8 Things Women Do That Upset Men

things women do that upset men

Have you ever wondered why your partner seems upset with you for seemingly no reason?

As a woman, there are certain behaviors you may exhibit without even realizing that they drive your man crazy.

In this article, we reveal many things women do to push men away and damage their bond.

This can help you gain insight into the male mind and understand what you’re doing that annoys your man so much.

Once you recognize these unhealthy habits, you’ll be able to avoid tension and keep your relationship running smoothly.

Read on to discover the top things women do that upset men according to relationship experts.

You may be surprised at how easily some of these tendencies creep into your interactions without you even noticing!

things women do that upset men


Does your man easily get angry but you don’t know why?

Maybe you’re unknowingly doing things that upset him and can’t figure out exactly where you went wrong.

If your man is suddenly acting cold and less affectionate toward you, you may be engaging in these unhealthy behaviors without realizing it:

1. Refusing to communicate your needs

One of the most annoying things women do that upset men is giving the silent treatment and refusing to talk about what they need in a relationship.

If you want to keep your man happy, learn to communicate! There’s nothing more frustrating for guys than trying to figure out what’s bothering you.

Tell him directly what you need and want. Don’t make him guess or drop subtle hints that go right over his head. Be explicit and straightforward.

Share how you’re feeling. If something upsets you, talk about it. Bottling it up will only make the situation worse and damage your connection.

Letting your man into your inner world is how you build intimacy and truly connect. So speak up! Discuss your hopes, dreams, worries, and desires openly and honestly.

Men aren’t mind readers and they can’t give you what you need unless you tell them.

Make the effort to express yourself clearly and watch as communication in your relationship improves, bringing you closer together.

Keeping the lines of communication open is how you gain understanding, enhance trust, and ensure you’re both on the same page.

Make communicating a priority and you’ll find many of those little annoyances and upsets melt away.

Remember to express yourself, listen to your partner, and increase your bond through meaningful conversations.

things women do that upset men

2. Withholding love and affection

Another thing women do that upsets men in a relationship is denying affection and intimacy.

When a man has had a rough day at work, nothing brightens his mood like a big hug and kiss from you.

But if you’re mad at him for some reason, the cold shoulder treatment just makes him feel worse!

Men thrive on loving words, warm touches, and quality time together.

Denying your man that closeness, even for a short while, is like depriving a plant of sunlight or water.

His mood will turn sour and his motivation will dwindle. But when you shower him with your affection, he’ll be as bright as a flower!

Even if you’re upset, give your man a little loving. Smile at him, hold his hand, or wrap him in your arms.

You can talk about your relationship issues but don’t withhold intimacy as punishment in the meantime. That will only create resentment and distance you from each other.

Keeping the affection and passion alive is key. So smile at your man, kiss him, hug him, and do nice things for him.

Your love and tenderness can cheer him up and make his day brighter.

3. Nagging and complaining constantly

Do you know that your incessant nagging and complaining can drive a man crazy?

While you think you’re just venting or trying to fix an annoying issue, your nonstop pestering about chores, problems at work, or whatever else is on your mind can make your man feel like he’s living with an overbearing boss.

Guys tend to compartmentalize their thoughts and deal with issues one by one.

Constant complaining or nagging in their ear makes them feel overwhelmed and inadequate like they can never satisfy you. 

Rather than voicing every little annoyance, try talking to your girlfriends instead.

Save the nagging for really important issues, and bring these up respectfully and calmly, not in the heat of frustration.

Compromise when you can, pick your battles wisely, and avoid rehashing the same arguments repeatedly.

Give the man in your life some peace whenever possible – his sanity will thank you for it!

Focus on the good in your life and relationship rather than the little things that bother you.

Maintaining a positive, cheerful outlook will make you both feel happier and more appreciated.

While it’s important to communicate openly in a healthy relationship, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

Cut down the nagging and give your man some breathing room. In turn, he may start listening more when you have something important to say.

4. Not giving space and demanding too much attention

Constantly demanding attention and affection from a man can make him feel trapped in the relationship.

Give your partner some space to do his own thing. Men need time alone or with friends to recharge and feel independent.

If you’re always demanding his time and getting upset when he wants to go off on his own, it will likely cause resentment in the relationship.

Make an effort to pursue your hobbies and interests, so you each have a chance to miss one another.

Having your own lives outside of the relationship leads to more interesting conversations when you are together. It also makes the time you spend as a couple that much sweeter.

Rather than nagging him the second he walks in the door, greet your man with a smile and let him unwind.

Give him space to take off his shoes, grab a snack, or just sit in silence. Don’t bombard him with questions and tasks the moment he’s home.

Men appreciate women who are independent and confident in themselves.

Give your guy opportunities to do things he enjoys and also take time for yourself.

Having a healthy balance of togetherness and independence is key to a happy partnership.

Demanding too much attention and not giving enough space is a quick way to frustrate your man and damage the relationship.

things women do that upset men

5. Being overly emotional and dramatic

Most women tend to get emotional when things don’t go their way, but it’s important to keep the drama to a minimum in your relationship.

Few things frustrate men more than when you overreact to a situation or blow things out of proportion.

Take a few deep breaths and look at the issue logically before getting worked up. Staying calm and rational will make communication so much easier.

Your man will appreciate you approaching problems in a collaborative, solution-focused way rather than starting a fight over something trivial.

Save the emotional outbursts for really serious issues and try to express yourself in a composed manner.

No one wants to feel like they’re constantly walking on eggshells or bracing themselves for an eruption of tears or anger.

Keep things in perspective and react in a way that fits the circumstance.

Responding in a balanced, reasonable manner will make your relationship so much healthier and help your man understand you better.

A little drama now and then may keep things interesting, but don’t create chaos in your man’s life.

Maintaining your cool and reserving emotional reactions for truly meaningful situations will lead to a harmonious relationship where you both feel heard and understood.

Learn to stay calm and composed, especially when you’re angry about something. It will help to prevent problems further down the line.

6. Not appreciating efforts and taking things for granted

Not showing appreciation or gratitude is one of the biggest ways women upset men without even realizing it.

Men notice the big gestures, of course, but the small acts of kindness and support mean a lot too.

Do you often thank your man for doing the dishes or taking out the trash?

Those routine chores may seem trivial, but your gratitude can make him feel valued and fuel his motivation to keep helping out.

Guys are simple creatures who thrive on compliments and encouragement.

While a man doesn’t need a parade in his honor for every little thing he does, a sincere “Thank you” or “I appreciate you” can make his day.

Saying those two little words shows you recognize his efforts and the role he plays in making your life easier or better.

So next time your man does something thoughtful like bringing you coffee in bed, giving you a back massage, or handling a chore you dislike, express your genuine appreciation.

Your gratitude and kind words will inspire him to continue doing more of the little things that make you happy.

And that is the secret to keeping your man blissfully content.

7. Bringing up past mistakes and not letting go

Constantly bringing up past mistakes can be frustrating and make a man feel like he can never be good enough!

Give him a break and let the past stay in the past. When you argue, avoid using phrases like “You always” or “You never”.

This makes him feel like he can’t do anything right and that his efforts to grow and improve mean nothing to you.

Focus on the current issue, not a long list of his past transgressions. Rather than rehashing a man’s errors, appreciate the things he does right!

Say “thank you” when he takes out the trash, hug him after he mows the lawn, and compliment him when he handles a stressful situation well.

Positive reinforcement will make your man want to be an even better partner.

You’re not perfect either, so cut him some slack—your man is trying his best to make you happy!

Dwelling on past mistakes creates resentment and prevents you from moving forward in the relationship.

Release the past, forgive his slip-ups, and instead, build him up with your kind words.

things women do that upset men

8. Being possessive and controlling

Being possessive and controlling is a quick way to upset your partner.

Constantly checking up on him, questioning what he’s doing, and limiting his freedom will make him feel trapped.

Give him some space! Your significant other needs time alone and with friends. Don’t bombard him with texts and calls when you’re apart.

Don’t pry into every little detail of his life or question him endlessly about where he’s been or who he’s talking to.

Show you trust him by giving him independence. Let your partner be his own person.

Don’t try to control every aspect of his life or force him to do what you want.

Men value their independence and alone time, so make sure to give your man opportunities to do his own thing.

Schedule time apart to connect with friends or pursue your hobbies and interests.

Having your own life outside the relationship will make you appreciate the time you spend together even more.

Allow your partner to indulge in activities he enjoys like watching sports, working in the garage, or playing video games with friends.

Unless it’s an emergency, avoid interrupting him during these times.

Giving each other independence and respecting personal boundaries will lead to a happier, healthier love life in the long run.


While no one is perfect, there are certain things women do that upset men in relationships.

From nagging and complaining ceaselessly to withholding affection and being too dramatic, your behavior can push a man away.

Instead of trying to change or control your man, focus instead on communicating openly about the things that matter, like your hopes, dreams, and what you both want out of life.

Appreciate him for who he is just as you want to be accepted unconditionally in return.

Compromise when you can, and choose your battles wisely. A little sensitivity and restraint can go a long way.

So the next time you feel like complaining about the things your man isn’t doing right or want to tell him how to live his life, take a deep breath and bite your tongue.

When you build a foundation of trust and understanding in your relationship, it will grow into something beautiful.


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