10 Annoying Things Women Do That Chase Men Away

things women do that chase men away

Being in a romantic relationship is not a walk in the park but sometimes women make it more difficult for men to stay.

From nagging and humiliating a man in public to rejecting him in bed repeatedly, there are so many things women do that chase men away.

If you’re with a good man, avoid doing things that will hurt him and make him leave you.

For example, don’t accuse him falsely when you don’t have proof because it can create trust issues and emotional disconnection in your relationship.

In this article, we look at several things women do that men hate and how to avoid them.


It’s important to be patient, understanding, and kind when you’re in a committed relationship with someone who genuinely loves you.

If your man seems to be pulling away from you, you’re likely doing these annoying things that make men leave a woman.

things women do that chase men away

#1 Raising your voice during conversations

One of the most common things women do that annoy men is being hostile during conversations.

Men are not often good at talking for long periods about a problem or communicating their feelings openly.

They prefer to discuss issues quickly and find practical solutions for them rather than extensively talking about a subject matter.

This is why women sometimes feel that men don’t listen to them or understand their emotions.

The truth is men and women communicate differently so you need to focus on one problem at a time, instead of bringing up multiple issues that need to be fixed all at once.

And while you’re explaining the real problem to your man, try to be patient, go straight to the point, and avoid raising your voice.

Being hostile during conversations can hurt your man emotionally and cause lasting damage to his mental health.

When you keep getting angry and shouting at a man for not understanding you, he’ll start being fearful of deep conversations and will avoid them altogether.

If you want to improve your relationship and get your needs met, keep your emotions in control when you discuss with your man.

It’s okay to get angry from time to time but don’t turn every little conversation into a heated argument.

#2 Disrespecting him in public

Another thing women do that men don’t like is being disrespectful in front of other people.

A man might tolerate your stubbornness at home because you have other good qualities he likes.

However, if you disrespect him in front of others, especially friends and family, you’ll lose him.

He may not leave you for another woman or cheat on you but he’ll turn his back on you, shut you out of his heart, and disconnect from you emotionally.

If you want to have a harmonious relationship with your partner, don’t ever take him for granted or speak to him like a child.

It’s important that you treat your man with respect and talk to him politely when you discuss issues together.

#3 Laughing at his shortcomings

Some women expect a man to be 100% perfect and if he makes any mistake, they’ll humiliate him openly and look down on him.

This is not how healthy relationships work! All humans have flaws and everyone makes mistakes once in a while.

If you’re in a romantic relationship with a man, you need to cultivate patience, understanding, and compassion at all times.

Avoid judging, criticizing, or condemning your partner when he makes mistakes because doing this can lead to low self-esteem and emotional disconnection.

Try to be a woman he can be vulnerable with and offer him a shoulder to lean on when he needs emotional support.

#4 Giving him the silent treatment

Do you often ignore your man and give him the silent treatment when you’re offended?

Ignoring a man when he needs your love is not the best thing to do when you’re trying to build a long-term relationship.

If your man offends you, try to open up and say what’s bothering you instead of shutting him out and cutting off all communication.

It shows that you’re mature and emotionally stable when you’re able to talk about the things that are upsetting with your man.

So next time you’re tempted to give your partner the silent treatment because you’re unhappy, take some deep breaths and calm your nerves then open up the communication channel.

things women do that chase men away

#5 Rejecting him in bed over and over again

One of the biggest things women do that upset men is refusing to get intimate multiple times in a row.

Apart from disrespecting a man in public, turning him down in bed is another way to lower his self-esteem and make him withdraw from you emotionally.

Men need physical intimacy regularly and you must prioritize your man’s intimate needs if you want to have a long-lasting relationship with him.

Understandably, you won’t always be in the mood for lovemaking because of hormonal changes, low desire, or health challenges.

However, if you’re with a man who values physical intimacy a lot, you’ll have to try to satisfy his needs often.

Most relationship experts recommend getting intimate with your partner at least once a week for a satisfying love life.

Avoid saying “No” to intimacy or rejecting a man in bed several times and try to create time for lovemaking consistently.

#6 Gossiping about him to your friends and family

Another annoying thing men don’t like in a relationship is when you reveal their secrets to your family members and close friends.

Many women particularly enjoy gossiping about their romantic partner and love life, but it’s an unhealthy habit to have.

A romantic relationship is supposed to be between two loving partners who are committed to each other, so a third party shouldn’t exist.

Revealing your partner’s private information to other people shows that you value your friendships more than your relationship and can’t be trusted with secrets.

A man who discovers that you tell people things he confides in you won’t let you into his private life anymore.

Learn to keep secrets and don’t be eager to share personal details with a third party, so you can forge a strong relationship with your partner.

#7 Expecting him to be a mind-reader

Being in an intimate relationship with someone doesn’t mean that they’ll know everything about you including your thoughts and feelings.

Some men are emotionally intelligent and can understand what a woman is going through just by looking at her facial expressions, but a majority of men are not good at guessing a woman’s mood.

Many women make the mistake of expecting a man to intuitively figure out what they want and when they don’t get their needs met, they feel sad and unloved.

If you behave this way in your relationship, you need to stop it. It would be a lot easier for you and your partner if you can openly communicate your feelings and needs.

Don’t expect a man to read your mind and do something you want because you think he’s supposed to know exactly what you need.

Whenever you’re bothered by a situation or need something to change in your relationship, try to inform your partner about it instead of expecting him to know that you’re unhappy.

things women do that chase men away

#8 Accusing him when you don’t have proof

Another thing women do that upset a man is accuse him of lying or cheating without evidence.

Every healthy relationship requires a certain level of trust and vulnerability to succeed.

This means you need to believe that your partner is loyal to you and has your best interests at heart.

However, if you see anything suspicious in your man’s behavior, it’s okay to ask for clarification but don’t ever accuse him of wrongdoing when you don’t have solid proof.

The worst thing you can ever do to a good man is to accuse him of something he didn’t do.

Nothing breaks a man’s heart more than knowing his partner doesn’t trust him.

#9 Creating a lot of drama in the relationship

Another annoying thing women do that men hate is create a lot of drama and chaos in a relationship.

Many men get into committed relationships because they’re seeking love, affection, and stability.

So when they realize that the relationship is no longer offering what they need to be happy, they’ll either look elsewhere or leave you for another woman.

If you’re always throwing tantrums and looking for silly reasons to fight with your man every day, he’ll get tired of you quickly.

This doesn’t mean you should be timid or subservient in a relationship, but it’s important to know when to make something a big deal and when to let it slide for the sake of peace.

You don’t need to get worked up over every little discomfort or inconvenience that comes your way.

So try not to look for problems where none exist and become the woman your man feels comfortable being around.

#10 Flirting openly with other men

If you’re not in an open relationship, exchanging pleasantries with other men and being open to connecting with them is offensive to most men.

The problem is many women don’t see anything wrong with being too familiar or intimate with another man when they already have a romantic partner.

It’s not a good idea to flirt with other people if you’re in a committed relationship with someone else.

If you’ve been doing this because you think it’s innocent, harmless, or amusing, try to stop it.

Sure, it’s completely normal to make new friends or have some acquaintances you hang out with occasionally as long as you don’t cross the line.

Men don’t like it when the woman they’re with is exploring other options while they’ve vowed to stay faithful.

Once you get into a serious relationship, let other people know you’re no longer available to date, and don’t encourage anyone who’s flirting with you at work, on the street, or in a restaurant.

You’re free to get back into the dating world if your current relationship doesn’t work out and you become single again.

As a rule of thumb, avoid flirting with other people if your partner doesn’t like it.

things women do that chase men away


There are so many annoying things women do that chase men away and if you’re not aware of them, you might push your man away with your behavior.

It’s important to know what’s obtainable in a committed relationship and what to avoid if you want to have a successful love life.

I’ve given you the top 10 habits women do that annoy men so you can know how to keep your man happy in a relationship.

Bookmark this article and re-read it once in a while to keep these tips at the back of your mind.


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