9 Simple Bonding Activities For Couples

9 simple bonding activities for couples

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Are you searching for bonding activities for couples to do together that will make you connect with your partner?

I totally understand and I’ve been there before.

A few years back, I noticed my relationship was becoming stagnant.

We still loved each other but our days were so full of routines that we had no time for romance or fun couples ideas.

We managed to throw in a date night or movie night once a week but it was stressful.

We were too exhausted so we couldn’t keep up with the fun couple activities we were supposed to do together to keep our relationship stable.

As we struggled to keep our relationship back on track, we decided to go back to the beginning and start afresh with some simple couple activities at home.

9 simple bonding activities for couples

We realized we had high expectations for our relationship that made it impossible for it to flourish.

We often compared our relationship to others and it made us struggle to meet up.

So, we decided to ditch it all and come up with simple bonding activities for couples to do together.


Do you remember when you first started dating? Do you still do any of those romantic “couples things” you both enjoyed?

For us, everything was effortless; we could talk about anything, laugh about everything and do many things together.

I wonder where all those fun times go when you’re in a long term relationship.

I guess we’ll never know…

If you’re looking for simple bonding activities for couples that will keep your relationship healthy and full of passion, here are a few ideas to inspire you.


9 simple bonding activities for couples

#1 Make love in your car

There is something powerful about connecting emotionally with your partner through frequent romantic encounters.

This is one of the best bonding activities for couples to connect both physically and emotionally.

Making out in your car at night can be totally exciting because it brings back the fun times shared during the early stages of dating.

Grab some blankets, a bottle of wine, two wine glasses and lubricant then tell your partner to meet you in the car for some play time.

Turn on the air conditioner and put on a romantic song that reminds you of your love.

Make slow, passionate love to your partner and enjoy the real intimacy you share together.

Couples who make love regularly usually have a lasting and successful relationship.

If you want to bond easily with your spouse, get intimate regularly.

It’s as simple as that but a lot of women see intimacy as a chore that they are forced to undergo just to please their partner.

Start seeing it as a bonding activity if you want to have a healthy, strong and lasting relationship.

If your partner wants to sleep with you, it’s not because he is selfish or inconsiderate. He simply wants to bond with you.

If you’re so busy that you rarely have the time or energy to get intimate with your spouse, consider scheduling romantic encounters on less busy and stressful days.

At least, you’ll have it at the back of your mind and get in the mood before the scheduled time so it won’t feel forceful or boring.

Do you often run out of romantic things to do with your spouse? Get the 365 Days Of Romance and bring back the spark in your relationship.

#2 Cuddle for 20 mins

Some men have the annoying habit of jumping out of bed immediately intimacy is over and it doesn’t give couples enough time to bond or connect emotionally.

If you want to connect deeply with your spouse, try to suggest the idea of cuddling for just 20 minutes after making love. It’s totally refreshing!

It gives you all that cozy feeling you get when you curl up with your favorite blanket and a cup of hot chocolate in front of the TV.

I never skip cuddling afterward because I know how beneficial it is to my relationship.

Luckily, my husband loves to cuddle too so I don’t have to beg him to stay in bed with me a little while after getting intimate.

The next time you make love with your partner, suggest a 20-minute cuddle and enjoy the experience.

Remember to turn off your phones so you don’t get interrupted while you’re bonding with your sweetheart. If you’re lucky, you could both fall into a deep, blissful sleep.

To make it more romantic, light some scented candles, play your favorite love songs, sprinkle rose petals on your bed and ask each other intimate questions.

If you’re almost ready for bed, have a bubble bath together and cuddle afterwards or watch a romantic movie.

Your relationship will gradually become more passionate and warm when you add more cuddling sessions to your daily routine.


9 Easy Bonding Activities For Couples

#3 Take a shower together

Have you had a shower or bath with your partner before? If you haven’t, you’re totally missing out.

It’s one of the best experiences for me because I get to have fun while taking a bath.

Most days, I wake up early just to have a shower with my husband and I usually don’t bathe untill he gets back in the evening so we can do it together.

It gives us time to pamper each other while having deep conversations that move our relationship forward.

Sometimes, we even end up making out in the shower or right after having a shower.

It has been a powerful bonding activity that I enjoy with my partner especially when I wash his hair in the shower with a sweet-smelling shampoo. It really makes him feel loved and pampered.

Bathing together is so much more fun when you take turns scrubbing each other’s back, washing each other’s hair with shampoo or applying lotion on your bodies after drying with a towel.

If you’re looking for simple bonding activities for couples, try taking showers together regularly; it’s highly beneficial.

And if it leads to a passionate or romantic lovemaking session, the better…

You can also enjoy the luxury of a hot tub in your house as a romantic treat with your partner on a fancy date night at home with a bottle of champagne.

During summer, you can go swimming or skinny-dipping together when it’s super hot. You’ll enjoy playing in the water with your sweetheart.

Soaking in the bathtub with my husband while he washes my feet is one of my favorite fun couple activities at home. I can’t help falling asleep afterwards.

#4 Share a meal with each other

I don’t like eating alone and I tend to lose my appetite halfway through a meal if I don’t have an eating buddy.

That’s why I suggested that my partner and I eat our meals together. It’s been totally enjoyable for both of us.

What’s really special about eating together is that it helps us talk about anything and everything.

If we are having breakfast, we can talk about the past day’s events and the present day’s planned activities.

If we are eating dinner, we recount the day’s activities to each other; it’s how we effortlessly talk about ourselves without feeling bored.

And the best part is, you won’t even know you’re both talking until you finish eating.

If you hardly find the time to communicate with your partner, start eating your meals together.

You’ll literally turn into chatterboxes and won’t bother about fishing for great conversation starters ever again.

For a date, you can have breakfast in bed or have a romantic dinner in your backyard. If it’s cold outside, just enjoy a candlelit dinner for two.

9 simple bonding activities for couples to do together

#5 Have a romantic date at home or in a quiet restaurant

Last week, my partner and I attended an event in our neighborhood.

It started out beautifully but somewhere along the line, someone upset me and I decided to go back home.

My husband doesn’t like seeing me upset or angry because he knows how I get when my mood changes.

So, he suggested that we eat out before heading home even though it wasn’t in our budget for the month.

I didn’t expect the outing will have any positive impact on my mood but it did.

After eating chicken and chips, I felt happier; the sour mood just lifted automatically.

I think the reason why most couples find date night stressful and unproductive is that they do it too often.

If you’ve been having date nights every week with your partner and you’re not seeing any positive change in your relationship, switch to one date once a month.

You can also take the 90 Day Relationship Challenge to help you reconnect with each other and fall back in love again.

If it’s impossible to go out on a date for any reason, improvise by cooking dinner together, doing a relationship challenge activity or having a romantic date night in an indoor tent.

There are so many ways you can spend quality time with your sweetheart without breaking the bank. Just add a little creativity to your love life!

#6 Have a spa day at home

I love being pampered but most times, I can’t afford to visit the spa more than once in a month.

That’s why I decided to start having spa days at home twice a month. It’s been a total game changer!

I actually bought a complete spa kit on Amazon that I use to pamper my self when I’m in the mood for some self-care.

My husband enjoys back rubs and foot scrubs so when I mentioned the spa day at home, he didn’t think twice about it.

If you’re struggling to follow a budget while having fun with your partner, try organizing a refreshing spa day at home.

I think this is one of the bonding activities for couples we engage in often because it’s inexpensive and refreshing at the same time.

Grab a full spa day kit, some essential oils, scented candles and bath bombs, you’ll have a wonderful bonding time with your partner.

9 Simple Bonding Activities For Couples

#7 Play some fun games

I remember beating my husband at a particular card game some weeks back.

It was an exciting one; I couldn’t help but laugh when he lost so shamelessly.

It got even funnier when he said he was just letting me win so I won’t cry.

If you want to have fun without spending a dime, get a collection of exciting games for couples so you won’t run out of games to play with your partner.

You can easily have game nights at home with your spouse or you can invite some friends over and have a blast without breaking the bank.

Playing games is an awesome way for couples to laugh and bond together.

If you’ve not been having game nights at least once a month, I urge you to start indulging in it. It will bring fresh air into your relationship.

Are you looking for an intimate game for couples date night? These 120 Truth Or Dare Question Cards will help you keep the passion alive in your relationship.

#8 Cook favorite recipes together

I tend to see myself as a traditional woman; I love making my own meals at home so you’ll hardly catch me buying food at fancy restaurants.

Fortunately, my husband enjoys cooking too and sometimes, we take turns to cook; he’s actually a better cook than I am though.

When we’re both in the mood, we storm the kitchen together and produce intercontinental dishes.

The fun isn’t only in the cooking process but the cooperation and teamwork it takes to produce something together.

If you enjoy cooking like me, involve your partner in the kitchen fun once in a while but don’t force it if he’s not really into it.

You’ll enjoy watching your partner wear an apron, cut up onions and fry chicken; it’s a lovely sight I must confess.

You should try it one of these days if you haven’t had the “cooking with your spouse” experience.

9 Easy Bonding Activities For Couples

#9 Organize a fancy movie night

Watching suspense-filled movies is one of my favorite hobbies and the easiest bonding activities for couples to do together.

But it’s much more fun when I’m watching a thrilling movie like Game of Thrones or The Vampire Diaries with my partner.

It’s an excellent bonding activity because it helps us communicate about something other than our everyday lives.

We get to analyze every episode and try to guess what will happen next and how the movie will end.

If you’re looking for easy bonding activities for couples that can open up the communication lines, rent some interesting movies and watch them together.

Be sure to get a movie both of you can watch and have fun. Most importantly, don’t forget the popcorn or cookies to keep you super entertained.

If you have more time and energy, organize a romantic backyard movie night with a big screen, fluffy blankets and throw pillows. You’ll feel like newlyweds again!

9 simple bonding activities for couples

I’ve given you a list of easy bonding activities for couples to do together that I know you’ll enjoy.

You can come up with other fun couple activities at home like gardening, barbeque night or backyard camping.

It doesn’t have to be an expensive activity that will break the bank.

It can be as simple as cuddling for 15 minutes, cleaning the house together or going on a picnic for two in the park.

If you and your partner have totally different schedules and it’s difficult to do all these bonding activities for couples on weekdays, you can try them on weekends when you’ll both be a bit relaxed.

Don’t over complicate your relationship by setting high standards you won’t be able to maintain.

Keep it simple and realistic. Your relationship will be grateful for it!


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