4 Shocking Reasons Why Men Leave Women They Love

4 Common Reasons Why Men Leave Women They LOVE

Have you ever thought about why men leave women they love without any explanation?

Today is one of those days when I tell you harsh truths without sugar coating anything.

It may hurt you but I only want to help you and that means giving you honest advice that may be a bit harsh or blunt.

With that out of the way, let’s jump in… Do you know the top 4 reasons why men suddenly disappear?

I’m sure you’ve thought about it but couldn’t place a finger on it or maybe you’ve guessed them but you’re not exactly sure.

After a few failed relationships, I’ve finally discovered the reasons why men leave women they love; you’ll be totally shocked at the reasons.

Men probably already know all the reasons but women may be surprised to find out the real truth.

If you’ve been wondering why your boyfriend or husband who loved you left you, you’re about to find out in this post…


Men won’t tell you but these are some of the major reasons why they choose to leave a woman they claim to love:

#1 Poor communication:

This may come as a shock to you but the number one reason why men leave women they love is bad communication.

Men love interesting women who know how to hold a good conversation and they appreciate it when you talk about your feelings in a positive manner.

They need women to be able to express themselves clearly without leaving them confused and guessing. Men generally dislike women who nag!

The irony in this is that most women don’t realize they are doing this and they often call it communication but it’s often counterproductive.

You may think you’re communicating when you yell at your man but you’re not. When you nag, you’re basically using hostile communication which won’t yield positive results.

Don’t think you’re communicating when you’re nagging; you’re only pushing him away with your harsh words.

If you want to hold a man’s attention forever and make him stay with you, you need to learn how to communicate effectively.

Learn how to talk to a man gently especially when you’re angry. Avoid exploding and unloading all your anger on your partner.

Manage your temper, take a deep breath, sit him down, and express how you feel clearly.

When you yell during conversations, he will hear you but he won’t listen to you.

The goal of every couple in a healthy relationship is to understand each other better, not win arguments.

Give a man the respect he deserves by talking calmly to him even when you’re upset and learn to appreciate him by using words of affirmation to build him up.

If you don’t know how to communicate well, a man might leave you even when he loves you!

4 shocking reasons why men leave women they love


#2 Lack of intimacy:

Surprisingly, the second place goes to a lack of intimacy in a relationship.

Most men love being intimate and they expect you to give it to them as much as they want.

Of course, this isn’t realistic in long-term relationships but men usually prefer more intimacy.

There’s nothing else they want as bad as regular intimacy; they crave it.

Men need to be physically engaged with the woman they love and the only way they do that is by making love.

The emotional stuff― holding hands, cuddling, talking, and bonding are things women do to feel connected.

But, the way men connect is by having frequent romantic encounters; it helps them recharge and release tension so they can face life better.

The same way you like to watch TV to unwind after a long day, that’s how men like to get intimate after a hectic day.

They need intimacy like they need food; it’s that important to them!

Men also have great expectations when it comes to the bedroom and they are willing to ditch their current girlfriend for a woman with better lovemaking skills within minutes of finding her.

Sounds unfair doesn’t it? Luckily, this isn’t the case for all men but a majority of them value intimacy a lot.

And they don’t want to have to beg you to make love, especially when you say you love them.

4 shocking reasons why men leave women they love

They want you to freely give it to them with excitement; they don’t like being turned down when they want it either.

A man can understand when you’re on your period or when you’re sick.

But, if you keep coming up with different reasons why he can’t get intimate with the woman he loves, he’s going to start looking for another woman who can make him happy.

It’s really that simple for most men!

If you want to keep your man, don’t make lovemaking seem like a chore and don’t see it as him pestering you.

See it as a way for both of you to relax and reconnect after a tiring day. Stop rationing it and stop being too tired or not in the mood for romance all the time.

Start seeing intimacy as an act of love between a man and a woman who love each other.

When you change your mindset about intimacy, you’ll enjoy it more.

Every man deserves love and attention from his woman so learn how to be good at lovemaking and try to fulfill your man’s intimate needs regularly.

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4 shocking reasons why men leave women they love

#3 Excessive weight gain:

Most women think this would be the top reason for a man losing interest in her but it’s not.

If you’re good at communication and you know how to keep a man satisfied in bed, he will overlook the fact that you’ve gained a little weight over the years.

If you know how to hold a good conversation and you’re active in the bedroom, he won’t mind your weight at all. Seriously!

But where it gets worse is when you’re bad at holding a conversation, you’re terrible at making love, and you’re overweight. How bad can it get after that?

Fortunately, most men are willing to accept a slight weight gain if you stop complaining about unnecessary things and start fulfilling their needs in bed.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be conscious of your weight. Excessive weight can be detrimental to your health so you need to watch it.

When you put on so much weight that you’re nearly unrecognizable, a man may find you unattractive and choose to cheat on you or leave the relationship entirely.

As women get older and have kids, there is a high chance that they’re going to add a few extra pounds, which is expected.

However, if you’ve added more weight than your man is used to, he may decide to leave you, especially if you’ve refused to do something about it.

It’s important to stay healthy and fit so you can enjoy your life. This isn’t just about looking good to a man.

But, excessive weight gain is definitely one of the major reasons why men leave women they love.

4 shocking reasons why men leave women they love

#4 Insecurity:

Insecurity issues is among the top reasons why men leave women they love and it really doesn’t have much to do with you; it all has to do with the man in question.

Most insecure men feel their women are too good for them. It makes them insecure when they think of you leaving when you find a better man.

So, they leave first to protect themselves from heartbreak.

It sounds insane but it’s true for some men who don’t want to constantly compete with other men for your attention.

Most insecure men feel they lack something to give to you; it could be good looks, money, or romance skills.

If a man cannot provide for you or make you really happy, it makes him nervous and insecure.

Men love to be in charge; they want to provide for you, protect you and satisfy your needs.

When he can’t fulfill all these needs, he starts imagining you cheating on him with a more handsome, rich, or well-endowed man and then he hits the door fast without an explanation.

The only way you can make these types of men stay is by constantly reassuring them that you love for them for who they are and that you’re never going to leave them.

In most cases, even after you’ve done all of that, some insecure men will still leave you.

In this case, you’ll have to move on and find a more confident man who deserves you in his life. It’s not your fault that he’s insecure.

Don’t change yourself to be someone you’re not; be yourself and you’ll find a man who will stay with you.

However, if you disrespect him or make him feel as if he’s not good enough, a man may choose to leave.

Men love it when they’re wanted by a woman. So if you’re dishing out this “I don’t need a man attitude”, he’ll leave and never come back.

4 shocking reasons why men leave women they love

That was a lot to swallow, wasn’t it? It’s often difficult to hear the truth because it’s bitter, but we can only grow when we are honest with ourselves and are willing to change.

So if you’ve been wondering why men leave women they love, you’ve finally discovered the top reasons in this article.

Whatever reason resonates with you, just work on it but don’t be too hard on yourself. Everyone has flaws and no one is perfect

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