How To Satisfy A Man In Bed

How to satisfy a man in bed

Do you want to make your man totally addicted to you?

All you need to do is find out what he really wants and know how to satisfy him in bed.

When you know what a man wants in a relationship and you give it to him, he’ll be completely obsessed with you.

He won’t ever get the urge to look at another woman because he has everything he needs from you and that’s the key to a lasting relationship.

When you are in a romantic relationship, knowing how to please a man in bed and keeping him satisfied should be your number one priority.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to be a puppet and let a man walk all over you but when you’re in love with someone, you’ll be willing to make him happy.

And if you’re in a healthy relationship, your partner’s priority will be to make you happy and keep you satisfied too.

Mutual satisfaction is important in order to enjoy a truly fulfilling love life with someone.

Do you know that men subconsciously rate a woman’s performance in bed?

It’s true and your man could be secretly rating you now without your knowledge.

Physical intimacy is a big deal for most men and if you’re bad in bed, he’ll lose interest in you fast.

It’s really easy to get into a relationship with a man but keeping him interested in you is where the difficulty lies.

And this is why some men leave their marriages due to an unsatisfactory love life.

The number one fear most married men have is that they’re going to get bored of making love with just one woman for a long time.

Your job as a woman is to eliminate that fear in his mind and you can do this by being irresistible in bed.

How to satisfy a man in bed

Women who are excellent in bed are often capable of keeping a man fully satisfied in the bedroom.

The problem is, these bedroom skills aren’t passed down automatically.

You have to learn everything you can about them and practice them regularly.

I know you’re here because you want to be great in bed and improve your love life.

You’ve already taken the first step to being an irresistible diva and that’s a really good decision.

If you’re looking for how to satisfy a man in bed, you need to know that there is no magic pill to automatically make him happy in the bedroom.

You’ll need to communicate effectively, express yourself fully, be vulnerable and be willing to try a lot of different techniques in bed.

Luckily, in this post I’m going to share what men really want in bed and a list of things you can do to please your man in bed tonight.


If you’re looking for an in-depth step by step guide on how to satisfy a man in bed every time…

Get a copy of my bestselling intimacy book to learn powerful lovemaking techniques to drive your man wild and keep him super satisfied in bed.

But, if you just need a few guidelines and tips you can quickly apply in the bedroom tonight, you’ll find new ways to please a man in bed in this article.

1. Know what he wants in bed

A good lover takes the time to learn what their partner needs in bed and makes an effort to satisfy them.

The first step to pleasing your man in bed is to know what he really likes when it comes to intimacy.

Most women jump into bed with a man without having a clue about his intimate needs and desires.

Even if you’ve been with different guys who have similar personality traits, it’s still important to treat every guy as a unique person with his own pleasure.

The easiest way to find out what your man wants in bed is to ask him some intimate questions to discover those secret fantasies he’s been hiding from you.

The next time you’re with your man, play with him and touch his entire body to uncover new hot spots.

You can also pay attention to his body language and how he responds to your touch when you stimulate a particular erogenous zone.

Your man may have some secret desires he wants to explore in the bedroom and if you don’t know them, you’ll never be able to satisfy him.

When you know what a man wants in bed, it will be a lot easier to please him and keep him satisfied.


2. Be confident in yourself

When it comes to intimacy and satisfying a man in bed, confidence is everything.

Without confidence, you’ll be too afraid to try out all the great lovemaking tips you’ve learned.

Relationship expert Bernardo Mendez says “Men are very visual creatures” and they want to see more of you but that doesn’t mean you need to hide your flaws.

If you feel insecure about your body, stretch marks, or boobs, you need to put all that away and work on increasing your confidence before getting into bed with any man.

The truth is, men hardly notice your self-perceived imperfections— they only become aware of them when you’re preoccupied with them or you’re constantly pointing them out.

If you don’t put your attention on those flaws, he may never notice them.

Nothing is more attractive to a man than confidence and a great way to show this off is by dressing in a nice lingerie when he is around and leaving the lights on when you make love.

Instead of wearing your usual sweaters or pajamas, tease him with a short see-through gown that will make his head spin.

According to relationship expert and couples therapist Megan Fleming, “Anything that makes a woman feel good in her body is very appealing to a man”.

Feeling insecure in bed is unattractive to men, so embrace your body and don’t be afraid to flaunt your curves.

Stop letting your thoughts and insecurities take control when you’re making love.

Being self-conscious will only distract you from the pleasure you’re supposed to be giving and receiving.

How to satisfy a man in bed

3. Express yourself in bed

Lovemaking should be passionate and pleasurable to everyone involved. It shouldn’t be painful, forceful or coercive in any way.

If you want to satisfy a man in bed, you have to exhibit the right attitude.

Most women are fond of being passive and extremely silent during lovemaking.

It’s not exciting to make love to a woman who is inactive in bed so if you’ve been doing this, it’s time to stop.

Men love it when women are active in bed enough to show that they are enjoying themselves.

If you stay motionless and quiet throughout the lovemaking process, your man is going to assume that you’re not into him or you’re not having much pleasure.

The best way to express yourself in bed is to tell him what you like and what you don’t really like.

This will help him understand your preferences better and give him a clear direction on how to please you more.

Your man cannot read your mind so freely express yourself and let him know when you’re enjoying what he’s doing by using words or actions.

A simple phrase like “I love that” or “That feels great” can give him a lot of clues about what you find enjoyable and pleasurable in bed.

Showing him how to touch different parts of your body will help you both enjoy a satisfying love life.


4. Make the first move

One of the things men want in bed is for you to make advances at them.

It gets exhausting and sometimes boring if he always has to ask you to make love to him.

If you’re looking for the best way to satisfy him in bed, try this tip and initiate intimacy tonight.

You can easily do this by sending him a romantic text, maintaining eye contact with him, walking out of the shower without clothes or rubbing your body against him affectionately.

A naughty strip tease in the living room isn’t a bad idea too if you want to get him in the mood.

The perfect way to turn your man on fast is to make the first move and take the lead in bed.

He’ll be eager to make love to you because he knows you want it too.

Don’t be shy to show him that you want him. In fact, this is what most guys want in bed and your man is secretly wishing for you to do this.

When it comes to being good in bed and pleasing a man, enthusiasm is another important thing you need to have.

Instead of letting him chase you in the bedroom all the time, do the chasing sometimes and show him how much you want him.

Surprise him with a blow job immediately he steps out of the shower or kiss him passionately when you’re cuddling in bed.

When you show a lot of enthusiasm in the bedroom, your man will become more satisfied with your love life.

How to satisfy a man in bed

5. Use romantic words to turn him on fast

Do you know the best way to build up the tension and increase a man’s desire? Talk dirty before, during and after lovemaking.

Men love it when women use romantic words or naughty phrases in bed.

If you want to put him in the mood faster or you want to give him more pleasure, engaging in dirty talk is a really good idea for you to try.

If you’ve never tried talking dirty to your man, it may feel awkward at first so try to be natural and avoid sounding fake.

You don’t really need to scream off your head like they do in adult movies.

He’ll know you’re being fake if you suddenly start saying some weird things in bed.

“You’re so good at this”, “I love what you’re doing with your fingers”, and “I can’t wait to feel you inside me” are some good dirty talk examples you can use when you’re making love.

The most important thing to remember is to be your self and only say what comes naturally to you when you first try dirty talking to your man.

The right way to stimulate a man’s mind and turn him on faster is to tell him freaky things in bed.

If you’re extremely shy and can’t use words to communicate, try moaning softly to let him know when something feels good in bed.

Men want to know when you’re enjoying yourself and being vocal in bed is an easy way to show him what you like.

You don’t have to engage in a lot of dirty talk if it’s not your thing but using naughty phrases in the heat of the moment can result in greater satisfaction and better lovemaking for both of you.

Things men want in bed

6. Stimulate his hot spots

A lot of women focus on a man’s male organ alone when they’re making love.

But do you know that there are so many other erogenous zones on a man’s body that can give him immense pleasure?

It’s true that there is more than one sensitive spot in your man’s body and if you can stimulate those areas, you’ll drive him crazy in bed.

It’s easy to only think of stimulating a man’s main organ, but men have different body parts that give them much pleasure when touched in the right way.

How can you discover his hidden hot spots?

Every man is different so you’ll have to explore his whole body to find out the areas that make him wild when they are stimulated.

Play with his nipples, suck his earlobes, kiss the back of his neck, rub his thighs, and caress his chest to increase his pleasure.

Notice his body language and his actions when you touch all his hot buttons.

If he responds positively to something you’re doing, that’s a good sign that you’ve found some new things to do to him in bed whenever you make love.

Intimacy expert, Siski Green says that the best way to please your man in bed is to focus your attention on stimulating the nerve endings on the tip of his male organ.

This is where most of the pleasure resides so take advantage of this and show the tip some extra love.

In my bestselling intimacy ebook, I show you exactly how to drive a man crazy and make him scream your name by stimulating his most erogenous zones to give him immense pleasure in bed.

How to satisfy a man in bed

7. Master the art of giving oral

Men love receiving oral a lot and they are always ready to say “Yes” to getting it.

I’ve never seen any man say no to receiving great head from a woman who enjoys doing it.

Dating coach Todd Valentine says “Men love getting blowjobs especially when they don’t have to beg you for it” so try to give him head more frequently if you want to make him super satisfied in bed.

You may not like the idea of putting your mouth on a man’s male organ but that’s the best way to please him in bed.

If you find it disgusting, ask him to shave his pubic hair, spray a nice perfume around his balls and use enough lube when you’re going down on him.

You can surprise him with a blowjob even when he’s not expecting it; he’ll be so pleased you did.

Giving your man a truly amazing blowjob requires more than just sucking on his manhood or playing with his balls.

There are different ways to please him in bed with your mouth and tongue.

If you want to learn the most powerful techniques for giving your man amazing oral, you can find proven techniques in chapter seven of The Irresistible Diva Ebook where I explain this in detail.

9. Be a pro at giving handjobs

Another thing men enjoy during lovemaking is getting awesome handjobs and this involves a certain level of skill.

Doing it the right way can make or break your relationship so it’s important to know what you’re doing before you try it.

Just like giving oral, focus on the tip of his male organ while you massage his shaft and stimulate his balls with your free hand.

Paying attention to his balls is a great way to satisfy a guy when giving him handjobs.

Squeezing his balls too hard can cause a little pain so remember to caress it gently in the same way you would want your boobs to be touched.

If you want to keep a man interested in you for a long time, add variety to your love life by trying new things in the bedroom.

The hottest thing you can do to any man is to surprise him with a blowjob or a handjob when he’s not expecting it.

Do this anytime you want to blow his brains out and remind him of all the naughty treats he gets from you just by being your man.

How to satisfy a man in bed


10. Explore different lovemaking positions

Most women love the missionary position because it doesn’t take up a lot of time and energy but using this same position every time you want to make love can turn a man off really fast.

I know you’re busy, exhausted or emotionally disconnected so you don’t really want to put in much effort to please your man in bed.

The truth is, men associate the missionary position with laziness and they find it totally boring.

You don’t have to try every awkward position out there just to show your man that you’re exciting in the bedroom.

You can easily spice up your love life by rotating three or four different lovemaking positions that you both enjoy.

As long as you don’t use the same position every time you get intimate, your love life will be mutually satisfying.

The easiest way to find out what positions your man enjoys the most is to ask him.

You can also tell him some of the new lovemaking positions you would love to explore in the bedroom.

Don’t try to come up with impossible positions that will leave you in pain for days because this can make you start resenting physical intimacy.

Look for good lovemaking positions to add to your intimacy bucket list and use them whenever you want to add more excitement to your love life.

11. Make love in different locations

I know you enjoy making love in your bedroom a lot because it’s easy and convenient for you. You’re not alone in this!

Many couples get busy in the bedroom most of the time and that’s why the passion is slowly fading away from their relationship.

If you want to please your man and keep your relationship exciting, start making love in different locations apart from the bedroom.

The thrill of a new location or position is intoxicating to most men so try to initiate intimacy in new places.

Dr. Scott Haltzman says “Men fantasize about making love in different places” so don’t be glued to the bed all the time.

Examples of new locations to make love are in the kitchen, on the couch, on the bedroom floor, in the shower, in your basement, in the car etc.

You can surprise him by straddling him on the couch while you’re watching TV, having a quickie in the shower, making out in the kitchen or getting freaky at the back of your car in the garage.

I’m sure your man won’t mind you interrupting him for a quickie when he’s watching TV or taking his shower.

In fact, he won’t be able to get you out of his mind for a few days afterward.

How to satisfy a man in bed

12. Don’t forget to use enough lube

Whether you’re going down on him, giving him a handjob or trying out new positions, adequate lubrication makes everything feel so much better.

If you want to give your man great pleasure in bed, make lubrication your best friend and don’t forget to use it every time you get intimate with him.

There are many types of lube you can choose but be careful not to use anything that will lead to skin irritations or allergies.

Most people swear by water-based lubricants while other people love silicone-based lubricants.

Find out which lube you both like and keep using it to increase stimulation during lovemaking.

13. Avoid the things that turn men off in bed

Do you know that there are so many things men dislike in bed that women are fond of doing?

Your man may not tell you what turns him off if you don’t ask him but there are some common things most men dislike during lovemaking.

If you want to truly satisfy your man, avoid these silly mistakes women make in bed when you get intimate with your man:

#1 Being too hasty

Don’t rush to finish up so you can sleep. Create an emotional connection with your man, express yourself fully, don’t skip foreplay and enjoy the entire lovemaking process.

Don’t see physical intimacy as a chore that needs to be carried out; actively engage in it and take your time.

How to satisfy a man in bed

#2 Poor body hygiene

Men are easily turned off by bad smell. Clean up your private part, trim your pubic hairs, bathe regularly and invest in a good perfume so you can smell nice with minimal effort.

No man enjoys a woman who has poor body hygiene so take proper care of yourself and look good for your man.

#3 Being inactive or lazy in bed

If you always lie down in bed without really participating, your man won’t enjoy making love to you and it will be a bad experience for both of you.

Be active in bed, rub your hands all over his body, grab his hair, and suck his nipples to let him know you’re enjoying yourself too.

#4 Not communicating properly or being too silent

A lot of women have this annoying habit of staying quiet during lovemaking. Not giving feedback can easily lead to a boring intimate life.

Moan softly when you enjoy what he’s doing and use romantic words to let him know how you want to be touched.

#5 Feeling insecure about your body

Lack of self-confidence is not attractive to a man. When you have a poor body image and you put all your attention on your flaws, you’ll bring a negative vibe into the bedroom.

Instead of turning off the lights or covering yourself, embrace your body and show off those beautiful curves. You can also use candlelight if you want.

#6 Comparing him to other men

This is a major deal breaker for a lot of men and it can lead to low self-esteem or performance anxiety. Don’t ever compare your man to other male partners you’ve been with.

Nobody is perfect so be prepared to accept him with all his imperfections and focus on what you love about him.

How to satisfy a man in bed

Long-term relationships are difficult to maintain because it’s so easy to fall into a boring routine and lose the spark you once had.

The best way to keep the passion alive is to work on your bedroom skills so that your relationship will remain exciting.

Knowing how to satisfy a man in bed can make or break your relationship and great lovemaking is the foundation of a successful relationship.

When you work on yourself and improve your intimacy skills, you’ll enjoy a more loving relationship with your man.

Don’t be afraid to express yourself in the bedroom, explore different positions, and remember to keep trying new things that can add more passion in your love life.

I’ve just given you a complete guide on how to satisfy a man in bed.

Use these great tips to add more excitement in the bedroom and keep your man super satisfied in bed.

If you’re really good at what you do and you’re constantly practicing most of the techniques you learn from intimacy experts, your man won’t have the urge to cheat on you.

Do you need a bad girls bible with lots of illustrations and powerful techniques to show you how to satisfy a man in bed and make him totally addicted to you?

Get The Irresistible Diva Ebook and use it as a guide to please your man in bed so you can make your relationship stronger.

Knowing how to satisfy a man in bed doesn’t have to be difficult at all.

All you have to do is study your man, know what he wants, and apply different lovemaking techniques to drive him crazy in bed every single time.


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