10 Important Things To Know About Your Partner In A Relationship

things to know about your partner

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How well do you know your romantic partner? And what are the most essential things you need to know about a significant other?

Being in a relationship involves wearing many hats, one of which is getting to know your partner really well.

Since you spend a lot of time together, it’s only fair that you know as many details about your partner as you can.

From their favorite hobbies and past relationship experience to embarrassing childhood stories, it’s good to be aware of what makes your partner tick.

If you’re in a committed relationship with someone, there are several essential things you need to know about them to build a strong foundation and foster a healthy, fulfilling love life.

things to know about your partner

Some of the most important things to know about your partner include their favorite things, medical history, and personal boundaries.

In this article, we explore the most vital information you need to familiarize yourself with in a romantic relationship.


Whether you’re married or in a long-term relationship, it’s necessary to ask your significant other personal questions about their lives, so you can get to know them well and understand them better.

Here is a list of things couples need to discuss with each other to increase their emotional connection and strengthen their relationship:

#1 Core Values

Many people have values, beliefs, and principles that make up their personal identity.

For instance, an ethical vegan who doesn’t agree with the idea of exploiting animals will refuse to go hunting, eat meat, or use any product made from animals.

This means they value life and strongly believe everyone deserves to live freely, including non-human beings.

Such a person will expect their significant other to believe in the same things they do and avoid animal cruelty at all costs.

Otherwise, it would be challenging to build a long-term relationship together.

It is essential to understand your partner’s core values and beliefs and how they align with your own.

This can help to prevent conflicts and misunderstandings in the future.

things to know about your partner

#2 Interests and Hobbies 

Another important thing you should know about your romantic partner is what they’re deeply passionate about.

What does your significant other spend most of their time doing? Do they enjoy swimming, gardening, or rock climbing?

What is the one thing your partner is obsessed with and never gets tired of?

If you know the answer, that’s a sign you’re on the right track to building a healthy relationship.

Knowing your partner’s interests and hobbies can help you connect with them on a deeper level and create shared experiences.

While it’s okay to have different hobbies, you should be willing to learn about your partner’s passions and engage in them from time to time.

#3 Life Goals

Everyone has goals they hope to achieve within a specific timeframe and this is what makes life worth living.

If you’re in a serious relationship, it’s crucial to know your partner’s dreams and future plans.

For example, if your significant other wants to move to the countryside and buy an old farmhouse to raise a family, you should know about it and be on the same page with them.

Discussing your partner’s short-term and long-term goals can help you understand their priorities and ambitions.

It can also help you identify areas where you can support each other and grow together as a couple.

When you fail to talk about your life goals with your partner, you’ll spend valuable time growing a relationship, only to discover later that you’re not compatible enough to build a future together.

Use these 250 Great Conversation Starters to open up the communication lines and discuss important topics that can make or break your relationship.

#4 Communication Style 

Do you know that everyone has a unique way they communicate?

Renowned relationship expert, John Gottman has identified four toxic communication styles that predict breakup and divorce.

From contempt and criticism to stonewalling and defensiveness, using negative communication patterns in a relationship can destroy your connection.

It’s paramount that you understand your partner’s communication style as this can prevent conflicts in your relationship and help you connect better with them.

Knowing each other’s communication style can also enable you to communicate effectively, respond to each other’s needs, and make decisions that are consistent with your shared values.

According to certified life coach Tino Dietrich, “Being aware of your own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as well as those of your partner, is critical to fostering a deep level of understanding and empathy in the relationship.”

things to know about your partner

#5 Love Language 

Another important thing you need to know about your partner is their dominant love language.

Do you know how your partner wants to give and receive love?

Do they interpret quality time, romantic words, gifts, acts of service, or physical touch as love?

Relationship coach Lilith Foxx says, “Knowing your partner’s love language can enable you to show affection and appreciation in ways that resonate with them the most.”

This can help strengthen the emotional bond between you and keep your relationship strong, so try to learn how to love your partner the way they want.

Gary Chapman’s bestselling book, The Five Love Languages is an excellent resource that gives you valuable tips on how to express your love better and experience deeper levels of intimacy with your significant other.

#6 Personal Boundaries 

Most people have rules, boundaries, and deal breakers that influence how they build a relationship with someone.

For instance, a person may see lying as a major reason to break up while others abhor cheating of any kind.

It’s essential to know what your partner can tolerate and the things they can never accept in a committed relationship.

If you’re in doubt, ask your significant other clarifying questions about their boundaries, deal breakers, and expectations, so you’ll know how to treat them in the relationship.

#7 Health Challenges 

When you’re in a serious relationship with someone, it’s good to be aware of any health issues they may be battling because their life could depend on it.

For example, if your partner has periodic seizures due to epilepsy, knowing about it and having some basic medical training can help to minimize the potential risks that come with the ailment.

It’s also crucial to know if your significant other has chronic allergies, a life-threatening illness, or a medical condition that runs in the family.

They might need day-to-day support or alternative treatment in the future, so you must be aware of any health challenges they have as this may impact you as well as your relationship.

things to know about your partner

#8 Past Relationship Experiences 

To understand the present, you need to know about the past.

Talking about the past in a relationship can help to increase your bond and eliminate any surprises in the future.

When you enter a meaningful relationship, it’s important to ask your partner questions about their dating history and past relationships.

For example, you can say, “Is there anything I need to know about your past?

If your significant other bought a house, had a baby with their ex, or owes child support, you should know about it.

While you need to respect each other’s privacy and be sensitive in your relationship, talking about the past is an important step you shouldn’t skip as a couple.

#9 Financial Status

Money problems are one of the biggest reasons why married couples get a divorce, and this shouldn’t be taken lightly.

When you decide to build a long-term relationship with someone, you need to talk about finances at some point.

Whether you’ll have a joint account, share the bills, or get a loan to start a family business, talking about money early on can help reduce tension in your relationship and create room for more intimacy.

Plus, if your partner has a gambling addiction or a huge debt to pay off, you can be aware of it before committing to them for the long haul.

So, have a long talk with your partner about money and learn about their financial status as well as their spending habits.

#10 Secret Fantasies 

Physical intimacy is an integral part of a relationship that can keep a couple together for a long time.

It’s essential to know what turns your partner on and what they need to feel satisfied in the bedroom.

Whether this means slow dancing to romantic music, making out at the back of a car at night, or sipping wine together while enjoying a bubble bath, it’s your responsibility to find out.

Ask your partner if they have a particular fantasy or new position they want to try out with you, but make sure not to bring up this topic while you’re still in bed.

New York Times bestselling author Laura Doyle recommends that “The best time to have a conversation about intimacy is when you are not caught up in the heat of the moment.”

Find a good time to talk about your intimate needs and preferences with your significant other, so you don’t turn them off.

If you’re looking for the right questions to ask your partner to discover their secret fantasies, download these 201 Intimate Questions For Couples to improve your love life.


Being in a serious relationship entails knowing your partner intimately, which requires vulnerability and transparency.

By discussing the essential factors highlighted in this article, couples can gain a deeper understanding of each other and build a stronger foundation for their relationship.

However, it’s important to approach these conversations with openness, curiosity, and a willingness to learn and grow together.

If you don’t know your partner really well, carve out some time to ask each other relevant questions about your personal lives and past experiences.

You’ll be surprised how much your relationship will improve when you bring out the time to get to know your significant other on a deeper level.


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