12 Things You Should Never Do To Someone Who Loves You

Things you should never do to someone who loves you

You know that person who loves you more than anything in the world?

The one who would move mountains for you without hesitation? Yeah, that one.

We all have someone like that in our lives, whether it’s a parent, partner, or best friend. But have you ever stopped to think about how you treat them?

If you really care about someone, there are certain things you should never ever do to them.

Relationships are sometimes messy and complicated. But if you want your love to last, you need to be mindful.

In this article, we’ll talk about the top mistakes people make that can damage the bonds of love and how to avoid them.


As human beings, there are things we do in relationships that are toxic or hurtful but we don’t realize it until it’s too late.

If you claim to love your significant other, avoid doing these unhealthy things that can break their heart:

1. Never betray their trust

When someone loves and trusts you, you need to be careful not to hurt them.

It can be painful to discover that the person you love has done something unforgettable.

If you’re in a relationship, try to keep your promises, and don’t make commitments you can’t keep.

Always be honest and transparent; don’t lie or hide things from your partner.

Most importantly, avoid doing things that can deeply hurt your loved one. Don’t betray their confidence in you.

And when you make a mistake, own up to it. Rebuilding trust takes time, but being truthful is the first step.

2. Don’t ignore or neglect them

Ignoring your loved one’s calls, texts, or attempts to connect is hurtful. It makes them feel unimportant.

Missing special events or failing to make time for them regularly also shows you don’t care.

Always ask about your partner’s life and don’t shut down when they share their feelings with you.

Make an effort to understand their needs and be willing to go out of your way for their happiness.

Treating them as an afterthought instead of a priority can destroy the relationship.

Show you cherish your significant other by giving them your focused time and attention. Make them feel seen, heard, valued, and loved.

3. Don’t treat them like a second choice

Another thing you should never do to someone who loves you is to make them feel like you’re doing them a favor or that you’re settling for them.

Your romantic partner deserves to feel special and important. Don’t constantly talk about your ex or past relationships.

Keep your focus on the present, stay engaged, and make them a priority.

Avoid flirting with others in front of them. It’s disrespectful and hurtful. Don’t compare them negatively to others either.

Appreciate them for who they are and support their personal growth.

Things you should never do to someone who loves you

4. Don’t ever take them for granted

One of the most crucial things you should never do in a relationship is to assume that your partner’s love and support are a given.

Love is a choice, not a feeling. So if your significant other has chosen to love and cherish you, don’t take them for granted.

Show your appreciation through words and actions. Don’t brush off their acts of kindness. Say thank you and reciprocate their efforts.

Don’t take advantage of their generosity or abuse their goodwill. Be grateful for who they are and all the things they do for you.

Avoid dismissing their feelings or concerns. Always listen and validate your partner.

Learn to communicate openly and honestly instead of expecting them to read your mind.

Finally, don’t become complacent in the relationship. Continue to invest time and effort into growing your love life.

5. Never make them beg for your love and attention

Your partner longs for your affection. Don’t play games or withhold your love to manipulate them. That hurts deeply.

If you care about someone, show it through words and actions. Surprise them with random acts of kindness.

Make them feel secure in your love and don’t give them a reason to doubt your intentions.

When a partner has to constantly beg for love and affection in a relationship, it can dampen their spirit and make them feel worthless or inadequate.

Let your significant other know they are loved, cherished, and wanted.

6. Don’t stay angry at them for too long

When you love someone who loves you back, avoid holding grudges over minor issues. Let the little things go and always be ready to forgive.

Don’t give your partner the silent treatment for days on end. Communicate openly, handle conflicts maturely, and address problems quickly.

Anger and resentment will poison your relationship over time. Don’t withhold affection as “punishment.” It will just push your significant other away.

Forgive them fully when apologies are made. Don’t keep bringing up past issues.

If you’re still furious after several weeks, you may need to consider going for counseling to move forward.

Staying bitter will only hurt you both. Release the anger and move toward reconciliation.

Things you should never do to someone who loves you

7. Don’t take away their independence or freedom

Another thing you should avoid doing to someone who loves you is to control their schedule or activities.

Let them make their own plans. Don’t limit who they spend time with. Trust their judgment about friends and respect their need for personal space.

Don’t demand all their time. Allow privacy in their communications and personal matters. Don’t snoop or pry into their private belongings.

Let them have opinions, even if you disagree. Don’t belittle their views. Enable them to make their own decisions. Don’t dictate what they must do.

Freedom and independence are vital for a healthy relationship. Taking these away damages trust and happiness.

8. Don’t act hostile or aggressive toward them

Being abusive to a romantic partner can damage their self-esteem, mental health, and even physical well-being.

Avoid yelling, screaming, or using hurtful language during arguments.

Try to control your temper and remember the effect your anger has on your significant other.

Don’t threaten, intimidate, or belittle them. Don’t be physically abusive in any way. Violence destroys relationships.

Learn to communicate frustrations respectfully and settle disagreements calmly.

Listen, ask the right questions, and be ready to compromise.
Make your partner feel safe, not afraid of you.

Fear has no place in love. If you struggle with anger management issues, seek professional help before you destroy your relationship.

9. Don’t reveal their secrets to others

Never share something private that your loved one entrusted you with. This destroys trust, which is vital for a healthy, lasting relationship.

If your significant other confides in you, keep it to yourself. Don’t repeat it to friends or family without permission.

Respect their privacy and avoid crossing their boundaries. If they don’t want certain things to be known, don’t tell others just because you think it’s not a big deal.

Ask yourself if you’d want your partner sharing your secrets. If not, extend the same courtesy.

Betraying a person’s trust causes hurt and embarrassment. Learn to keep personal things private and don’t reveal them to anyone.

It’s not your place to share your partner’s secrets so don’t do it.

10. Don’t disregard their feelings

A major thing you should never do to someone who loves you is to invalidate their emotions or tell them how they “should” feel.

Everyone’s feelings are valid even if they don’t make sense to you. Don’t ignore your partner or give them the silent treatment when they express hurt or anger.

Create a safe space for open communication and avoid being dismissive or minimizing their concerns.

Making light of their feelings will only make them feel unheard. Don’t compare their feelings to others and tag them as overly sensitive.

Their emotions are real even if someone else’s situation seems “worse.” What may seem small to you can feel big for someone else.

Don’t convince them to “get over it” right away. Allow them time to process difficult emotions and offer support in any you can.

Show you care by making an effort to understand where they’re coming from.

Validate their perspective and be willing to work through emotions together to strengthen your bond.

Things you should never do to someone who loves you

11. Don’t push them away when you’re upset

When you’re dealing with strong emotions, it’s natural to want space. But shutting out someone who loves you will only hurt them.

If you’re feeling upset or overwhelmed, explain to your partner that you need some time alone, but don’t completely isolate yourself.

Let them know you still care. Lean on their support during the hard times and give them the chance to support you instead of shutting them out.

Apologize afterward for any hurt feelings and explain what you were going through. Don’t take your emotions out on your significant other.

Find healthy ways to process feelings like stress, sadness, or anger.

Remind yourself that even when you’re upset, treating your partner with care and respect is important.

12. Don’t cheat on them with someone else

Cheating destroys trust, which is the foundation of a healthy relationship. It’s a painful betrayal that can leave emotional scars and hurtful memories.

If you’re tempted to stray, address the underlying problems in your relationship or let your partner go before starting something new.

Your significant other deserves honesty and commitment. Destroying their trust and love in you is unforgivable. If you truly care, be honest and faithful.

Cheating or betraying a person’s love will deeply wound them and break their heart. Value your relationship and treat your partner right.


I’ve given you a list of some of the things you should never do to someone who loves you.

While we all make mistakes from time to time, being aware of these hurtful behaviors can help you avoid them and foster healthier, happier relationships.

At the end of the day, the people who matter most deserve your very best.

If you truly care for someone, make the effort to communicate openly, respect their feelings, and prioritize their needs along with your own.

That’s what real love is all about. By staying committed and being the kind of partner you’d want for yourself, you’ll nurture a bond that can stand the test of time.


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