it’s natural to feel upset, reacting out of frustration might escalate the situation, so take some time to calm down before you approach your partner.

Once you’re calm, communicate your feelings honestly. Tell him his distance is hurting you and the relationship. Let him know you care and are willing to listen.

If he’s still unresponsive, be honest but gentle. For example, you can say “Your distance is upsetting me and I’m worried about what’s going on between us. Can we please make time to talk?”

Don’t attack or accuse him of anything. Use “I” statements, like “I feel like you’ve been withdrawn and it’s making me feel alone in our relationship.”

Explain how his actions impacted you, then listen to his perspective with an open mind. Be willing to compromise too – you might both need to make changes to reconnect.

Give him space if he asks for it. As hard as it is, back off for a while. Stay busy with your own life and allow him to miss you!

When you do talk again, reiterate your needs and try to make plans to spend quality time together.

5. Stop doing things that upset him

The last thing you want when a man is ignoring you is to make the situation worse. Try to avoid arguing over little things that usually start fights.

Rather than nagging or clinging to him, show you respect his need for independence. If you call or text him all the time and he wants space, stop acting needy.

Sometimes men ignore a woman because they don’t like their behavior.

Take a look at your attitude and see if you’re treating your man right. If you’re not, try to make some necessary changes.

You don’t need to become a doormat, but you can be a better partner by doing things that make your man happy. Here are a few ideas to try:

Surprise him with his favorite treat

Give him a card to let him know you’re thinking of him

Compliment him and express your affection regularly

Take him out for lunch and pay for it

Make love to him often

If your man is ignoring you, you may be unknowingly upsetting him.

Reflect on the recent events that happened in your relationship and see if there’s anything you can do to improve your connection.

6. Speak his love language

Speaking your man’s love language is one of the best ways to get his attention when he’s ignoring you.

By focusing on the specific ways he expresses and receives love, he can feel more connected to you and decide to give your relationship a second chance.

Here’s how to use the 5 love languages to make your man open up to you:

Words of Affirmation

If your guy responds well to compliments and verbal affection, shower him with kind words. Send a heartfelt card or letter telling him how much you care.

Call him to say “I love you” and tell him what he means to you. Your loving phrases will remind him of your bond and the importance of your relationship.

Quality Time

For the man who appreciates quality time together, suggest an activity you both enjoy. Ask him out for coffee or a drink, just the two of you.

Plan a fun date night like cooking a meal at home or seeing a movie. Making time to reconnect and engage with each other is the perfect way to rekindle the passion when your man is acting distant.

Physical Touch

If physical intimacy is his primary love language, be affectionate and playful. Give him a hug, hold hands, or kiss when you see him.

Play with his hair while you’re talking or give him a quick back rub. Your loving touch can help to strengthen your emotional and physical connection.

Make eye contact, smile, and maintain a cheerful, positive tone to lift his mood and make him receptive to rebuilding your relationship.

Speaking in the love language your man understands best is the secret to getting his attention and bringing him back when he pulls away.

Focus on the specific ways he feels loved to open his eyes to what he’s missing.

With time and persistence, you can reignite your spark and get your relationship back on track.

things to do when your man is ignoring you

7. Decide if the relationship is worth saving

So your man has been ignoring you and you’re not sure what to do or if the relationship is even worth saving. It’s time to make a decision!

Before confronting him, take a step back and look at the relationship as a whole.

Do you still feel happy and fulfilled most days? Does he enrich your life? If the answer is yes, then the relationship is probably worth saving.

But if you’ve been feeling more sad or anxious than joyful, it may be time to walk away.

Another thing you can do is try to communicate with your man. If you want to save the relationship, tell him his distance has been hurtful.

Be honest but kind about how his actions make you feel and that you want to work through this together. Try starting a caring conversation with “I feel” statements.

For instance, you can say “I feel lonely when you don’t call or text for days.” Give him a chance to respond and listen with an open mind.

He might be going through something personal or dealing with stress that’s causing him to withdraw.

If talking it out doesn’t seem to be helping, don’t lose hope! Relationship counseling or therapy can be hugely beneficial.

Speaking to a professional counselor can help uncover the underlying issues, give you strategies to reconnect, and determine if the relationship can be repaired.

As a last resort, it may be best to take a break from each other to gain perspective.

Make it clear that you still care for him but the current situation is unhealthy for you.

Space and time apart may be just what you both need to determine whether the relationship is worth fighting for or if it’s better to move on.


Relationships are not easy and sometimes you may have to deal with a lack of communication.

Your partner may refuse to talk to you because they’re feeling stressed about something or need space to sort things out.

One of the best ways to get a man to talk when he’s withdrawing from you is to reflect on what you may have done wrong and apologize sincerely.

You can also communicate your feelings and let him know that his silence is hurtful.

If you do everything you can to get your man to open up and he’s still ignoring you, give him some space to get his act together.

You can also seek guidance from a relationship counselor or therapist if you can’t resolve the issue between you.


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