7 Things Men Really Want In Bed

7 things men really want in bed

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Have you ever wondered “What men really want in bed?”

If you’ve asked yourself this question before, it’s likely that you’re not doing something right in the bedroom and your man knows this.

Perhaps, you’ve done everything possible to satisfy your man but deep down you know that he’s not really happy with your performance.

Or maybe you’ve been guessing and trying different things to please him in bed…

But you realize that you’re missing the final puzzle piece that will make everything so much clearer.

Or you’re doing really well but you want to be exceptionally great in bed and increase the intimacy in your relationship.

I totally get you because I’ve been there before.

And it feels like groping in the dark desperately trying to find your way without a torchlight.

One thing about men is that, when you’re not good at a particular thing, they conclude that you’re either inexperienced or you don’t really love them.


Being great in bed requires confidence, experience, and passion.

If you have one and lack the other, your intimate life will be boring and unsatisfying.

When that happens, your man will gradually become less interested in making love to you.

And before you know it, he’ll be cheating on you with another woman right under your nose.

7 things men really want in bed

A recent study from Men’s Health magazine shows 44% of men would leave their girlfriend or wife for some other random woman with better skills in the bedroom.

This means that if your man is not satisfied in bed, he’ll likely cheat on you with a more experienced woman.

I know it sounds unfair but it’s the blunt truth!

For us women, lovemaking needs to be an emotional connection.

We want to be told how beautiful we are, how lovely our skin feels, and how much our man loves us.

We need all that in order to connect with a man during lovemaking but for men, it’s not that complicated.

The things men really want in bed are slightly different from what women want because they don’t see intimacy the same way we do.

That’s why when a man cheats in a committed relationship, we don’t understand why he did it when he claimed to love us.

The truth is, men, love being intimate with a woman who knows how to please them, and if you can’t do that, they’ll find someone else who can.

Fortunately, you can avoid all of that by simply learning how to be irresistible in bed. But first, you need to know what men really want in bed…


7 things men really want in bed

#1 Confidence

Confidence is the first thing a man looks for in a woman even before he gets intimate with her.

A man wants you to be sure of yourself and love who you are without seeking approval from anyone else.

So, even in bed, men want you to carry yourself as if you know exactly what you’re doing even if you don’t.

Your man doesn’t like you being unsure of yourself and having a poor body image.

A lot of women have low self-esteem because they don’t love their bodies and this shows when they’re with a man.

What most men find as a lasting turn on more than anything is the way a woman carries herself.

Her confidence and charisma are what attracts him to her. Don’t ever lose it.

If you always look down on your body, you can do something about it by working out if you want or dressing better.

But, one sure thing you can do right now is learn to embrace the skin you’re in and feel confident to flaunt it.

A confident woman is intriguing, mysterious, and attractive.

She knows who she is and she’s not afraid to be her real self in front of her man because she loves herself wholeheartedly.

She doesn’t need anyone’s approval to dress in a certain way. She knows what she wants and she goes for it without seeking permission.

Your appearance and the way you carry yourself can be very appealing to a man.

No one is perfect in this world so learn to love and accept yourself just the way you are. Men find this very attractive in a woman.


#2 Responsiveness

How do you respond to your man’s advances in bed? Do you lie there like a dead fish waiting for him to do his thing and be done?

Men hate it when women refuse to respond to their touch. It makes him feel unloved and unwanted by you.

Your man needs you to make some soft noises, rub your hands on his body, and be involved during lovemaking.

Intimacy should be fun and pleasant most of the time. It shouldn’t always seem like a chore or something you’re being forced into.

I know you have a lot on your plate like going to work, cleaning the house, getting groceries, taking care of kids, and dealing with everyday problems.

All these tasks can sometimes leave you too tired to get anything going but you have to motivate yourself and put your mind into it.

When you’re getting intimate with your man, it is important that you focus on what you are doing at the moment.

To do this you have to stop the chatter going on in your own head.

Don’t worry that you forgot to pick up the dry cleaning, or that you need to call your friend about her birthday or the fact that you’re out of milk.

Leave all that stuff for later and just enjoy the moment.

You can always attend to your to-do list after spending some intimate moments with your man.


7 things men really want in bed

#3 Communication

There is a misconception that goes on in the minds of women that a man is supposed to know what to do in bed all the time.

The truth is everyone is different and people change constantly.

You can’t expect your man to automatically know what you like or dislike in bed.

You have to give him constant feedback and you can do this by telling him or showing him.

If he’s doing something that feels good, tell him. When he’s touching you in a place that turns you off, let him know that you don’t like it.

Even if you’ve been together for a long time, your partner can’t always know what you like and even if he does, it wouldn’t hurt to tell him how to improve.

Say what you like and why you like it, it will motivate him to do better and please you more in bed.

If you can’t tell your partner what you really want him to do to you, sending him playful text messages is a great alternative.

It allows you to be as specific as you like without feeling shy and it also gives your partner time to process what you’ve said.

Constant communication is another thing men really want in bed because they like to improve their performance in bed.

All you have to do is be open and speak up about your needs.

#4 Experience

Making love to someone who is naive or inexperienced is not always pleasant especially to men.

If you’re naive, you’re going to be totally boring in bed and this can turn men off instantly.

When you get intimate with a man, you need to know what you’re doing, where to touch, and how to touch in a pleasant way.

Lovemaking will be more enjoyable and memorable when you have some experience with satisfying a man.

Your man doesn’t just want to get laid; he wants to connect intimately with you and he can only do that if you’re actively involved.

A man doesn’t want to tell you everything you have to do in bed, he expects you to have a few skills up your sleeve to show him.

If there is a particular thing you don’t know how to do, read about it, watch videos on it, and practice on your man until you master it.

If you don’t have much experience in the bedroom, I recommend The Irresistible Diva course to teach you how to be great in bed.

7 things men really want in bed

#5 Romance

Most women feel that men don’t necessarily need romance but they actually do.

Being romantic can keep the spark alive in your relationship and maintain the emotional connection you have with your man.

If you think being romantic has to do with planning big gestures or buying expensive gifts, you’re totally wrong.

Romance has to do with the little things you do to show your partner how much you love him.

Men love affection too and they appreciate it when you go out of your way to show your love in thoughtful ways.

Romantic things you can do are giving him a kiss when you walk past him, trailing your finger along his arm when he’s reading a magazine, and snuggling on the couch while watching TV.

You can also give your partner a foot bath when he gets home from a busy day or use a feather to trace his body when you’re lying down in bed together.

You know your man best so do those cute things you know he really likes.


#6 Passion

Everyone loves a hot, steamy, and passionate lovemaking session because of how irresistible it makes us feel.

But sometimes we are just too tired to make that happen.

It’s totally understandable to not be in the mood occasionally.

But if you’re always too tired for intimacy or you don’t put in much effort to enjoy it, your man won’t be happy with your intimate life and this can make him cheat on you.

Lovemaking should be an intimate and passionate experience. It shouldn’t seem forceful or stressful.

You need to be excited when you’re making love to your man and he needs to feel wanted by you.

When you add passion to lovemaking, your partner will feel it and enjoy it a lot more than when you just lie there and look at the ceiling waiting for him to finish.

If you’re active in bed, your man won’t find you boring or selfish; he’ll feel your passion and love for him in every touch or moan.

When you incorporate positive energy into your lovemaking sessions, it will make you feel more vibrant and alive.

That sort of passion is another thing men really want in bed. It keeps a man excited and addicted to you for a long time.

When he’s apart, he’ll reminisce about the last time you made passionate love and it will drive him so crazy for you.


7 things men really want in bed

#7 Spontaneity

Just like everything else, a relationship can get boring if you repeat the same things over and over again.

Do you use the same position every single time you make love? Do you touch the same spots to turn your man on?

That’s not good for your love life.

Routine is good for things like brushing your teeth, cleaning the house, or shaving your legs.

But it shouldn’t come into your intimate life when variety is a crucial element in making it satisfying.

Men love it when you’re adventurous, fun, and full of surprises in bed.

It’s not possible to be this way all the time but you can carve out time to explore and have fun with your man.

It’s totally okay to schedule intimacy on less busy days but adding spontaneity can really help you bond on a deeper level.

The element of surprise is a great turn on for most men.

If you want to be spontaneous, you can jump into the shower with your man unexpectedly, hug him from behind when he’s cooking, or touch him down there when he’s watching TV.

If you always make love lying down, try standing or sitting to give you both a new sensation.

If you’re always on top then try switching things around.

Spontaneity is another important thing men really want in bed; it keeps them excited and committed to you.

Just try new things especially when he’s not expecting it.

7 things men really want in bed

I’ve given you a few things men really want in bed but I can assure you that the list is not comprehensive.

There are 18 other elements you need to master for you to be irresistible in bed and keep your partner happy.

I had to summarize everything into this post so you’ll understand some basic concepts about intimacy.

Every man is different and sometimes, you have to keep learning, practicing, and tweaking in order for you to stay on top of the game.

If you want a step-by-step guide on how to satisfy your man and make him addicted to you, sign up for the Irresistible Diva course to learn more about what men really want in bed.

It covers a lot of topics like romance ideas, self-confidence, great communication, lovemaking positions, and troubleshooting your intimate life.


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