10 Things Women Do That Make Men Jealous

things women do that make men jealous

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Have you ever caught your guy giving you the side-eye when you mention your hot yoga instructor or can’t stop laughing with your coworker?

Even the most secure guys get a twinge of jealousy now and then. But it’s not always the obvious stuff that activates a man’s green-eyed monster.

Little things you do every day could be setting off alarm bells in his head. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the things women do that make men jealous.

From spending too much time with your BFFs to liking your ex’s pics on social media, you may be fueling jealousy without even realizing it.

Keep reading to discover the surprising things that make men feel insecure and simple ways to avoid pushing those envy buttons.

Because while a little jealousy can increase the passion in a relationship, too much can destroy it completely.

things women do that make men jealous


Do you unknowingly make your man jealous? Men often look hard on the outside but they are actually big babies who get emotional too.

If you’ve been doing these things, it’s time to stop before you lose your man:

1. Spending too much time with male friends

Nothing makes a man more jealous than his girlfriend constantly hanging out with her guy friends.

If you’re going out for drinks, dinner, or just chilling at home with your male BFFs several times a week while rarely making time for your man, he’s going to start getting suspicious.

He’ll wonder if there’s something more going on with these so-called ‘friends.’ Are you attracted to them? Do they have feelings for you?

Even if there’s nothing romantic happening, spending a lot of time with other men and little time with your boyfriend will make him feel like he’s not a priority in your life.

To avoid making your man jealous, balance your time with your interests and be considerate of his feelings.

Make sure to set aside date nights and quality time for just the two of you. Reassure him that he’s the only guy for you.

And when you do meet up with male friends, be transparent about your plans and invite your boyfriend along sometimes.

A little bit of understanding and effort can go a long way in preventing jealousy and strengthening your connection.

2. Having a close relationship with an ex

Guys can get jealous when they see you keeping in touch with an ex on a regular basis.

You may insist you’re “just friends” but your man will often wonder if lingering feelings are still there, especially if you share memories and inside jokes that your new guy isn’t part of.

He might be worried that you could realize what you’re missing and go back to your former partner.

If you’re frequently calling, texting, or meeting up with an ex, it’s bound to cause doubts too.

No matter how platonic you claim it is, constant communication with someone you used to date intimately can make any new partner’s imagination run wild.

Jealousy may also occur if you seem to still have unresolved feelings for an ex that aren’t quite buried in the past where they belong.

Lingering looks, constantly talking about them, and rehashing good times you shared are all signs you may not be quite over a former flame yet.

Your guy wants to feel like your priority now so if you put someone else above him, he’ll likely feel jealous.

Reassuring him, being transparent about interactions with your ex, and making an effort to build trust in your current relationship can help calm his doubts.

things women do that make men jealous

3. Being secretive 

Keeping things from your partner or being vague about where you’re going and who you’re seeing can make him feel suspicious and left out.

Not being open about what’s going on in your daily life, social interactions, or at work can create jealousy and damage the trust in a relationship.

Your guy may start to wonder why you’re being so private if:

You don’t share details about your girls’ night out or what you chat about with friends. He may feel like you have something to hide or don’t value his input.

You’re secretive about work events like lunches, conferences, or after-hours socializing. While he doesn’t need to know everything, giving him an overview of your major interactions will help him feel like he’s a part of your world.

You frequently take private calls or texts and don’t disclose who they’re from. Partners who keep each other in the loop about communication with exes or members of the opposite gender build a foundation of honesty.

Keeping some independence and privacy in a relationship is healthy. But being secretive, whether intentionally or not, is a recipe for hurt, jealousy, and distrust.

Make an effort to openly share details about your life, activities, and relationships. Your guy will appreciate your transparency and your connection will be stronger as a result.

4. Posting flirty pictures on social media

A major thing that can make a guy jealous in a relationship is when you post flirty or suggestive pictures with other guys on social media.

Uploading selfies on Instagram or Facebook of you cozying up to attractive men will definitely spark feelings of envy and resentment in your partner.

Even seemingly innocent photos where you have your arms around another man or are gazing into each other’s eyes can be misinterpreted and provoke jealousy.

Your man may start wondering who this new guy is and why you two seem so close. He may become suspicious that you’re attracted to someone else or are losing interest in him.

While some jealousy in a relationship can be healthy, intentionally provoking feelings of insecurity and doubt in your partner is unethical.

If you want attention from other men, it may be a sign you’re not fully satisfied in your current relationship.

The kind and respectful thing to do is to have an open conversation with your partner about your needs and set proper boundaries.

Playing manipulative games will only damage trust and cause hurt in the long run.

5. Canceling or changing date plans frequently

Men often get frustrated when a woman frequently cancels or changes plans at the last minute.

When you make a date with your man, he clears his schedule and looks forward to seeing you.

If you cancel for reasons other than illness or emergency, it signals your time with him isn’t a high priority. His jealousy and annoyance will build each time plans get scrapped.

Instead, do your best to keep the commitments you make. If a conflict arises, give your man as much notice as possible and offer an alternative time to reschedule.

Your reliability and consistency will make him feel valued and less likely to doubt your interest or commitment to the relationship.

An occasional change of plans is understandable, but make it the exception rather than the norm.

Putting in effort to follow through on your word will keep jealousy and hurt feelings at bay.

But canceling or changing plans too often will likely damage the foundation of trust and security in your relationship.

Make date nights a priority and do what you can to keep them consistent.

things women do that make men jealous

6. Flirting and encouraging attention from other men

Another thing that makes men feel jealous is when their partner flirts with other guys or seems to encourage their attention.

When you’re in a relationship but accept drinks from other men at the bar, exchange numbers with guys “just in case”, or get touchy feely on the dance floor, your man will likely feel threatened.

He wants to be the only one capturing your interest and affection, so interacting with other men in his presence is not a good idea. 

While a little harmless flirting may be fine for some couples, there’s a line that shouldn’t be crossed if you want your partner to feel secure in your commitment to them.

Make eye contact, smile, and chat with your guy when other men approach you. Give him your full focus so he knows he’s your priority.

If a man starts hitting on you, be polite but make it clear you’re taken. Your partner will appreciate you establishing appropriate boundaries and that you have eyes only for them.

Men desire loyalty, faithfulness, and devotion. Flirting with others or not discouraging their advances is disrespectful and can damage the trust you’ve built in your relationship.

Make your partner feel like the most important man in your world by directing your attention and affection solely toward him.

7. Comparing him to other men

Have you ever casually mentioned an ex or brought up how another man treats his partner?

Doing so, even in passing, can stir feelings of jealousy and insecurity in your man.

Comparing your current partner to your exes or other men is never a good idea. Avoid saying things like:

“My ex always did nice little things like that for me.”

“Why can’t you be more like our neighbor?”

“I wish you would take me out more like my sister’s boyfriend does.”

Comments like these, whether intentional or not, imply that the other person did something better or treated their partner better in some way.

This understandably leads to feelings of jealousy, hurt, and inadequacy.

Your man wants to feel like the only one who matters to you and that you appreciate him for who he is.

Comparing him to others damages his self-esteem and makes him feel like he has to compete for your affection and approval.

Instead, focus on the qualities you genuinely appreciate in your partner and express gratitude for the things he does.

Let him know he’s the only one you want by giving him your full attention and affection. This will help strengthen your bond and build security in the relationship.

things women do that make men jealous

8. Giving more attention to pets or kids

It’s only natural for women to shower love and affection on their pets or children.

However, if you seem to prioritize your kid or furry friend over your man constantly, it may stir up feelings of jealousy.

When you lavish the dog with affection, scratch behind its ears, and play with it while barely glancing at your man, he may feel a bit resentful.

Or if you rush off to attend a child’s event without even a quick kiss goodbye for him, it’s bound to breed some envy.

Try to find the right balance of quality time for your relationship. Remember to show love to your man too so he doesn’t feel neglected or sidelined.

9. Not introducing him to friends or family

When you’re in a committed relationship, introducing your partner to your close ones is a big step.

If you avoid inviting your man to hang out with your friends or family, it may make him feel like you’re hiding something or not fully committed to the relationship.

After a few months of dating, if he hasn’t met any of your friends or family members yet, he’ll naturally start wondering why. He may start asking questions like:

Does she think I’m not serious enough to meet them? Is she embarrassed by me for some reason?

Not knowing where he stands with you can drive him crazy with jealousy and self-doubt.

The healthiest thing to do is have an open, honest conversation with your partner about this.

Let him know why you choose to hide him and don’t want to him to meet the most important people in your life.

Maybe there’s an ongoing conflict with your parents or a crazy schedule has made it hard to plan a visit.

Try to give him a reasonable explanation and make your intentions clear before he assumes the worst. If your reasons are valid, I’m sure he’ll understand!

With communication, you can work through challenging situations like this together. Don’t let jealousy and suspicion damage an otherwise good relationship.

Communicate clearly and never make your man feel left out. If he doesn’t feel like an important part of your life, he’ll get jealous and might decide to leave the relationship.

things women do that make men jealous

10. Focusing too much on work or hobbies

Men can get jealous when you devote too much of your time and attention to work or personal hobbies and interests.

While having your own life outside of the relationship is healthy, if you’re consistently putting work, friends, or hobbies first, it may make your guy feel like he’s not a priority.

Here are some signs you may be focusing too much on other areas of your life:

You frequently cancel or reschedule dates and plans with him for work events or to pursue hobbies.

You talk about your job, coworkers, or hobbies constantly but rarely ask him about his life or interests.

You make big life decisions without considering how they may impact him or your relationship.

You don’t make quality time to spend together and be fully present. Your mind is often preoccupied with other responsibilities.

Finding the right balance is key. Make sure to set aside time each week to focus on connecting with your partner.

Put away your devices, make eye contact, listen, and be fully engaged. Express your appreciation for your significant other and the relationship.

While independence is attractive, too much can damage intimacy and trust in the long run.

Learn to balance your career, hobbies, and love life so they don’t interfere with each other.

You may need to manage your time better, unplug from work, and be more mindful about showing your guy he’s a valuable part of your life.

Being willing to compromise and communicating openly can help address jealousy and prevent resentment from building over the long term.


Jealousy is often a sign of insecurity or fear of losing someone, rather than a reaction to someone’s specific actions.

If you notice your man getting jealous, talk to him about his feelings and try to reassure him of your love.

A little jealousy is healthy in a relationship. But if your guy is getting super insecure over normal things you do, that’s probably a red flag.

The right partner will build you up, not tear you down. At the end of the day, you have to be you, so don’t change who you are or what you like to do just to cater to someone else’s ego.

As long as you’re not crossing boundaries or intentionally doing the wrong things, continue to be yourself.

Jealousy stems from deeper issues like low self-esteem, lack of trust, and fear of abandonment.

If your man can’t handle you having a life outside the relationship, then maybe it’s time to re-evaluate whether he’s the right partner for you.


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