9 Sneaky Signs Someone Is Trying To Steal Your Man

signs someone is trying to steal your man

Have you noticed a new girl hanging around your man lately?

Maybe she’s a co-worker, neighbor, or an old friend who just moved to town.

She texts and calls him a lot, laughs hysterically at all his jokes, and is always finding excuses to spend time with him.

You want to trust your man, but your gut tells you something seems off. Don’t ignore your instincts!

If a woman is being overly friendly and affectionate with your man, she’s definitely up to no good.

Keep reading to learn the sneaky signs someone is trying to steal your man so you can shut it down before it gets too far.

signs someone is trying to steal your man


If you have a good man who adores you and treats you right, it’s only a matter of time before another woman will show interest in him.

Even though you trust your man and know he’ll never cheat on you, you need to be able to tell when someone is trying to get his attention so you can stop them in their tracks.

Here are some telltale signs a woman is trying to steal your man and what to do about it:

1. She’s often flirty and touchy with your man

Have you noticed a particular woman who always finds excuses to touch your guy’s arm or playfully mess up his hair?

She laughs at everything he says and gazes at him like he hung the moon. Yeah, those are some major red flags she’s into your man and working to win him over.

Her overly flirty behavior shows she’s not respecting relationship boundaries.

All that unnecessary touching and hair play are her ways of staking a claim on your territory.

She wants him and everyone else to know she sees him as hers. Don’t ignore these signs or make excuses for her actions.

Have a serious talk with your man about her behavior and how it makes you feel disrespected. Let him know in no uncertain terms that her flirtiness needs to stop.

If he cares about you and your relationship, he’ll establish clear boundaries and tell her to back off.

Stay on high alert though. If she’s determined, she may just get sneakier about her moves.

Look for secret glances, private jokes, or finding ways to be alone with him.

If you notice she’s getting desperate and crossing her boundaries, you may have to find a way to stop her from coming around your man.

2. She talks negatively about you to him

If a woman is constantly putting you down to your man, she’s probably trying to make you look bad so she seems like the better option.

She may tell him you’re “too demanding” or “don’t give him enough space.” This plants seeds of doubt in his mind and makes him question the relationship.

The worst part is she disguises these jabs as concern. She pretends she’s just looking out for him when actually she’s trying to edge her way in.

And because the comments are subtle, your man may not even realize she has ulterior motives.

Each time you fight with your man, she’s right there ready to console him. She tells him he deserves so much better and that you don’t appreciate him.

She portrays herself as the perfect confidante and friend, hoping he’ll see her as relationship material.

What she really wants is for him to start comparing her to you and find you lacking in some areas.

A woman like this can do real damage to your relationship. Call her out on her behavior before she makes a move and does something nasty!

Don’t hesitate to stand up for your relationship and make it clear her actions aren’t okay.

The earlier you speak up and defend what you have, the better for you.

signs someone is trying to steal your man

3. She tries to spend time alone with him

Has your man’s “friend” been finding excuses to get him alone lately? This is a major red flag she’s trying to make a move.

Maybe she’s asked him out for coffee or drinks under the guise of catching up and didn’t bother inviting you.

Or she’s been frequently texting and calling him to chat when you’re not around.

These one-on-one interactions allow her to flirt freely without you there to call her out on it.

She’s hoping that over time, she can strengthen their emotional and physical connection. Don’t let her get the chance!

Politely but firmly tell your man you’re uncomfortable with how much alone time they’re spending together.

Ask him to scale it back to group hangouts where you’re also present. If he refuses, that shows a lack of respect for your feelings and the relationship.

Have a serious talk about appropriate boundaries with friends of the opposite gender.

You deserve to feel like a priority in your man’s life, not an afterthought.

And if his “friendship” with her continues to make you feel threatened or insecure, you may need to reevaluate the relationship.

4. She dresses provocatively around him

Do you notice your best friend dressing in low-cut tops, short skirts, and high heels whenever your man is around?

This could be a sign she’s trying to get his attention and turn his head.

Some women think that flaunting their assets is the right way to attract a guy and they’ll wear anything to catch his eye.

While everyone has a right to wear whatever makes them feel confident, if your bestie’s style seems to drastically change only when your man is present, that’s a bit suspicious.

It might be subtle like her shirts suddenly showing a bit more cleavage or her skirts getting shorter by a few inches. But you know your friend, and you’ll notice the difference.

If this kind of behavior only started after she met your man, that’s another clue she may be trying to impress him.

Some “friends” can’t be trusted around your partner, as harsh as that sounds. They see what you have and want it for themselves.

Don’t ignore your instincts if you feel like a certain friend of yours is dressing to entice your guy.

Her sudden change in appearance could be a sign she’s ready to make her move, hoping he won’t be able to resist her charms.

The best way to handle this situation is to politely but firmly tell your friend her new dress style makes you uncomfortable when she’s around your man.

If she’s really your friend, she’ll understand and back off. You may also want to warn your guy to be on alert, just in case she doesn’t get the message.

5. She offers to help him with favors or errands

Does your guy suddenly have a new “helper” who offers to run errands for him or do little favors? This could be a sign she’s trying to get closer to him.

Offering favors and help is a sly way for her to spend more time with your man and make him feel indebted to her.

She may say things like, “I was going to pick up coffee, can I grab you one?” or “I don’t mind dropping off that package for you on my way home.”

While these seem like innocent gestures, her underlying motive is to make him rely on her and get used to her doing things for him.

Before you know it, she’s bringing him lunch at work or helping him with chores and tasks around his place. This allows her to subtly integrate herself into his life and routines.

She’s banking on the fact that familiarity breeds attraction, and the more favors she does, the more attached he may feel towards her.

Don’t get me wrong, she could just be a kindhearted friend.

But if her helpfulness seems to mainly revolve around your guy and she’s always dropping everything to do something for him at a moment’s notice, it may be her way of wedging herself into his life.

The favors are a cunning ploy in her scheme to steal your man. In the end, you know your relationship best.

But if something feels off about a woman’s extreme generosity towards your guy, it’s worth addressing with him to make sure there are no blurred boundaries or ulterior motives at play.

A quick conversation can help shut down her attempts to steal your man.

signs someone is trying to steal your man

6. She laughs at everything your man says

Has a new woman entered your man’s life who laughs at his every joke and seems to hang on to his every word?

This excessive flattery and attention can be a sneaky way for her to win his affection and slowly steal him away.

Pay close attention if there’s a neighbor or colleague who laughs hysterically at everything your guy says, even things that aren’t particularly funny.

While it’s nice that she appreciates his sense of humor, her over-the-top reaction could be a ploy to shower him with admiration and make him feel good.

Men love to feel like they can make a woman laugh, so her strategy may be working.

Don’t get it twisted, there’s nothing wrong with a woman who finds your man charming or funny.

But if her laughter seems forced, excessive, or like she’s fawning all over him, it may be her way of trying to steal his attention and affection.

A little jealousy and protectiveness on your part is natural in this case.

Don’t be afraid to casually mention to your guy that her behavior seems strange, and reaffirm your connection with quality one-on-one time together.

The last thing you want is for another woman’s incessant flirting and ego-stroking to drive a wedge between you.

7. She’s always interacting with him on social media

Have you noticed that a particular girl constantly likes, comments on, and tags your guy in posts on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter?

If she’s frequently interacting with him on social media, it’s a pretty clear sign she’s trying to get his attention and stay on his radar.

Think about it—social media has become a way for people to stay connected and get to know each other better without making a real effort.

By frequently commenting on your man’s posts or tagging him in funny memes, she’s making sure he’s thinking about her and keeping the lines of communication open.

She may even start replying to his stories or sending him private messages.

Of course, some friendly social media interaction is normal and harmless.

But if a girl’s behavior seems overly flirty or she’s constantly reaching out to start conversations, that’s a red flag.

Politely but firmly tell your man that this kind of behavior makes you uncomfortable and that you would appreciate it if he limits contact with her.

signs someone is trying to steal your man

8. She’s constantly texting or calling him

If there’s a certain woman in your guy’s life who constantly needs to get in touch, pay close attention.

No one texts or calls someone that frequently unless they’re interested in them or up to something.

Think about it, when’s the last time you blew up one of your friend’s phones with messages?

Probably never, because that level of communication usually means you want something more.

Watch out if a particular woman always contacts your man at night or on the weekends. She may be trying to force her way into his life.

You’ve got a sixth sense about these things, so trust your gut. Ask him who she is and how they know each other.

His reaction and explanation can reveal a lot. If he gets defensive, changes his story, or accuses you of being jealous or paranoid, that’s fishy.

Don’t ignore this warning sign, but don’t immediately confront him either. Do some digging to determine the nature of their relationship before jumping to conclusions.

Check his phone if you get the chance, see if her name comes up a lot, and what they’re saying to each other.

Look for messages with romantic emojis, lots of compliments, or suggestive photos.

Hopefully, she’s just an overly enthusiastic friend who likes to stay in touch with people. 

But if your detective work uncovers anything shady, you need to have an honest conversation with your man about boundaries and your concerns.

Let him know her constant communication makes you uncomfortable and see how he handles it.

His reaction can determine if she’s trying to steal your man or not.

9. You have a gut feeling she’s attracted to your man

Do you suspect that a woman is falling in love with your man? That little voice in your head is sounding the alarm for a reason.

Women have a keen intuition when it comes to sensing trouble in their relationships.

If something feels off about the way a woman acts around your man or talks about him, trust your instincts.

Here are some signs she may be attracted to your partner:

She makes excuses to touch him, like playfully hitting his arm or giving a hug that lingers a bit too long.

Her body language changes when he’s around, like leaning in close, flipping her hair, or making frequent eye contact.

She laughs at everything he says, even things that aren’t that funny. Excessive flattery is a red flag.

She finds ways to get him alone or invites him to do activities without including you.

She shares details about her dating life or relationship problems in a way that seems designed to evoke his sympathy.

You get the feeling she’s constantly sizing you up and trying to outdo you. Competitiveness for your partner’s attention is a sign she likes him a lot.

Seeing only one sign could mean nothing, however if several of these ring true, you’re probably picking up on real attraction and chemistry.

Don’t ignore your intuition! Politely but firmly make it clear to your partner and his admirer that her behavior is unacceptable, and be cautious about leaving them alone together.


Do you suspect another woman is trying to steal your man?

If you’ve noticed all these little red flags popping up everywhere, don’t ignore them.

Pay attention to the signs and trust your gut if you think another woman is moving in on your territory. But also don’t jump to conclusions or be paranoid.

Talk to your man if something seems off and communicate openly. A strong relationship is built on trust and honesty.

And remember, if someone is going to cheat, there’s not much you can do to stop it.

Just focus on being the best partner you can be and avoid reading meaning into everything.

At the end of the day, if your relationship is meant to be, a little competition won’t matter.

But if you are really worried that your man will leave you for another woman, get a copy of The Irresistible Diva eBook and learn how to make him addicted to you. 


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