How To Make A Man Cry In Bed

How to make a man cry in bed

Knowing how to make a man cry in bed involves mastering the art of passionate lovemaking.

It takes passion, rhythm, and patience to study a man’s body and understand it deeply.

A proven way to make a man cry in bed is to delay his ejaculation while giving him immense sexual pleasure until he can’t take it anymore.

When he finally explodes with ecstasy, it would be a blissful and unforgettable moment for him.

In this article, I reveal some lovemaking tips on how to drive a man crazy in bed so you can become the best lover he’s ever had and make him addicted to you


If you want to be unforgettable to a man, you need to give him the best sexual experience possible in the bedroom.

When you please a man deeply and passionately during lovemaking, he’ll scream out your name.

That’s the best way to make him remember you for a lifetime. On that note, here are 9 tips on how to make a man cry in bed.

#1 Spend more time during foreplay

Do you know that men love to be touched just as much as women? It’s true!

According to a study of 152 heterosexual couples published in the Journal of Sex Research, the ideal length of foreplay men crave is around 11 minutes.

You can make sexual activity more pleasurable by touching a man’s body intimately.

When you make love to your man, don’t be in a haste to get to the finish line.

Take your time during foreplay and explore his body to find those hidden erogenous zones that make him go crazy.

Kiss him on the lips passionately. Whisper sweet words in his ears. Trace his body with a feather or your fingertips.

Nibble his earlobes softly with your teeth. Leave a trail of soft kisses on his inner thigh.

The goal of extending foreplay is to turn him on fully, ramp up the sexual tension, and delay his orgasm until the very end.

#2 Blindfold him to maximize his sexual pleasure

Blindfolding your partner in bed is a great way to heighten the sexual experience since he’ll have to rely on his other senses during lovemaking.

It would be much more arousing for him if he can’t see you or watch what you’re doing.

Cover his eyes with a satin blindfold for sensory deprivation before getting into serious foreplay.

If you’re into kinky play, you might as well tie his hands to the bed to limit his movements.

This way, you can torture him with pleasure for as long as his body can take or until he begs for release.

How to make a man cry in bed

#3 Give him a great blowjob that will make him melt

Oral sex is especially pleasurable to a guy when done correctly. A woman who knows how to perform fellatio like a pro can make a man scream during sex.

If you want to make your man cry in bed with ecstasy, you’ll need to give him a mind-blowing blowjob without allowing him to cum fast.

You can achieve this by paying attention to his penis for just a few minutes and then focusing on another erogenous zone like the back of his neck, earlobes, or nipples.

The key is to tease him and please him simultaneously.

Trace your tongue slowly down his shaft as you give him oral. Twirl your lips around the tip of his penis to drive him crazy.

Massage his balls gently with your hands. Use ice cubes or cold water to change the temperature of your mouth as you suck him.

In my bestselling eBook, The Irresistible Diva, I teach women how to give amazing blowjobs that will make a man daydream about you and yearn for your touch. 

#4 Be generous with the lube

Another way to make a man’s sexual experience fun is to use enough lube when you make love to him.

If your hands are dry when giving a blowjob, he won’t enjoy it and if you’re not wet enough during penetrative sex, it won’t be pleasant for both of you.

So, pour a generous amount of lube on your hands or genitals during intimate play for a super slippery sensation.

If you’re not sure of what lube to use, sex experts recommend water-based lubricants because they’re more natural and easier to clean up after intercourse.

Plus they tend to have fewer chemicals and are gentler on sensitive skin.

#5 Make love to him in two or three sex positions

When it comes to sex, variety is key to adding more fun in the bedroom and keeping your relationship exciting.

Using only one lovemaking position can become boring and tiresome for most men. You can spice up your sex life by trying multiple sex positions in bed.

Start with the cowgirl position then switch to doggy style or the spooning position after a few minutes to blow his brains out.

Changing sex positions during lovemaking can intensify a man’s orgasm and add more excitement to your love life.

How to make a man cry in bed

#6 Delay his ejaculation by slowing down and touching him in other areas

The most sensitive part of a man’s body is the head of the penis which has about 4,000 nerve endings.

When stimulated, it can give a man incredible sensations in his body and lead to an orgasm.

To avoid quick ejaculation, it’s wise to not pay so much attention to a man’s penis especially if you want to give him a memorable sexual experience.

A powerful sex technique to try in bed is edging which involves bringing your partner close to orgasm, then stopping or slowing down before he reaches climax, then building back up until he approaches orgasm again.

You can repeat this technique as many times as you like to delay and increase the intensity of your man’s orgasm.

Luckily, there are so many other sensitive areas you can touch on a man’s body to give him sexual pleasure without letting him reach orgasm too fast.

You can kiss the nape of his neck, lick his earlobes, or squeeze his nipples lightly.

You can also caress his thighs, run your hands down his chest, and massage his scalp with your fingertips while you kiss him.

Another way to tease a guy in bed is to bite his lip softly with your teeth or trace it with the tip of your tongue.

There are many other exciting places you can touch a guy but you may not find them if you don’t know where to look. 

When you download my intimacy guide, you’ll discover more sensational spots on a man’s body and how to touch them to drive him crazy in bed. 

#7 Use a male sex toy to give him immense pleasure

Sex toys can take your relationship to the next level if you know how to pick the right ones.

As a woman who wants to give her man optimum pleasure in bed, you can experiment with different types of adult toys to enjoy a mutually satisfying sex life.

If your man is okay with his nipples being fondled, use silicone nipple suckers to increase his arousal while you give him oral.

You can also use a testicle massager or penis vibrator on him to provide insane blowjob sensations.

A great blowjob sex toy that works wonders and can be used for edging is the fleshlight pilot male masturbator which enhances the fellatio experience.

This is especially necessary for those times when your jaws start to ache or your arms become numb halfway through a blowjob.

#8 Stimulate multiple erogenous zones at the same time

Touching different parts of a person’s body simultaneously can create a sensational feeling that’s indescribable.

If you want to bring your man close to the edge and give him a powerful orgasm, try stimulating more than one erogenous zone at a time.

For instance, you can suck his nipple while you stroke his penis sensually. You can also choose to kiss him on the lips as you ride him.

If your man is comfortable with anal play, use a vibrating butt plug to stimulate his prostate as you give him a blowjob.

When you pay attention to several sensitive spots on a man’s body, you can maximize his pleasure and give him an orgasm that’s out of this world.

How to make a man cry in bed

#9 Maintain a steady rhythm to finish him off

When your man begs for release after you’ve given him more pleasure than he can handle, maintain a steady rhythm to bring him over the edge.

Instead of spacing the strokes or focusing on other parts of his body, give all your attention to the tip of the penis to make him cum hard.

If you’ve been doing the right things all along, he’ll scream out your name or let out a loud cry as he finally ejaculates.


When you’re able to master your man’s body and give him intense orgasms, he’ll become sexually addicted to you.

I’ve given you 9 powerful tips on how to make a man cry in bed and keep him obsessed with you.

If you follow these steps correctly and apply the techniques in the bedroom, you’ll be able to give your man maximum sexual satisfaction every time you make love.

And when you’re really good in bed, a man will want you and only you.

For more tantalizing lovemaking tips to please a man and drive him wild in bed, download my bestselling intimacy book.


1. What part of the male body is the most sensitive?

With about 4,000 nerve endings, the tip of the penis is one of the most sensitive parts of a man’s body.

When stimulated, it can create sexual arousal and lead to an orgasm. The scrotum which contains the testicles is also a sensitive male body part.

2. Where is the best place to touch a man to turn him on?

There are lots of sensitive areas on a man’s body that can provide pleasurable sensations when fondled.

The nape of the neck, earlobes, and nipples are some of the best places to touch a man.

If you want to give your man immense pleasure, try stimulating two or more erogenous zones at the same time.

3. How do you make a man cry for more in bed?

The best way to make a man cry in bed is to tease him during foreplay and delay his ejaculation until he can’t take any more pleasure.

At this point, he’ll beg for release and when he finally reaches orgasm, it would be so intense that he’ll cry out with ecstasy.

9 tips on how to make a man cry in bed

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