20 Undeniable Signs He Loves You Deeply

20 Undeniable Signs He Loves You Deeply

Are you trying to figure out if your boyfriend truly loves you?

It’s normal to be confused about a man’s feelings for you, especially if he hasn’t said the three magic words.

Being able to identify the signs a man loves you deeply is often challenging because men don’t usually wear their hearts on their sleeves.

If you’re looking for signs he loves you without saying it, I’m going to share some valuable tips on how to tell if a man is in love with you in this article.


According to relationship experts, when a man loves you, he’ll show it through his words, actions, and body language.

Here are 20 undeniable signs he loves you deeply even if he hasn’t made the love confession:

1. He’s super affectionate with you

Men may not be as emotional as women but they tend to be super affectionate when they’re in love.

One of the biggest signs a man loves you is when his kisses last longer than normal and he passionately grabs the side of your face when you kiss.

Does he kiss you tenderly before he leaves for work in the morning?

Does he hold your hand when you walk down the street or hug you from behind when you’re washing the dishes?

These are all displays of affection from a guy who loves you a lot.

If he’s affectionate with you most of the time, it’s a clear sign he loves you without saying it.

2. He’s more playful than usual

Love has a way of making people feel more alive and happy at the same time.

These unexplainable feelings of joy can often cause men to become more playful than usual in romantic relationships.

Have you noticed that your man is more fun to be around?

You can easily recognize this playful mode when he tickles you for no reason, throws pillows at you randomly, spanks your butt on the way to the bathroom, or lays on top of you when you’re enjoying some alone time.

If your man is normally the serious type and he’s suddenly turned playful with you, that’s an obvious sign he’s deeply in love with you.

3. He wants to maintain physical contact with you

Men are not cuddly or touchy by nature unless they really like you.

When a man loves you deeply, he’ll want to have more physical contact with you. And this has nothing to do with intercourse at all.

I’m talking about when he drops his hand in your lap while driving or when he pulls you closer to him in bed.

Or when he absent-mindedly plays with your fingers when you’re watching TV.

Or when he traces your skin with his fingertips as you lie down in bed together.

If he can’t seem to keep his hands off you most of the time, he’s obviously in love with you even if he doesn’t admit it.


Signs he loves you without saying it

4. He communicates openly about his feelings

There are different ways men show their deep love for a woman and one of them is by sharing delicate information about their personal life.

For example, he may describe a traumatic event that happened to him when he was 10 years old.

When a man craves a deep emotional connection with a woman, he’ll talk more about himself and even share embarrassing stories from his childhood because he wants to build a serious relationship with her.

Does your man talk openly about his past or his flaws? He’s trying to create an intimate bond with you and you don’t need to take this lightly.

Most men are highly secretive and they’ll only tell you things they want you to know.

According to Dana Mistretta, a relationship expert from Rise Medical, “A sure-fire way to know if a guy truly loves you is if he opens up about personal matters and isn’t afraid to get vulnerable.”

If your boyfriend is communicating openly about his feelings and exposing his vulnerable side to you rather than ignoring you or shutting you out, this is a big sign he loves you passionately.

5. He takes note of your facial expressions

Have you ever caught your boyfriend staring at you intensely when you’re doing something as simple as scrolling through your phone?

Men believe that women are complicated creatures and the only way to know exactly how a woman feels is to observe her facial expressions.

A loving boyfriend will look at your face with attention to take note of your facial expressions and fluctuating moods so he can understand you better.

If your man maintains eye contact with you and can easily identify when you’re upset, angry, depressed, happy, or disgusted, it means he’s paying extra attention to your feelings.

This is a great sign that he truly loves you and doesn’t want to lose you

6. He remembers your favorite things without being reminded

A lot of guys can easily recall a few details about a woman they’re dating such as her name, phone number, and home address.

But, it is only a man who is deeply in love that can remember little things about a woman like her favorite ice cream flavor or her favorite movie of all time.

For example, if you tell him that you love chocolate and he gets you a bar of chocolate or makes you a cup of hot cocoa on your anniversary, that’s a sure sign he loves you deeply.

Or if you mention that you like a celebrity and he surprises you with tickets to their upcoming show on Valentine’s day, he’s definitely in love with you.

When your man remembers your favorite things without being reminded, this shows that he’s paying close attention to you.

Signs he loves you deeply

7. He goes out of his way to make you feel safe and comfortable

A man in love may not express his feelings through words, but you’ll know if he deeply loves you through his body language and actions.

If you mentioned that you prefer a particular type of fragrance and the next time you stay over at his place, you immediately notice that the bedsheets smell familiar, you’re definitely dating a keeper.

Edwina Caito, a Head Writer at Bedbible says, “Look for changes in his habits like laundry, bedding, putting brighter bulbs in the lamps, or keeping your favorite snacks and drinks in the fridge.”

Going out of his comfort zone to make you happy and changing the way he does things or the way he lives is a sure sign he loves you deeply.

8. He keeps in touch with you throughout the day

An important sign of true love to look out for in a romantic relationship is the level of communication from a man’s end.

When a man falls deeply in love, he’s often preoccupied with thoughts of his loved one and the only way he can think straight is to initiate contact regularly.

Does your boyfriend call you every chance he gets? That’s a good sign he enjoys talking to you and wants to hear your voice often.

If he’s calling you twice a day just to say “Hi” or sending you “I’m thinking of you” text messages every morning and night, that guy is head over heels in love with you.

A guy who loves you deeply will never be too busy to call because he misses you a lot and wants to make sure you’re okay.

If he’s a good listener, it’s obvious he’s planning to stay with you for the long haul and that’s why he enjoys listening to you talk about your life and personal goals.

9. He genuinely cares about your happiness

One of the most unmistakable signs a guy is deeply in love with you is when he goes to great lengths to give you a helping hand.

The first time I knew my husband really loved me when we were dating, was the day he gave me his only functional phone because mine was broken, and I couldn’t afford to buy a new one at the time.

It was a huge sacrifice on his part and I can never forget it even though it’s been several years since it happened.

Has your man ever compromised or sacrificed something big just to make your life better?

Does he drive across town to give you a lift home if you’re stranded somewhere?

Does he let you relax while he prepares a romantic dinner for two after you’ve had a long day?

Most people are protective of their time, energy, and material possessions, so when a man sacrifices his happiness for yours, don’t ever doubt his love for you. 

If he’s willing to go the extra mile to make you happy or comfortable in any way, there is an obvious sign that you mean a lot to him.

Signs he deeply loves you

10. He uses your love language even when you don’t ask for it

Using your partner’s love language is the best way to make them feel loved and special.

But, most people don’t do something nice for another person unless they are asked or they hope to get something valuable in return.

Does your man often tell you how beautiful you look because he knows words of affirmation is your favorite language of love?

Or does he help you with the house chores even when he’s exhausted because he’s aware you feel loved the most through acts of service?

If he’s using your love language regularly even when you don’t ask for it, it’s because he enjoys making you feel happy and this is a big sign of real love.

11. He seizes every little opportunity to spend time with you

Spending quality time as a couple is a great way to grow closer and connect on a deep level.

But, a lot of men prefer to hang out with their clique of friends playing video games or drinking beer at the pub.

Even though it is not unusual for a man to take you out on dates as a way to bond with you, if he’s attending family gatherings with you and watching the latest episode of your favorite show on date night, you’ve completely captured his heart.

Is your boyfriend the type of guy who seizes every chance he gets to spend time with you even when he has other activities lined up?

This is a huge sign that he’s hopelessly smitten with you because men only do this when they are deeply in love.


12. He does something nice for you on special occasions

This may not be one of the hidden signs of true love but it counts.

A lot of women in long-term relationships often complain that their men forget their birthdays and anniversaries.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that a man who forgets your birthday is not in love with you, but if he remembers to do something nice for you on special occasions, it shows that he’s intentional about expressing his love for you.

It’s not easy for a busy man who works long hours to remember to celebrate with his loved one on important dates even though he should.

Celebrating together and doing fun things as a couple is a great way to keep the love alive.

If you don’t have to remind him all the time about your special day, that’s a good sign he loves you deeply.

Signs he loves you deeply

13. He’s fiercely supportive of your career and hobbies

For most people, their career is an important part of their lives and this means that their romantic partner is supposed to be okay with what they choose to do.

A guy who doesn’t love you may have some reservations about your job or business because he doesn’t approve of it and he might feel reluctant to show support in that area.

On the other hand, a man who is deeply in love with you will believe in you and your future goals.

He’ll support your dreams no matter how crazy they seem and he’ll be proud of your achievements.

If your boyfriend is always there to listen when you have a bad day and even helps you work through tough issues, he’s the real deal.

14. He asks for your opinion on important things

According to Clinical Director Thomas J. Jameson, “When a man loves you, he does more than just talk about how much he loves you.

He shows you with his actions and respects your choices.” If your man asks for your opinion on important things and trusts your advice, this is a sign that you’re a big part of his life.

Thomas says a man who truly loves you will trust you and give you space when you need it.

He’ll also allow you to be yourself and encourage you to have a life outside of the relationship.

So, if you want to know if a guy loves you deeply, pay attention to how he treats you and how he makes big decisions in his life.

If you’re the first person he goes to for advice on important things, there is a good chance that you’re a special person to him.

15. He introduces you to his family and close friends

If you’re dating someone you love, it’s important to introduce them to your loved ones after a while.

A guy may not show you to his family after the first few dates because he wants to ensure that the relationship is headed in the right direction.

However, if you’ve been together for about 6 months and haven’t met any of his friends or family members, that’s a warning sign he’s hiding the relationship from them.

A man who loves you will post about you on his social media accounts from time to time.

He’ll also like or comment on your posts because he’s proud to be associated with you.

Finally, he’ll tell his family about you and even invite you to family events on a regular basis.

16. He has a good relationship with your loved ones

Even though it’s not compulsory for your man to like your friends or family members, it’s important that he establishes a cordial relationship with them.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that he has to call them or buy them gifts on their birthday.

Generally, when a man loves a woman, he extends the camaraderie to her loved ones.

So, if your boyfriend is courteous to the most important in your life, that’s a bonus point for him.

Being polite and friendly to your loved ones even when they’re not nice is a sure sign he loves you without saying it.

17. He cuddles with you after lovemaking

The way a man reacts after making love can tell a lot about his character and personality.

How does your guy behave immediately after lovemaking? Does he grab his phone to check his Facebook notifications or get up to work on his laptop?

One of the most obvious body language signs a man loves you deeply is when he cuddles with you in bed after lovemaking instead of rolling over to sleep or getting up to shower.

If your man stays with you for even 5 minutes after you make love, this means he has strong feelings for you.

20 signs your boyfriend loves you deeply

18. He considers you when making future plans

You can easily tell if a man truly loves you when he puts you into consideration before making big decisions.

For example, if he thinks of you before making an important decision like relocating to a different city for a new job, this means that he sees you as an integral part of his life.

A man who doesn’t love you may not consider the effects of his actions on you, and this can play out by him acting selfish and inconsiderate, which shows that he doesn’t value you at all.

If your man makes you a part of his life and includes you in his plans or talks about the future with you, this is a clear sign that he’s serious about you.

19. He gets jealous or protective when he sees you with other men

This sign is quite tricky to analyze in a romantic relationship, but jealousy can be a good trait for a guy to have if he’s not controlling, violent, abusive, or possessive toward you.

It could mean that he loves you so much that he wants to have you all to himself and doesn’t want to compete with other men for your attention.

I think it’s safe to call this habit “marking his territory” because of the hero instinct in most men that compels them to protect and provide for the woman they love.

So if your man gets a little bit jealous or protective when you’re around other men, it is a good indicator of his deep love for you.

20. He invests time, money, and energy in the relationship

One of the most common signs of being with a loving partner is when you’re both investing equal amounts of your time, money and energy into the relationship.

A good way to know if your boyfriend truly loves you is how he treats you when you’re sick or on your period.

Does he offer to get a hot water bottle, run a warm bath or bring you vegetable soup?

These are little things most guys won’t do especially if they’re not deeply in love with you.

If he invests a lot in the relationship and is eager to work through problems as a team or sticks around during difficult times, this shows that he is ready to build a serious relationship with you.

When a man truly loves you, there are going to be different signs to confirm his feelings for you.

Being able to recognize the signs he loves you deeply is easy if you know exactly what to look out for in your relationship.

As a rule of thumb, a loving relationship involves good communication, mutual respect, regular physical affection, and the willingness to make your partner feel loved.

Unfortunately, guys are capable of hiding their feelings really well and you’ll have to be observant before you can spot the love signs.

Luckily, I’ve given you some of the top signs he loves you deeply so you can tell if your boyfriend is connected to you on a deeper level and if he’s planning to stay with you for a long time.

20 Unmistakable Signs He Loves You Deeply

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