How To Make Him Miss You

how to make him miss you

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Do you feel as if your man doesn’t miss you enough? Are you wondering how to make him miss you more?

Maybe he’s behaving coldly towards you or he seems emotionally detached from you but you don’t know why.

Or you just want him to be closer to you and cherish you more instead of acting aloof toward you.

There are many reasons why a man won’t miss you when you’re in a relationship together.

The most important reason is that men value their individuality and freedom in a relationship; when you try to take these away from him, he’ll find a way of escape.

If you want a man to think of you and miss you deeply, practice letting go of the need for control.

Don’t try to hold him back from associating with other people or having fun.

One of the biggest secrets to making a man miss you is to not chase him or act needy for attention.

In fact, the moment you start giving him too much attention or asking him to stay at home with you all day, he’ll run away from you.

In this article, I share some great tips on how to make a man miss you without acting desperate.

how to make him miss you


Men often chase after confident and secure women who know how to behave maturely in a romantic relationship.

You’ll need to show him that you’re independent and emotionally stable to win his heart.

If your man is pulling away from you or taking you for granted, here’s how to make him miss you:

1. Give him space to have fun

Dating someone with a constant need for attention is exhausting.

When people act needy or clingy in a romantic relationship, it can overwhelm their partners and make them desperately seek freedom.

To make your man miss you more, allow him to be a separate individual from you, and don’t expect him to spend all his time with you.

Restricting your partner’s movement in a bid to keep him close can backfire later. A relationship is more fun when both partners are interdependent.

This means they regularly work together as a team but can function well without each other. So learn to give your man some space to enjoy his leisure time alone.

If he wants to hang out with his friends, work out at the gym, or play video games from time to time, don’t try to stop him from doing what he likes.

When you set your man free and give him some space in the relationship, he’ll miss you more.

how to make him miss you

2. Keep yourself busy with your favorite hobbies

A surefire way to make your man miss you in a relationship is to find meaningful things to fill up your day so you don’t get bored and need his attention all the time.

Start a side hustle or engage in your favorite hobbies regularly to keep yourself busy and entertained.

When a man sees that you’re not desperate for his love and attention, he’ll want to come closer to you to find out what’s occupying you.

He may even show an interest in one of your hobbies and give you an idea of how you can improve your skills or turn your craft into a business.

So if you’ve always depended on a man for happiness, learn to create your own bliss by spending ample time doing the things you love.

3. Speak his love language regularly

Another way to make a man miss you is to show him love in a way he’ll understand and appreciate.

This can be through words of affirmation, acts of service, or quality time.

What makes your man feel loved the most? Do it often to create a strong emotional connection in your relationship so that he’ll miss you whenever you’re apart.

Once you can know what a man needs in a relationship and you provide it regularly, he’ll crave those feelings you ignite in him and will always want to stay connected to you.

Many women neglect to make a man feel loved because they feel men don’t have emotions but this is absolutely untrue.

All humans have feelings and if you awaken the right ones in a man, he’ll bond with you forever.

So take some time to study your man and find out how he wants to be loved.

Then do it on a regular basis to make him miss you every time you’re apart from each other.

4. Send him a romantic text message out of the blue

One of the best ways to make your man miss you is to let him know you’re thinking about him.

For example, if he’s at work or away on a business trip, send him a sweet text message that’ll melt his heart and make him remember your love.

The secret to making this work effectively is to not do it all the time.

Don’t call him five times a day and send him three romantic messages within a few hours; he’ll get smothered with affection.

If you want him to miss you deeply, leave him a cute love note where he can find it, or send him a heartfelt text message out of the blue.

When you give your man pleasant surprises from time to time, it will have a profound effect on his mind and make him miss you more.

how to make him miss you

5. Give him nice compliments often

Do you know that men love compliments too? They feel seen and valued when you compliment them often.

Another way to make your man miss you in a relationship is to tell him nice things frequently.

For example, if he’s a hard-working man who does his best to provide for you, appreciate his efforts by telling him how proud you are of his accomplishments.

Since men don’t get compliments often, it can feel great for a man to hear you say some nice things about him.

He’ll feel valued and will cherish you more for showing him some appreciation.

And each time he does something worthwhile or dresses well, he’ll remember your previous compliments and feel warmth in his heart for you.

6. Remember to do the little things that matter

Most couples forget to do the little romantic things when they’ve been together for a long time.

While this is a normal part of a relationship, it can lead to boredom and dissatisfaction if you don’t work to rekindle the spark.

And a man will not miss you if he finds you boring or laid-back.

To make your man miss you, learn to be romantic and do the little things that really matter such as random hugs, playful kisses, and tickle fights.

When you keep your love life exciting, your man will begin to miss you in your absence and reminisce about the fun times you’ve had together.

So remember to show him your playful side and don’t let your relationship fall into a boring routine.

7. Make him feel like an important part of your life

Another great way to make your man miss you is to accept him fully and see him as a vital part of your world.

When a man feels like an outsider in a romantic relationship, he’ll disconnect emotionally and find other ways to fulfill his needs.

However, if you make him feel wanted in your life, he’ll cherish you and won’t be able to live without you because you’re his home.

And once he feels like an important part of your life, he’ll always miss you every time you’re away from each other.


When you’re trying to make a man miss you, it can be tempting to isolate him from other people so he’ll spend more time with you.

But controlling a man or demanding constant attention doesn’t make him love you more. In fact, it will drive him further away from you.

The best way you can make him miss you is to let go and focus on yourself.

If you give a man some space and pour your heart into a hobby, he’ll begin to notice you more in your relationship.

One big mistake women make in relationships is to try to prevent a man from hanging out with his friends or spending time doing his favorite activities.

You’ll only come across as a needy and controlling person if you restrict a man from doing what he loves.

If you want your man to miss you deeply, be affectionate toward him on a regular basis and allow him to enjoy his free time alone.

Don’t nag, sulk, or throw tantrums when your partner wants to engage in some of his personal hobbies because this is the perfect way for him to unwind after a stressful day.

Instead of creating drama in your relationship, focus your attention on making yourself busy and happy while he catches some fun.

When he sees that you’re comfortable staying without him, he’ll want to spend more time with you because he realizes that you trust him and don’t want to hold him back.


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