19 Things Men Want To Hear In Bed

Things men like to hear in bed

Do you often say the things men want to hear in bed? Maybe you try to talk dirty to your man but are you using the right words?

A woman can say anything she likes in bed but it won’t make any impact unless she says the specific things men like to hear in bed.

A woman that knows the exact things to say in bed is totally irresistible to a man.

If you want your man to become physically and emotionally addicted to you, all you have to do is learn to talk dirty and make love to his mind.

Intimate communication is really powerful because a man’s number one erogenous zone isn’t in his pants, it’s in his head.

Men live in a state of perpetual fantasy where they dream of meeting a woman who really understands their “hot” buttons and knows how to push them.

If you’ve never tried talking dirty to your man, you can start it tonight but you have to avoid saying something that’ll just make you sound weird and push him away completely.

When it comes to intimacy, the key to making a man addicted to you is to improve your bedroom skills by understanding exactly what men want in bed.

If you never used naughty phrases to turn a man on during lovemaking, you’re going to have a boring relationship.

Women who communicate during intercourse easily know what a man likes, how he wants to be touched and how to truly satisfy him in bed.

One of my readers contacted me the other day with a serious marriage problem. I thought I had seen the worst until I saw his mail.

He was so worried that his wife never communicates during lovemaking and he has no idea of what she likes in bed.

Here’s exactly what he wrote in the email:

“My biggest challenge is getting my wife to talk to me about intimacy. We have been married for almost 5 years and I have no idea what she likes in bed.

She makes absolutely no noises, not even a moan. She has never said the words “that feels good” to me.

I’ve expressed my need for feedback as I have no confidence in the bedroom because of her lack of communication with me; but still nothing, not during, after or before intercourse. What do I do?”

Things men like to hear in bed

His major concern is that his wife never communicates during intercourse even after he has told her his true feelings.

The first thing I said to him in my reply was that he waited too long to open up and his wife has gotten used to the way she behaves during lovemaking.

Of course, she doesn’t see it as a big deal but it’s killing him, their intimacy and their relationship.

In all my posts, I always emphasize the need for communication in a relationship.

Open up to your spouse from day one and talk about anything bothering you.

Before you even consult a marriage counselor, talk it out with your spouse first.

If you find it difficult starting an intimate conversation with your partner, these 201 Intimate Questions For Couples will give you the right questions to ask your partner about intimacy.

I’ve written this post for women who don’t use pillow talk when getting intimate with their spouse.

What’s the problem? Are you shy of your partner? Or you simply don’t know how to talk dirty in bed?

Let me tell you a secret… Saying things men want to hear in bed will improve your intimate relationship really fast.

If you want to spice up your love life, start using sweet romantic words in bed.


There are so many hot things to say in bed to a man that will drive him crazy and increase emotional intimacy in your relationship.

When you use compliments guys like to hear in bed, it can be beneficial to your relationship in so many ways:

It creates anticipation

It awakens the intimate senses

It builds arousal before intercourse

It boosts your libido

It creates intimacy between lovers

It helps couples learn about each other’s emotional needs

It will make him worship you and become addicted to you

19 Things Men Want To Hear In Bed


#1 It turns a man on like magic

Men like hearing naughty words in bed and the number one thing talking dirty does is to turn your partner on.

It makes your partner anticipate for intimacy and it automatically puts him in the mood.

When you say things men like to hear in bed before having intercourse, you will save yourself some minutes of foreplay.

You won’t need to spend so much time trying to arouse your partner because the romantic words you used are already making him so hot for you.

He can hardly wait to get his hands on your beautiful body.

#2 It encourages him to do more

Do you know how encouraged employees get when they receive a word of praise or encouragement from their boss?

That’s exactly how pillow talk works on men!

It encourages your partner to do more in the romance department. It motivates him to please you beyond your expectations.

When you tell him you love it when he goes down on you, he will do it again and again because he knows how much you like it.

Things men like to hear in bed


#3 It shows your partner what you like in bed

Most couples don’t even know what their partner likes in bed. They just make love because it’s a biological need.

You need to know what men like in bed and your partner needs to know what you like.

You can both achieve this by communicating intimately with each other.

Save yourself years of exploring your bodies and know what you really like by using naughty phrases whenever you can.

If you enjoy nice foot rubs, say it. If you like your hair being dragged during lovemaking, tell your man.

Intimate communication shows your partner exactly what you like in bed so he won’t be second-guessing.

Do you want to increase your intimacy and keep the passion burning?

These 120 Naughty Truth or Dare Game Cards will spice up your relationship with little or no effort.

#4 It improves your love life

An active love life leads to a happy, healthy and fulfilling relationship.

When you start using words men like to hear in bed to turn your partner on, to encourage him to do more and to show him what you like in bed, your relationship will become super-fantastic.

Your relationship will become closer and stronger because you have a satisfying love life.

There won’t be unnecessary couple fights because you’re completely open to each other.

Just by saying some things men want to hear in bed, you can instantly take your relationship to the next level.

It’s truly amazing to have intimate conversations with your man.

#5 It makes your man happy

Men are always concerned when they don’t know what their women want in bed. They are even more frustrated when they can’t satisfy her.

Their ego is crushed when they can’t give a woman immense pleasure.

But, when you open up to your man and start telling him how he can please you, he’ll know exactly what you want.

And, he’ll be very happy because he can finally give you what you want and not what he thinks you want.

The day he genuinely satisfies you in bed will be the best day of his life! When you’re satisfied in bed, your man will be happy too.

19 Things Men Want To Hear In Bed


What kind of words do men want to hear in bed? And how can you use them to produce a powerful impact on your man?

The key to successful communication in bed is to do it with honesty and confidence.

Lovers enjoy using naughty and romantic words as a way of expressing their passionate desires in the heat of the moment.

With intimate communication, we learn about our partner’s desires as well as stimulate and heighten our intimate senses.

We gain knowledge about our partner’s pleasures, insecurities, and sensitivities.

Intimate communication isn’t just about saying words; it is about the sounds you make, the tone of your voice and the confidence you radiate.

You must be authentic and confident when you talk to your spouse in bed.

The way you say it can be more powerful than what you say.

Here are some examples of things men want to hear in bed:

1). I love it when you nibble my ear lobe with your teeth.

2). When you lick my belly button, it makes me shiver with desire.

3). Seeing you naked from a shower makes me so aroused.

4). I love it when you enter me from behind.

5). When you grab my hair during lovemaking, it makes me go crazy.

6). Foot rubs make me so damn wet.

7). What would you prefer first? My tongue or my fingers?

8). I love kissing you slowly and deeply.

9). You look so hot right now; I can’t wait to have you.

10). The sounds of your pleasure drive me crazy.

11). It feels so nice to be in your arms.

12). Your lips taste so good tonight.

13). I love it when you use your tongue like that.

14). It feels amazing when you use the tip of your tongue on my nipples.

15). Making love to you is the best thing ever.

16). I really like it when you go down on me.

17). You smell so good I could eat you up right now.

18). I love it when you lick the soft spot behind my ears.

19). I want you so badly right now.

Things men like to hear in bed

I hope you now understand how to use naughty words to increase intimacy and improve your relationship?

Words have the power to arouse your imagination, make you cry out with desire, or enable you to reach your climax during lovemaking.

Don’t underestimate the power of your voice. Your voice is a powerful tool for releasing desires and giving intense pleasure.

Use your sweet voice to tell your man all those naughty things men like to hear in bed.

Whispering can also be very exciting because you have to get close to the ear and you know the ear is a hot zone for many people.

Learning how to trigger powerful emotions with your voice and touch builds intense arousal.

Don’t try to figure out something pretty to say to your spouse; just be genuine.

Say whatever suits your personality; let the words come straight from your heart.

Authenticity is important, otherwise, you will sound fake. Don’t be shy about telling your man romantic things in bed.

Intimate communication will improve your relationship if you use it correctly.

Tell your partner how good he is in bed. Tell him how much you love it when he grabs your hair while making love to you.

Let him know how aroused you get when he caresses your feet and thighs. If you don’t tell him, how will he know he is giving you immense pleasure?

You have full permission to say naughty words before, during and after lovemaking.

If you want more examples of things men want to hear in bed, grab a copy of The Irresistible Diva Ebook and get powerful naughty phrases you can use to turn your man on tonight.

You will learn how to get started with pillow talk and how to build it up gradually so you are comfortable and sound confident when you say them.

Your man wants you to communicate intimately with him, so don’t be shy about it. 

Tell him these 19 things men want to hear in bed regularly so you can spice up your love life and make him super addicted to you.

If you’re nervous, shy or feel self-conscious talking dirty or if you feel kind of dumb because you just don’t know what to say, get The Irresistible Diva Ebook to learn how to talk dirty to a man.

You’ll get a step-by-step guide on how to drive a man crazy for you in bed and how to keep his attention on you.


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