10 Obvious Signs He Still Has Feelings For His Ex

signs he still has feelings for his ex

Are you wondering how to tell if he still has feelings for his ex?

This article explores some of the signs you’ll notice when your man is in love with his ex.

Love is a deep feeling that doesn’t easily go away even when you’re no longer in a relationship with someone.

Most times people have to get rid of their emotional baggage before they get into another romantic relationship.

But for personal reasons, some people enter new relationships when they still have feelings for their former partner and this can jeopardize your relationship together.

So how do you tell if he still has feelings for his ex?

If you suspect that your man is still in love with his ex, here are 10 surefire ways to find out if he has feelings for his former girlfriend.


When a man is in love with a woman, he behaves in a certain way and you can see it in his actions and body language even if he denies it.

If your romantic partner does these things in a relationship, it means he hasn’t moved on from his ex and is still emotionally attached to her.

#1 He has some of her photos in his possession

One of the most obvious signs your man still has feelings for his ex is that you’ll find pictures of her in his possession.

For example, you may scroll through his phone gallery or photo album and see beautiful pictures of his former girlfriend, which can only mean that he’s still in love with her.

When people break up with their romantic partners, they often delete their photos and text messages so they can move on easily with their life.

If someone has photos of their ex stored somewhere accessible, that’s a clear sign they haven’t moved on and are still holding on to the memories of their former lover.

signs he still has feelings for his ex

#2 He interacts with her on social media regularly

Another red flag to look out for in your relationship is when your man follows and interacts with his ex regularly on social media.

For instance, if a man still has feelings for his ex, he’ll stalk her online to see what she’s up to and will even like or comment on some of her posts.

It’s totally inappropriate to be in a romantic relationship and still engage with your ex online on a consistent basis.

If your man is actively interacting with his ex on social media, that’s a sure sign he’s still in love with her.

#3 He talks about his former girlfriend a lot

When a man loves a woman, he tends to talk about her a lot to his friends, colleagues, and family members.

If your man keeps mentioning his ex in most of your conversations, that’s a huge red flag.

Whether he’s telling you about her upcoming birthday party or the new salon she’s opening in town, it’s enough for you to raise an eyebrow.

There’s an unwritten rule most couples follow in relationships about not talking about your exes with your partner, especially if it doesn’t help your current love life.

So if your man is constantly discussing his ex with you or other people, it means he’s still interested in her.

The only time this is okay is when he has kids with his ex and needs to pay for child support or visit them every week.

In that case, he has to tell you his whereabouts and when he makes payments to her to keep you in the loop so you don’t accuse him of cheating on you.

#4 He cares about his ex’s thoughts, feelings, and actions

Another sign your man is still in love with his ex is that he cares about what she thinks and feels.

For example, he won’t want to do anything that will make her sad or angry and does his best to avoid upsetting her at all times.

When someone is important to you, you care about what they say, think, and feel. And you’ll try your best to make them happy and comfortable.

If your man pays attention to his ex’s thoughts, feelings, and actions, it means he values her and still cares about her.

signs he still has feelings for his ex

#5 He asks for her advice and help constantly

Does your man often ask his ex for assistance or guidance? That’s a sure sign she still means a lot to him.

In a committed relationship, couples support one another and turn to each other for help whenever necessary.

Going to an ex for help means you don’t trust your romantic partner to give you what you need or that you prefer your ex’s support during difficult times.

If your man relies on his former girlfriend for advice or help, it’s a sign he still has feelings for her and trusts her very much.

#6 He always takes his ex’s opinion over yours

Healthy couples who love each other often discuss issues together and find workable solutions as a team.

A major sign your partner values you is that they’ll listen to you and take your opinions seriously.

If you’re in a relationship with a man who takes his ex’s opinion over yours, that’s a sign he loves her more than you.

#7 He keeps in touch with her on a regular basis

A common sign your man has feelings for his ex-girlfriend is that he’ll keep in touch with her and contact her regularly.

For example, he may send her text messages, chat with her on Facebook, or call her often.

The only time it is allowed to contact your ex frequently is when you have kids with them otherwise there’s no point in keeping in touch with your previous partner.

If your man is calling, chatting, or texting his former girlfriend when he’s in a relationship with you, that’s a clear sign he’s still in love with her.

#8 He compliments his former girlfriend often

Does your man give his ex-girlfriend nice compliments when she looks good or dresses well?

That’s an obvious sign he finds her attractive and still has feelings for her.

Your partner is not supposed to shower his ex with compliments no matter how gorgeous she looks.

A romantic partner should save his sweet words for you alone and make you feel loved in the relationship.

If your man is flirting with his former girlfriend and complimenting her often, that’s a big red flag.

signs he still has feelings for his ex

#9 He spends his money on her

Another big sign your man still loves his ex is that he’ll spend his money on her regularly.

For example, he may help her to pay rent or some outstanding bills and also buy her presents on her birthday.

When a man gives his former girlfriend presents or monetary gifts, it means he loves her and wants to make her feel special or ease her financial burden, which isn’t a good idea.

If you’re still friends with your ex, it’s okay to wish them well when they’re celebrating a special event, but buying them a gift is an over-the-top gesture, especially when you’re in a new relationship with someone else.

If your man gives his ex gifts on special occasions or spends money on her, that’s a red flag.

#10 He goes out of his way to do things for her

When a man is in love with a woman, he goes the extra mile for her to ensure she’s safe, comfortable, and happy.

He’ll also make compromises for her because she’s the most important person in his life.

For example, he may go over to her house in the middle of the night if he gets a distress call from her or he’ll help her shop for groceries on his way back from work to save her time and energy.

If your man goes out of his way to do things for his ex-girlfriend, that’s a sign he still has feelings for her.


When a relationship ends, most people delete their ex’s photos, go no contact, and try to move on with their lives.

However, if someone is stalking their former partner online, chatting with them, and giving them gifts on special occasions, it’s a sign that they’re still harboring feelings for their ex.

You should be concerned if your romantic partner is doing any of these things in your relationship.

There are exceptional cases where someone has to keep in touch with their ex for the sake of their kids.

But showering an ex with compliments, giving them presents on special occasions, or going the extra mile for them sounds very suspicious.

Overall, if you feel that your partner still has feelings for his ex, your gut instincts may be right.

Before you jump to conclusions though, ask him clarifying questions and analyze the situation properly so you don’t accuse him falsely.

If your man gets angry when you ask questions about his suspicious behavior or tries to change the subject every time you sense something is off, it means he’s still in love with his former girlfriend but is denying it.

So what do you do when you find out your romantic partner still has feelings for his ex?

It’s heartbreaking to discover that the man you love is emotionally attached to someone else, but don’t let this discourage you from making efforts to improve your love life.

Tell your partner how you feel about his relationship with his ex and give him time to break things off with her.

Avoid giving him an ultimatum so he doesn’t feel trapped in your relationship. If you’re with a good man, he’ll adjust his behavior and recommit to you.

However, if your man refuses to let go of his former girlfriend even after you’ve complained, it’s wise to end the relationship so you don’t continue to struggle for his love and attention with another woman.


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