14 Unmistakable Signs He’s A Real Man

signs he's a real man

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Have you ever wondered what it means to be a real man in a romantic relationship?

Does it mean having physical strength, being honest, or acting like a true gentleman?

As a woman, it’s often difficult to know what to expect from a man in a relationship or how to set standards because so many men don’t even know what it takes to build a healthy love life.

So you settle for any guy that comes along and accept low commitment and bad behavior from him since you don’t have a good example of a real man in your life.

And the guys you dated in the past were either shallow, emotionally immature, or irresponsible.

The truth is real men are hard to find but when you meet one, you’ll definitely know it.

In this article, we look at some of the traits of real men and how to recognize them in your relationship.

signs he's a real man


Most guys you meet in the dating world are just boys with nothing tangible to offer a woman.

All they want is to get their needs met and don’t even bother to put in much effort to build a long-term relationship.

They jump from one woman to another seeking to take from them and giving them only the bare minimum.

If you’re unaware, you’ll keep running into these types of guys and getting your heart broken.

Luckily, there are a few genuine men who have what it takes to keep a woman happy and if you’re prudent, you can find such a man to spend your life with.

So what does a real man look like and how can you tell if you’re with one?

If you just met a new guy or you’ve been with your partner for a long time, here are 14 clear signs he’s a real man:

#1 He’s not with you for your body

A real man knows relationships are more than physical intimacy, so he focuses on building something substantial with his woman outside the bedroom.

Does your man create time for couple bonding and improving your love life on a regular basis?

A big sign you’re with a real man is that he’ll pay attention to your emotional connection and the growth of your relationship, not just the satisfaction of his needs.

For instance, when you refuse to make love to him because you’re sick or exhausted, he’ll understand your feelings instead of seeing you as a selfish partner.

And he’ll still show you love even when you turn him down in bed because he’s not with you just for your body or to get his desires met.

A good man who loves you knows that you’re not going anywhere soon and that you can always get intimate when the circumstances are favorable for both of you.

#2 He treats you right

The way a man treats the woman he loves tells a lot about his character.

A real man treats his woman the same way he wants another man to treat his daughter.

This means he’ll love you with all his heart, provide for you consistently, and protect you from harm.

He won’t abuse you, try to control your every move, or manipulate you into doing what he wants.

If your man allows you to be yourself and treats you nicely, that’s a good sign.

Real men know their women deserve to be treated like queens.

Signs of a real man

#3 He keeps to his promises

Another sign of a real man is that he’ll keep his word and fulfill his promises to you.

If he tells you he’s going to do something, he’ll follow through and ensure it gets done at the appropriate time.

Immature men are never consistent in their words or actions and usually neglect their responsibilities.

Does your partner keep to his promises most of the time? That’s a sure sign he’s a good man.

When you’re with a real man who values you, he won’t want to let you down and will always do his best to make you happy.

#4 He communicates freely with you

Does your man often talk with you and listen to you during conversations?

Real men don’t hide their true feelings or keep secrets in a relationship.

They’ll speak the truth at all times and appreciate your honesty when you share your thoughts.

If you have a partner who’s vulnerable with you and allows you to express your feelings openly, that’s a sign he’s a real man.

Not everyone can handle the truth or expose their true selves in a romantic relationship.

#5 He’s honest, trustworthy, and reliable

Most immature men are pathological liars and cheaters incapable of speaking the truth and staying faithful to one woman.

Real men, however, have solid principles that guide them in everything they do.

They prefer to tell you the truth even though it might hurt and will never cheat on you.

When things are not going smoothly in your love life, they’ll talk about the issues with you and be willing to do whatever it takes to fix them.

If you’re in a relationship with a man who’s honest, trustworthy, and reliable, don’t take him for granted because people like that are rare to find.

signs he's a real man

#6 He’s committed to you alone

A real man stays committed to only one woman at a time; he doesn’t double date or play games in a relationship.

When a man truly loves you, he’ll focus on you alone and won’t look at other women because you’re all he needs in his life.

On the contrary, boys like to date multiple girlfriends at once because it boosts their self-esteem and makes them feel wanted.

Of course, this false feeling of security doesn’t last long, so they keep hoping from one girl to another to get some validation.

Real men don’t need to prove themselves or validate their self-worth; they already know what they want and go for it.

And once they choose a compatible partner, they’ll stay committed to her for the rest of their lives.

#7 He sees you as an equal partner

A lot of men think being a real man means dominating your partner and letting her know that you’re superior to her.

This mentality often leads to domestic violence and different forms of abuse in a romantic relationship.

When you’re dating an immature man, he’ll expect you to worship him and do everything to please him because he thinks he’s doing you a favor by being with you.

On the other hand, when you’re with a real man, he’ll treat you as his equal and won’t try to subdue you.

For instance, he’ll involve you in decision-making and listen to your concerns when you express your feelings.

If your man allows you to think for yourself and experience your own emotions, that’s a clear sign he’s a real man.

#8 He prioritizes your needs

A real man always puts his woman first and treats her like a top priority in his life.

He does his best to make her feel special and will do whatever he can to help her resolve her issues.

A selfish man always thinks about himself and doesn’t care for his woman’s well-being.

If you have a man who puts you first and prioritizes your needs, that’s a sign he’s the real deal.

#9 He encourages you to chase your dreams

A real man is not intimidated by a woman’s intelligence or success.

In fact, he’ll support your career and encourage you to chase your dreams because he cares about your happiness.

An insecure man will feel threatened by your need for independence and will try to prevent you from achieving your goals.

If your partner allows you to pursue your passion and is willing to support your endeavors, that’s a sign he’s a real man.

signs he's a real man

#10 He takes responsibility for his actions

A real man doesn’t hesitate to accept his faults and apologize for his wrongdoing.

He won’t try to shift the blame or insist on being right all the time because he has integrity.

Weak and insecure men try to blame you for everything that goes wrong in the relationship, so they won’t have to take the fall for their mistakes.

When a man acknowledges his faults and promises to do better next time, that’s a sign he’s a real man.

It takes courage to admit your shortcomings and accept responsibility for your wrongdoings.

#11 He doesn’t play mind games with you

A real man maintains his integrity and communicates openly about his thoughts, feelings, and intentions.

But boys like to play with a woman’s feelings since they’re not mature enough to nurture a healthy relationship.

They’ll string you along, send you mixed signals, and dump you when you fall in love with them just to stroke their ego.

Real men don’t have time to play mind games in relationships; they seek stability and loyalty.

They’ll tell you what they want and be ready to provide what you’re looking for in a man.

When you’re with a true gentleman, you won’t have to question his intentions or wonder where you stand in the relationship.

He’ll be open, straightforward, and consistent with you so you’ll know exactly where you belong in his life.

#12 He’s always available when you need him

A major sign you’re with a real man is that he’ll stick with you through thick and thin.

No matter how difficult things get, a man who loves you will weather the storm with you instead of abandoning you to deal with your problems alone.

Irresponsible men run away when things get hard because they’re with you just for the fun and nothing more.

Once things start to get serious in the relationship and you ask them for commitment, they’ll leave you for someone else who’s low maintenance.

A real man, on the other hand, will stay with you and figure things out.

He’ll also try to be available whenever you need him and will do anything to keep you comfortable.

If you have a man who doesn’t leave your side during tough times but hangs around until things get better, that’s a sign he’s planning to be with you for a long time.

signs he's a real man

#13 He values and respects you

A real man treats his woman with the dignity and respect she deserves.

He doesn’t criticize her, call her names, or put her down when she makes mistakes.

And he lets her have her freedom and independence because he trusts her to be faithful.

A man who isn’t mature in a relationship will aim to devalue you to feel superior.

But real men don’t try to control or dominate their women, instead they show them respect and treat them as equals.

They know that when a woman is free to be herself, she’ll thrive in all areas of her life.

If your partner values you and gives you the respect you deserve, that’s a sign you’re with a good man.

#14 He doesn’t take you for granted

A real man never takes his woman for granted. Once he has chosen you as a life partner, he’ll cherish you and never let you go.

One of the biggest signs you’re with a real man is that he’ll always look for ways to make you happy and keep the relationship exciting.

For example, he’ll plan weekly date nights, celebrate with you on special occasions, and call you regularly to maintain your bond.

Abusive men only know how to use women and take advantage of their caring hearts.

No matter what you do for them, they’ll never appreciate it and will instead look for ways to completely drain your resources.

If your man holds you close to his heart and does little romantic things to make you feel loved, that’s a good sign.


Most men think being a real man means taking control of a woman and treating her anyhow they please.

However, the true definition of a real man is when a woman becomes the best version of herself under his care.

A real man is someone who supports his partner in every way possible and puts their relationship before himself.

He shows respect for his woman and seeks to build her up instead of tearing her down.

Insecure men feel threatened by a woman’s success, so they sabotage her efforts for growth.

Since they’re afraid she’ll leave if she becomes independent and successful, they strive to keep her potential locked away.

A real man will love your intelligence rather than be intimidated by it.

If you’ve dated a man who tried to control you, put you down, or strip you of your self-worth, he didn’t have the qualities of a real man.

He was just an insecure boy who abused a woman to feel good about himself.

I’ve given you the signs of a real man to help you see what is obtainable in a healthy relationship.

Now that you know what to expect from a romantic partner, don’t settle for less or accept bad behavior from any man.

It’s better to stay single than to be with a partner who will crush your soul and destroy everything you’ve managed to build in your life.

When you value yourself and set realistic standards, a real man will cherish you and stay committed to you forever.


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