How To Tell If Your Man Is Loyal To You

how to tell if your man is loyal

Are you wondering how to tell if your man is loyal to you? You’re not alone!

Nowadays, most people in romantic relationships are not dedicated and faithful to each other.

They tell lies, keeps secrets, pretend to love their partner, and cheat on them behind their back.

That’s why a lot of relationships and marriages are breaking up.

Lack of loyalty can cause so much pain and trauma to a committed partner who has given all their love, energy, and time to build a lasting relationship.

It’s really hurtful to find out that your romantic partner hasn’t been fully present with you and that they’ve been deceiving you for a long time.

If you are honest, trustworthy, and supportive, it’s important to settle down with a life partner who is loyal to you to avoid getting your heart broken.

However, if you’ve been in toxic relationships with men who betrayed your trust and abandoned you for someone else, it may be difficult to recognize a loyal partner when you meet one.

So what does it mean to be loyal to someone?

Loyalty means being honest, trustworthy, supportive, and faithful to your partner at all times.

Some major characteristics of loyalty in a relationship are open communication, emotional intimacy, vulnerability, and consistent support.

When you’re loyal to someone you want to see them succeed and thrive in everything they do.

And you’re willing to stick with them through thick and thin because your heart is steadfast. In fact, your partner’s happiness will be your top priority.

One of the most common signs a man is loyal to you is that he won’t hide anything from you and will share every aspect of his life with you.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the signs of loyalty in a relationship and how you can easily identify them.

Signs of loyalty in a relationship


We all want a loyal partner who won’t betray us or leave us for someone else, especially when we’ve decided to be fully committed to them.

If you’ve been asking, how do I know if he’s loyal, here are 10 sure signs you have a good man:

#1 He tells you everything

One of the first signs you have a loyal man is that he’ll be transparent and vulnerable with you.

This means he’ll express his real feelings, communicate freely, and won’t hide secrets from you.

For example, if your man does something he knows you don’t approve of, he’ll still tell you about it, even when he knows you’ll get mad at him.

That’s a sure sign you have an honest and trustworthy person.

A disloyal partner, on the other hand, will be secretive about their affairs and won’t share much information with you on a regular basis.

Even when you ask what they’re up to, they’ll try to cover up their act with lies and silly excuses.

So if your partner reveals his true personality to you and always tells you the truth about his life even when he knows you’ll disagree with him, it means he’s loyal to you.

#2 He asks for your opinion regularly

Healthy couples are often interdependent which means they rely on one another for support and don’t seek help from a third party unless they can’t handle the issue.

A major sign of loyalty in a relationship is that your partner will always involve you in the decision-making process and consider your opinion important.

For instance, if your man is struggling to figure out a way to do something, he’ll ask you for your opinions or ideas because he trusts you.

A partner who isn’t committed to you will ignore you completely and even dismiss your thoughts when you give him advice because he doesn’t see you as his equal.

This type of person will prefer to seek help from his close friends and family members rather than working with you to solve a problem.

If your man is always asking you what you think about something or how to go about achieving a goal, that’s a big sign he’s loyal to you.

how to tell if your man is loyal

#3 He talks to you about his future plans

Does your partner talk to you about his life goals and future plans? That’s a sure sign he wants you in his life for the long haul.

When a man is in a committed relationship with a woman he loves, he carries her along in everything he does and gives her regular updates about his life.

In fact, she will be the first person he shares any news with whether good or bad.

When he gets promoted at work, he will let his woman know and if he’s planning to switch to a new career path, he will inform her about his decision.

If you have a good man, he will tell you about where he sees himself in the next 3 to 5 years and how you fit into that chapter of his life.

He’ll also talk to you about his next career move and how he’s planning to develop himself in the nearest future.

A loyal partner will reveal his future plans and goals to you because you’re an important part of his life.

Plus, he wants to make sure you’re okay with any changes he might be implementing soon.

#4 He’s very supportive of you

A clear sign your partner is loyal is that he’ll support you in any way he can. If you need financial assistance, he’ll try his best to provide it.

When you have a mental breakdown, he’ll do everything in his power to cheer you up because he wants you to be happy.

He’ll be there to give you a shoulder to lean on when you fail and a helping hand when you struggle to find your way in life.

He’ll listen to you vent about your personal problems and take care of you when you’re sick.

In fact, a loyal man who loves you will be your cheerleader, your biggest fan, and your greatest motivation in life.

If your man offers you emotional support and financial aid regularly, that’s a sure sign he’s fully committed to you.


#5 He listens to you when you talk

So many people in romantic relationships don’t know the value of having active listening skills and that’s why a lot of couples fight all the time.

One key factor that contributes to a thriving love life is healthy communication between two partners.

When you’re with someone who doesn’t respect you or value your input, they’ll never listen to what you have to say.

In fact, they’ll pay more attention to their phone or the TV while you try to have a meaningful conversation with them and won’t give a second thought to your words.

This is because they’re often preoccupied with their own issues or they’re mindlessly scrolling on social media.

And no matter how often you share your thoughts, they’ll disregard your opinions and do only what they want.

However, when you’re with a loyal man, he’ll patiently listen to you when you talk and try to understand the situation so he can come up with the best solutions to your problem.

For example, if you start complaining about an issue in your workplace, your partner will put down their phone and give you the undivided attention you need at the moment.

How to tell if your man is loyal to you

#6 He takes your advice seriously

When you’re dating a man who values you, he’ll take every piece of advice you give him seriously. This is a big sign of loyalty in a relationship!

Most men have a superiority complex that often plays out when they’re with a woman.

They feel they’re smarter and more knowledgeable than women, which means they rarely listen to them or regard their opinion highly.

A loyal man, on the other hand, trusts his woman completely and respects her opinion because he has proven her authenticity.

Of course, this doesn’t mean he’s unintelligent or foolish, rather it means he considers her viewpoints and analyzes them for credibility before making his final decision.

If your man pays attention to what you say and takes your advice seriously most of the time, that’s a sign he’s loyal to you.

#7 He always keeps to his promises

A surefire way to know you have a trustworthy partner is that he’ll keep to his word and be faithful to his promises.

If your man says he’s going to do something and follows through with his promises, that’s a huge sign that he is a keeper.

Disloyal men lie a lot and their actions are never consistent with their words.

They’ll promise to do something but deliberately choose not to and then come up with a bunch of excuses.

Men who repeatedly break their vows are not ready to be committed to you or your relationship.

So if you have a man who has integrity and always fulfills his promises, don’t ever let him go.

How to tell if your man is loyal to you

#8 He spends a lot of time with you

Another sign your man is loyal is that he’ll choose to spend most of his leisure time with you because he enjoys your company and misses you when you’re apart.

For example, if your man is on work leave and he decides to be with you instead of hanging out with his friends or visiting nightclubs, that’s a good sign.

Wayward men prefer to hang out in bars and mingle with other women they find attractive instead of spending quality time with their partners.

Loyal men, however, enjoy taking their women out and exploring new places together.

Even if they can’t afford to travel or dine out, they’ll find inexpensive ways to have fun at home.

If you have a man who seizes every opportunity to be with you, don’t take him for granted. That’s a sign of a man who’s fiercely loyal to you.

#9 He makes love to you consistently

Most women think that when a man wants to get intimate with them it’s because he’s selfish and only wants to satisfy his urges. This is partly true!

If you’re with a man who wants to make passionate love with you regularly, this is a good sign. It means he’s loyal to you and isn’t looking at other women outside.

One way to know when you’re with a cheating partner is that he’ll avoid sleeping with you often because he has someone else who fulfills his intimate needs.

But a loyal man who only desires you and longs to connect with you deeply will want to make love to you as often as possible.

And he’ll stick with you even if you’re not always in the mood for intimacy because he knows that one woman is enough for him.

#10 He gives you access to his personal gadgets

One of the most common signs a man is loyal to you is that he’ll give you access to his phone and laptop because he has nothing to hide.

However, an unfaithful man who has multiple girlfriends or dubious businesses will be very protective of his gadgets and won’t let you touch them.

He’ll always carry his cell phone with him to prevent you from using it.

He’ll also make and receive calls in another room when you’re together so you won’t eavesdrop on his conversations.

A loyal partner will give you the passwords to all his gadgets because he’s not afraid of being vulnerable with you and has no secrets to hide.

If you’re in a long-term relationship, a loyal man may also give you access to his credit cards and bank accounts.


When a man is loyal to you, he shows it in his words and actions. And it’s easy to spot a trustworthy partner because he’ll be as open as a book.

He won’t tell you lies, play mind games with you, or cheat on you with another woman.

However, finding a loyal man these days is difficult as most people are self-centered and non-committal in romantic relationships.

So if you find a man who has these 10 adorable characteristics, do everything you can to keep him in your life.


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