14 Secret Signs He Still Loves You After Breakup

signs he still loves you after breakup

Do you think your ex-boyfriend still has feelings for you?

Maybe you broke up with him because you didn’t see any future together or he dumped you for someone else.

And now you’re wondering if he’s still in love with you or is just being friendly.

It’s normal to wonder if an ex has feelings for you and if you should give him a second chance to make it right.

One of the most obvious signs he still loves you after breakup is that he’ll flirt with you a lot.

In this article, we look at some clear signs your ex-boyfriend has feelings for you and hasn’t moved on yet.


If you’re wondering whether your ex loves you after a breakup, here are some signs you’ll see if he still cares about you.

#1 He stays single after the breakup

One of the first signs you’ll notice when an ex is still in love with you is that he’ll choose to stay single for a while just in case you change your mind and come back.

On the other hand, when someone feels relieved after a breakup and has no strong feelings for you, they usually look for ways to move on fast.

They may decide to hop on dating apps to find casual partners or try to reconnect with a former acquaintance in an attempt to get their life back as quickly as possible.

However, if your ex-boyfriend remains single and has no interest in dating anytime soon, it’s a sign that he still loves you deeply.

#2 He wants to be friends with you

Another sign your ex still loves you is that he’ll ask you to be his friend right after the breakup.

People who want to build a friendship with an ex still love them and are afraid to lose them entirely so they choose to stay friends when the relationship ends.

A guy who doesn’t love his ex will prefer to cut off all contact with her and even try to date other girls immediately after the breakup.

If your ex-lover wants to be friends with you, it’s a sign he still has feelings for you and wants to stay emotionally connected to you.

signs he still loves you after breakup

#3 He keeps in touch with you

The rule of thumb for every romantic relationship that ends is to go “no contact” with your ex so you can deal with your emotional baggage and heal your broken heart before dating someone else.

A clear sign your ex still loves you is that he’ll maintain contact with you from time to time.

He may not reach out to you frequently because you’re no longer in a relationship but he’ll want to check up on you periodically.

For example, your ex may call once a week to ask how you’re doing or send you a text message to wish you luck on a job interview.

If your ex-boyfriend keeps in touch after the breakup, that’s a sure sign he’s still in love with you and cares about your well-being.

#4 He interacts with you on social media

A common thing most people do when they break up with their partners is to delete their contact and unfollow or block them on social media.

This is because they don’t want anything to do with them and would rather focus on their own lives.

The reverse is the case when an ex-boyfriend still likes you. He’ll follow you on all your social media profiles so he doesn’t miss anything going on in your life.

He’ll also interact with you online instead of just stalking you like a creep.

An ex who’s in love with you will like your photos, share your posts, and even comment on the ones he finds interesting.

If your ex-boyfriend is interacting with you on social media regularly, that’s a sign he still has feelings for you.

#5 He asks your friends and family about you

Another secret sign your ex still loves you after breakup is that he’ll ask your close friends and family members about you whenever they cross paths.

This is because he’s curious to know what you’re up to and if you’ve moved on with someone else.

An ex who doesn’t care about you will not engage with your loved ones or ask them personal questions about you.

If your friends or family are telling you that your ex is asking questions about you in a bid to know how your life is going, that’s a sign he’s still interested in you.

#6 He calls or texts you on your birthday

Most people forget their ex’s birthday or choose to ignore it after a breakup.

They may refrain from interacting with their former partners because they simply don’t care or want to avoid sending the wrong message.

Plus, they don’t want their current partner to read meaning into anything so it’s safer to ignore an ex’s birthday.

If your ex-boyfriend calls or texts you on your birthday after a breakup, that’s a sign they’re still in love with you.

signs he still loves you after breakup

#7 He’s often happy to see you

The best way to know if an ex still loves you is to observe their body language and facial expressions when you meet.

How does your ex react whenever he sees you?

If he looks delighted to see you, maintains eye contact, and is admiring your appearance, that’s a sign he still has feelings for you.

However, if your ex-boyfriend doesn’t smile or show any interest in you when you accidentally cross paths, that’s a sure sign he’s no longer attracted to you and has moved on.

#8 He inquires about your love life

Most people who are still interested in their ex often ask about their love life to see if they stand a chance.

On that note, the questions your ex asks you when you meet each other will determine whether he still has feelings for you or not.

If he wants to know whether you’re dating anyone at the moment, it means he still likes you and is trying to figure out if you’re single.

However, if he talks about non-personal stuff like the weather, politics, or a social event, it means he’s just trying to be friendly and doesn’t have feelings for you.

#9 He tries to make you jealous

Anyone concerned about letting their former partner know they are in a new relationship hasn’t moved on yet.

Many people do this in an attempt to make their ex think they’ve healed their broken heart and even found another romantic partner after the breakup.

While some people may choose to flaunt a new love interest to make their ex feel jealous and regret losing them.

If you notice your ex-boyfriend is trying hard to make you feel jealous by flaunting some new girl in your face, that’s a sign he’s still in love with you.

Someone who has moved on will be more focused on building a strong relationship with their new partner instead of trying to let their ex know they’ve found love.

signs he still loves you after breakup

#10 He wants to have meaningful conversations with you

Another sign your ex loves you is that he’ll want to talk to you at length about different topics.

For example, if you stumble into each other at a restaurant, he may want to engage you in a deep conversation and prevent you from leaving when you’re ready to go.

Or he’ll slide into your inbox on Facebook and start a conversation with you for no reason.

Generally, when people keep a discussion going, it’s because they like talking to you and want to know more about you.

If your ex-boyfriend prolongs your conversation when you talk, that’s a sign he’s still interested in you.

#11 He says nice things about you to your friends

When an ex has moved on, they may deliberately refuse to mention you in conversations or will change the subject if you’re dropped into the discussion.

Exes who feel hurt by the breakup may say awful things about you to your friends and family.

A big sign that your ex still likes you is that he’ll say nice things about you when people ask about his past relationship.

For example, he may say you were such an amazing cook, a great listener, or a supportive partner because that’s the aspect of your personality that captured his heart and he misses having you in his life.

If your ex is singing praises about you to mutual friends, it means you still occupy a special place in his heart.

#12 He offers a helping hand when you’re in need

Another way to tell if an ex still loves you is how they react when you’re going through hard times.

Someone who cares about you will be concerned about your well-being and will always want to make you feel better.

For instance, if your ex-boyfriend is still in love with you, he’ll reach out to you and offer his assistance when he hears that you’re sick or have some challenges in life.

An ex who has moved on will mind his business and leave you to deal with your issues alone because you’re no longer together.

If your former boyfriend goes out of his way to help you when you’re in distress, that’s a big sign he still cares about you.

signs he still loves you after breakup

#13 He tries to rekindle the romance with you

One of the most common signs he still loves you after breakup is that he’ll try to rekindle the romance between you.

For example, when you’re together, he’ll touch you affectionately, hold your hands, or kiss your cheek tenderly.

Or he may prefer to give you hugs instead of going for a handshake and he’ll gaze into your eyes lovingly when you’re talking to each other.

If your ex-boyfriend is flirting with you and trying to make you fall in love with him, that’s a clear sign he wants you back in his life.

#14 He does little things to make you laugh

Most people fall in love with romantic partners who know how to make them laugh all the time.

Your ex knows that the fastest way to get a woman to like him is to always put a smile on her face.

If he still has feelings for you and wants you back, he may crack jokes or do a silly dance just to make you laugh.

He may also remember your favorite things and do them often because you’re special to him.

When a guy is doing little things to lift your mood, brighten your day, and make you happy, that’s a sign he likes you a lot.


If you’re asking, what are some signs he still loves me after breakup?, this article can help you confirm your ex’s feelings for you.

When romantic partners break up, they try to move on by focusing on their own lives, making new friends, and exploring new hobbies.

However, if one partner is still in love with the other, they’ll hover around and want to keep in touch just in case they don’t find someone else.

They may also choose to stay single because they still have feelings for their former partner.

If you just broke up with someone and you’re trying to figure out whether they’re in love with you, observe their body language, actions, and facial expressions closely.

A major difference between a platonic friendship and a romantic relationship is the absence of physical intimacy.

An ex who’s still in love with you will remain single for a long time, keep in touch with you regularly, and flirt with you every time you meet each other.

However, an ex-boyfriend who wants to be friends with you will keep things casual and even let you know he’s looking for a new partner.

He may also treat you nicely but won’t do anything romantic or flirtatious with you.

He’ll keep his distance, interact with you on your own terms, and respect your decision to not mix business with pleasure.

If you’re confused about your ex’s feelings for you, re-read this post to see if anything resonates with you.


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