How To Tell If He Has Another Girlfriend

signs he has another girlfriend

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When a guy is dating two women at the same time, he shares himself with them, which means he won’t fully commit to a serious relationship with any of them.

And it’s easy to know if he has another girlfriend beside you.

Are you wondering how to tell if your boyfriend has a secret relationship that he’s hiding from you?

Some obvious signs he has a secret girlfriend are that he’ll keep you away from his close friends, spend a lot of time on his phone, and control how often you see him.

In this article, we look at several signs you’ll notice when a man is dating another woman behind your back.


If you suspect that your guy is cheating on you with someone else, here are 13 signs he has another girlfriend.

1. His words are often inconsistent

Do you notice that your man’s words are inconsistent and his stories don’t usually add up?

Maybe he tells you something and denies it later or changes his narrative entirely.

Or you tell him you love chocolate-flavored ice cream but he insists you told him strawberry instead.

One of the most common signs he has another girlfriend is that he’ll constantly lie to you about his whereabouts and everything else.

This is because he’s trying hard to cover up his tracks so you don’t find out about his secret relationship with someone else.

Plus, it’s easy to mix things up when you’re juggling multiple partners and hiding them from each other.

signs he has another girlfriend

2. He’s always chatting on his phone when you’re together

Another sign he has a secret girlfriend is that you’ll notice he spends a lot of time chatting on his phone even when you’re together.

Sure, he could be messaging his close friends or family members but it shouldn’t be on a regular basis.

A guy who sees you as a priority and wants to get to know you better will pay attention to you when you meet each other instead of constantly checking his phone.

If your boyfriend is always chatting with someone online and snubbing you, that’s a big sign he has a secret relationship.

3. He picks up most of his phone calls in private

Does your boyfriend sneak out or excuse himself to take calls when you’re in the same room?

Or maybe he usually walks out of the house just to answer a phone call and when you ask him about the caller, he’ll say something that doesn’t make sense.

A major sign someone is cheating on their partner is that they avoid making or taking certain calls in their presence.

If your boyfriend doesn’t want you to listen to his conversations and often walks away from you to answer phone calls, that’s a sign he’s seeing someone else.

4. He hides his phone from you

Another obvious sign he has a secret girlfriend is that he never allows you to touch his phone or even come close to it for any reason.

While it’s necessary to trust your partner and not snoop around their phone or guilt-trip them into giving you their password, there should be transparency in your relationship.

This means you can borrow your partner’s cell phone whenever the need arises and even notify them of who’s calling if they’re not around their mobile phone.

If your boyfriend is overprotective of his phone and even carries it into the bathroom so you don’t have access to it, that’s a sign he has another girlfriend.

5. He keeps you away from his social circle

When a man has multiple girlfriends, he’ll try to keep them away from prying eyes so he won’t get exposed.

This means he will avoid going to social gatherings with you or introducing you to his co-workers, family members, and close friends.

A man who is only dating you will be proud to show you to his inner circle and will invite you to any social event he’s attending because he wants you by his side.

If your boyfriend doesn’t ask you to accompany him to social outings and insists on going alone, that’s a sign he’s in a relationship with someone else.

How to tell if he has a secret girlfriend

6. He never posts you on his social media profiles

Most people prefer to keep their love life private and don’t see the need to constantly portray their romance online for everyone to see.

However, they may update their friends and family on important events going on in their lives such as birthdays or anniversaries.

If your boyfriend doesn’t post you on social media or use your photo as his profile picture even on special occasions, he may have another girlfriend on the side.

This is a tricky sign though so watch out for the other red flags before jumping to conclusions.

7. He always claims to be busy

Another sign your boyfriend is dating someone else is that he’ll rarely have time for you.

For instance, he may claim to be working late at the office, going to the gym, or hanging out with his buddies when he’s in fact cuddling with another woman.

Since you’re not with him all the time you may be unable to verify his actual location, but if he barely spends time with you and you suspect he’s seeing someone else, your instincts may be right.

A man who’s cheating on you will seize every opportunity to leave your side because his time is limited since he’s sharing it with another person.

If your boyfriend is canceling your plans, skipping weekly dates, or not attending social events with you, that’s a sign he has a side chick.

8. He’s not often in the mood for intimacy

Do you notice that your guy is suddenly losing interest in physical intimacy?

Maybe you try to initiate lovemaking most of the time or seduce him to sleep with you but he comes up with lots of excuses for not being in the mood for intimacy.

A man who’s dating only you will be eager to sleep with you regularly and won’t turn down your advances in bed.

It’s understandable if your boyfriend is tired or stressed once in a while, but if he avoids making love to you often, that’s a sign he’s getting his satisfaction elsewhere.

signs he has another girlfriend

9. He’s never available when you need him

A clear sign your boyfriend has another girlfriend is that he never shows up in your darkest hour.

For example, if you’re stranded and need a ride home, he won’t be able to come to your rescue.

This is because he doesn’t love you enough to make sacrifices for you when it’s necessary.

And the time you call for help might be the exact time he’s having fun with his other girlfriend.

A man who loves you will be concerned about your safety and well-being.

Even if he can’t solve a problem for you, he’ll find a good solution so you won’t feel worried or stressed.

If your boyfriend is never available when you need him, that’s a sign he’s preoccupied with someone else.

10. He controls when you visit him at home

When a guy is dating you alone, he won’t mind you coming around often.

But if he’s double dating, he’ll want to limit your visits and allow you to come to his house only when it suits him.

For example, he’ll tell you to not drop by his house unannounced or give him surprise visits and he’ll refuse to give you a spare key to his apartment.

A man who has nothing to hide will be completely free with you and even encourage you to visit him regularly.

While it’s good to have boundaries in a romantic relationship, if a man is too secretive about his life, he may be hiding a secret girlfriend from you.

11. He avoids going to certain places with you

Does your boyfriend avoid taking you to some public places for no good reason?

Another sign a man is in a relationship with someone else is that he’ll avoid going to certain places with you.

For instance, if you mention a particular restaurant you would like to go to for your next date, he will come up with many reasons why the place is not the right fit.

This is because he has been there before with another woman and doesn’t want to risk getting caught by someone who knows them as a couple.

12. You notice he’s not emotionally connected to you

Another sign your boyfriend has a secret girlfriend is that you’ll notice a lack of emotional intimacy on his part.

For example, he won’t express his real feelings or be vulnerable with you and will be somewhat distant.

The only time he’ll get really close to you is when he wants to sleep with you but apart from physical intimacy, he’ll avoid going deep with you.

Not all men are emotional or talkative but if a man loves you, he’ll want to bare his soul to you and show you his true self.

This means he’ll tell you when he’s feeling insecure about his job or let you know how he feels when he loses someone close to him.

He may also tell you about his childhood experiences and what he plans to achieve in the future.

A guy who has multiple girlfriends will avoid opening up to you because he doesn’t have any emotional connection with you and doesn’t want to be vulnerable in your relationship.

How to tell if he has another girlfriend

13. You suspect he’s hiding something from you

Do you have a gut feeling that your guy is hiding something or keeping secrets from you?

Maybe you’ve noticed his words don’t match his actions or he always claims to be busy and spends a lot of time chatting with other people when you’re around.

Or he waits until the next day to return your calls and reply to your text messages with some lame excuse that he was asleep or didn’t get the notification on his phone.

If your boyfriend is acting strange and you sense that something is off, it may be a sign that he’s seeing someone else.


When a man is seeing another woman while he’s in a relationship with you, he’ll constantly have to share his time to avoid suspicions, which means he won’t be fully committed to you.

And it’s easy to spot a player who’s double dating if you watch his words and actions closely.

Most people are not good at multitasking or juggling different things at the same time and this can lead to half-baked lies and major slip-ups during conversations.

If a guy hides you from his inner circle, checks his phone often when you’re together, and is always too busy for you, it’s a sign he has another girlfriend.

An easy way to catch him in his act is to keep asking him repetitive questions about his whereabouts to see if he changes his story or gets defensive.

If he’s an honest person who has nothing to hide, his narrative will be consistent no matter how many times you ask him about something.

So what do you do when you discover that your boyfriend has a secret relationship?

You may feel betrayed that someone you love dearly doesn’t love you back and this can hurt a lot.

The best way to handle this type of situation is to talk to your boyfriend about his cheating behavior and let him know that you won’t be treated like a second choice in his life.

If he listens to you and dumps the other girl, you can decide to stay and work on building a real relationship with him.

However, if he becomes defensive or angry when you bring up the discussion, it’s a sign he doesn’t value you and is not interested in improving your relationship.

At this point, you may choose to end the relationship and move on with your life instead of letting a man use you for fun, money, or convenience. 


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