5 Cliche Habits Men Fall In Love With In A Relationship

Habits men fall in love with

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Whether you’re looking for a long-term partner, or already have one, it pays to have the right habits men fall in love with in a relationship.

The thing about men is that they don’t always know how to articulate what they want in their woman.

Most men weren’t exactly taught how to express their feelings while growing up.

So, it can be tricky sometimes for them to let their partner know about their emotional and physical needs.

And this leads to all sorts of misunderstandings and unfulfilled expectations, which can put a wedge between a couple.

In this article, we’ll highlight the top 5 habits men fall in love with in a relationship. They are pretty cliche so, don’t expect any surprises.

5 adorable habits men fall in love with


Whether you’re just entering the dating scene or you’ve been in a few intimate relationships, it’s important to know what makes a man fall in love with a woman.

Here are a few habits you need to cultivate if you want to have a healthy, loving relationship with a guy:

#1 Play hard to get

Okay, this might sound really cliche but remember that I warned you.

Typically, a lot of women try to make someone like them by putting on a detached kind of act of “I might be attracted to you” when they’re interested in dating a guy.

Or they may lie that they have a boyfriend when they’re actually single and searching for a life partner.

Also, these women may wait for an arbitrary amount of time to reply to messages (e.g., a couple of hours, a few days, etc.) to avoid looking desperate.

Worse, they’ll pretend they’re busy, hoping it’ll make a guy more interested in them.

But this approach tends to backfire.

It’s confusing – and worse, he’ll eventually see through this fake act. This, of course, is a huge turn-off. There’s no problem showing interest in a guy when you feel a connection to him.

And there’s no need in this day and age to play silly mind games. However, you can play a different kind of game that’s built on authenticity and is proven to catch a man’s attention.

Instead of turning down a guy by pretending to be busy all the time, it’s okay to give him a chance if you’re interested in dating him.

Give your guy hints that you like him, and be enthusiastic when you’re together. You can do this by asking him personal questions or sending him sweet love messages to make him miss you.

Relationship experts find that a person starts falling in love with someone once they know they want them.

As for the “playing hard to get” part, that means actually being busy.

That’s not the empty kind of busy where you’re at home, scrolling down endlessly on your social media feed and claim you’re too busy to go out on a date.

It’s better to be fully engaged with all the other parts of your life. You’ve got your work, social life, hobbies and other passions that make you happy.

If that makes you unavailable from time to time, that’s a good thing. Don’t be too available but don’t be too busy either. There should be a balance!


Cliche habits men fall in love with

#2 Rock his world

In a nutshell, you need to generate strong emotions within a man while he’s with you. He’ll then associate those feelings with you, which naturally creates that spark.

This is because people have a habit of transferring their feelings from one set to the next. What does this mean?

For instance, if you nearly hit another car while driving to work, you’d carry those negative vibes into the office.

That previous, unrelated experience would bleed into the rest of your day.

Some call this “transfer of emotion” or “emotional leakage” – this is the human tendency to attach strong feelings to the nearest person, even if they had little to do with it.

Also, it has to do with the fact that being physically excited can easily translate into a romantic attraction.

So, if you can find a way to keep things exciting for him – like dropping little romantic love notes for him to find – then he’ll latch those feelings onto you.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should sleep with him on the first date if you don’t want to, but it’s important to make him feel special and give him something to remember you with. Just be yourself!

If he’s the right guy for you, he’ll love you for who you really are. You won’t need to change yourself or be a drama Queen in order to make him love you. You just need to be you to rock his world!

So if you’re naturally an introvert who enjoys reading books and watching TV indoors, don’t pretend to be an extrovert who loves socializing because you want a guy to like you.

The right type of guy will fall in love with your personality and appreciate your unique qualities.

#3 Laugh at his jokes

I know you didn’t just roll your eyes at this cliche advice but hear me out – this could be a game-changer in your relationship.

First of all, you don’t need to be rolling on the floor with tears in your eyes if his jokes aren’t even funny.

A polite chuckle is perfectly fine, and that gives him the hint that he’s not funny and you’re not attracted to him.

But if your funny bone is really tingling from his witty jokes, then go ahead and laugh. There’s no need to pretend his jokes aren’t funny when they really are.

You don’t need to constantly be in a serious mode because you’re looking for a long-term relationship. In fact, you’ll get a boyfriend faster if you relax and have fun on your dates.

Research shows that humor is a huge factor in romantic attraction. As you already know, women like guys who are funny because it’s a sign of intelligence.

Plus, men prefer those who are receptive to their own humor, particularly for intimate relationships.

This doesn’t have to do with treating a guy’s ego with kid gloves and more to do with a man’s desire to be appreciated by his partner.

Trust me, I know plenty of guys who have appreciation as one of their “must-haves” in a relationship.

So, appreciating his sense of humor is a good step in that direction. Just don’t over do it because he’ll know you’re trying too hard to get his attention.

Cliche habits men fall in love with

#4 Let him be the HERO in your life

Most men believe they are stronger than most women. Honestly, that’s why they often refer to us as the weaker gender.

They see us as soft pups who can’t do tough stuff like fixing the leaking toilet or changing a car tire.

Of course, this isn’t true because there are strong women who can take control and make things happen.

However, when a man is in a relationship with a woman, he expects her to sort of lean on him to do most of the work that involves strength like cleaning a clogged pipe, changing a car tire, throwing the garbage out etc.

But, when a woman keeps insisting on doing all that hard work by herself even when she has a man around, he’ll feel completely unwanted and irrelevant.

This is the number reason why men pull away from relationships. Women who have the “I don’t need a man” attitude will unconsciously chase men away.

If you want a man to fall hopelessly in love with you, let him be the hero and protector in your life. Make him know you feel totally safe with him around.

Allow him to do some of the hard work instead of doing it yourself.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should turn him into an errand boy; know where to draw the line so he doesn’t feel used.

If he feels wanted and relevant, he’ll stay with you because he knows you need him.

There’s nothing a man wants more than to be needed by a beautiful woman. It’s a dream come true!

#5 Appeal to his soft side

There’s really no surprise here. Any guy who’s interested in women will obviously want physical intimacy in the relationship.

But you’d be surprised and even downright concerned how many women are lacking in the romance department.

A lot of women take for granted the power of using their feminine charm to win a guy over.

And no, I’m not telling you to start acting out a scene from a romantic movie to turn a guy on neither am I asking you to lure him to bed on the first date.

What I’m saying is that you should be more aware of a guy’s hot buttons and learn how to push them.

For instance, women underestimate the power of physical touch and smell. They fail to understand how much effect a hug, a peck or a nice cologne has on a man.

Most men go their whole lives not knowing the pure pleasure of a validating pat on the back, a hug, or other forms of affection.

Women, on the other hand, tend to experience this on a daily basis. So using body language is an excellent way to ignite his senses.

Whether it’s brushing against his arm or leg accidentally or putting your hand on his arm for a few precious seconds, he’ll get the message.

Remember, men love being teased, and the delicious pleasure of the slow burn.

They also love it when a woman smells really good; invest in some good cologne and make him fall in love with your smell.

And of course, men also appreciate variety in bed. Make an effort and take the initiative to spice things up every now and then.

Better yet, you could even go as far as asking him what he wants, then apply it in bed when you get intimate with each other.

The bottom line is that, if you want a guy to fall in love with you, show him your feminine side from time to time. Be kind, funny, and compassionate when you’re around him.

Don’t always put on your boss lady face when you’re together. Let him know that you can be fun to be with and that you have a nurturing soul.


Dating is more psychological than you think. Men fall in love with their minds a long time before their hearts catch up.

These 5 cliche habits can help you create a pleasant memory in a guy’s mind and make him fall for you effortlessly.

Use them to your advantage and get a man to go crazy for you. Once you understand how to use these tips, your guy will instantly enter a state of intense infatuation.

It’s like a splinter in his mind, and he’ll be incapable of thinking of any other woman in a romantic way except you.

If you’re looking for a practical guide on how to make a man fall in love with you, His Secret Obsession will help skyrocket your success in attracting the man and relationship of your dreams.

Habits men fall in love with

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