7 Clear Signs You’re Compatible With Your Partner

7 Obvious Signs You're Compatible With Your Partner

Do you think you’re compatible with your partner?

Most people believe love is enough to keep a couple together but it’s not often true.

Sometimes, the missing puzzle piece in a relationship could just be a lack of compatibility.

When a couple is not compatible with each other, a lot of things go wrong in their love life.

They have little irrelevant quarrels that quickly escalate into terrible fights and bad breakups.

I always advise couples to first check if they are compatible before taking their relationship to the next level.

Taking a compatibility quiz can be the fastest way to know if you’re a perfect match for each other.

But, if you’ve already tied the knot or you’re engaged, it’s not too late to find out your compatibility status.

Here are 7 crystal clear signs you’re compatible with your partner…

And if you’re compatible, you have a high chance of staying together for the long haul.


It’s important to be on the same page with your partner if you’re trying to build a long-term relationship with them.

Compatibility makes it easier to stay together and keep the love alive even during challenging times.

When you’re compatible with someone, you’ll notice the following signs in your relationship:

7 Clear Signs You're Compatible With Your Partner

1. You share common beliefs and interests

Most compatible couples have a few things in common. They have a set of beliefs and interests that they share.

It could be as simple as believing that there is a Creator or that thoughts become actions.

If you’re an optimist who believes in possibilities and your partner is a pessimist who only sees obstacles, you’re going to have a hard time living together.

Compatible couples also share certain hobbies or interests that they enjoy doing together and these things bring them closer every day.

Some couples enjoy cooking, traveling, or exercising together because they both enjoy doing it.

Do you share any beliefs, hobbies or interests with your partner? That’s one of the first signs of compatibility in a relationship.

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2. You have similar lifestyles

In addition to interests and hobbies, most compatible couples have similar lifestyles.

If your partner is a vegetarian while you enjoy eating meat, it’s going to be difficult to have a healthy relationship.

If you can’t keep up with cooking healthy meals because of how long it takes to cook separate meals, there will always be quarrels.

And you’ll have to eat alone most of the time because you don’t share the same taste in food.

But, if you have similar lifestyles and food choices, you’ll get along better.

You don’t have to like the same movies or wear the same clothes but there has to be some similarity somewhere.

It’s really important to find someone whom you’re compatible with, so you can eliminate most of the problems that arise from incompatibility.

If you and your partner have similar lifestyles, you’re on the right path to building a successful relationship together.


7 signs you're compatible with your partner

3. Your communication level is great

Couples who are compatible tend to have great communication skills.

They know how to start and stop conversations without being awkward.

Even in silence, they understand themselves perfectly and don’t need to ask for reassurance all the time.

I’ve realized that most incompatible couples have a communication problem.

They don’t know how to hold conversations or express their feelings genuinely.

When the communication level is really low in a relationship, unhealthy silent treatments and malice keep occurring.

You can totally avoid this by expressing yourself fully and communicating more without sounding offensive or aggressive toward your significant other.

If you can comfortably talk to your partner about important stuff like intimacy and insignificant things like a book you’re reading, you have a good level of compatibility in your relationship.


4. You have good chemistry

Intimacy is one of the most important aspects of a healthy relationship because it keeps couples bonded for a long time.

Where there is no intimacy, there is no genuine love or emotional connection.

And without all these to keep a relationship going, couples fall out of love.

That’s why it’s essential to marry someone you’re compatible with in bed.

If your partner enjoys making love in a particular position but you dislike it, you’re going to have a troubled intimate life.

If your significant other enjoys engaging in certain romantic escapades, but you find it disgusting, your love life will suffer.

But if you both enjoy the same things in bed and maintain regular physical intimacy with a variety of lovemaking positions, you’re definitely compatible in bed.

And when you’ve got great chemistry, it becomes easier to keep the love alive in your relationship.


7 Clear Signs You're Compatible With Your Partner

5. You manage money as a team

Finance comes second place after intimacy in a relationship.

If you’re compatible in all other areas but you’re bad with finances, you’ll need a lot of hard work to maintain a happy relationship.

Incompatible couples often have different habits when it comes to money.

They refuse to talk about their differences or find a middle ground that works for both parties.

Meanwhile, compatible couples acknowledge their money habits, talk about their flaws, and find excellent solutions that work.

If one person feels superior and refuses to follow a budget, that relationship won’t last very long.

Do you know your spending habits? Do you talk about money with your partner?

Do you actively follow a budget and save as a couple?

If you answered “YES” to these questions, you’re financially compatible with your partner.


6. You speak each other’s love language

When a couple understands and speaks each other’s love language, there will be little or no problems in the relationship.

There is something powerful about speaking your partner’s love language; it’s like pressing a button that sort of controls them.

If you can learn and speak your partner’s love language often, they’ll be automatically obsessed with you because you know exactly what they need to feel loved.

Couples who fight the most are the ones who refuse to study their partner or use their love language.

These are the most difficult couples to deal with because they refuse to compromise to make each other happy.

In a compatible relationship, both partners know what the other person needs and gives it to them regularly.

If one partner loves physical touch, the other person doesn’t hesitate to give a warm hug or a back rub when necessary

Do you know your partner’s love language? Do you use it regularly to make them feel loved and appreciated?

If you both put in the effort to show each other love on a regular basis, that’s a clear sign you’re compatible.

7 signs you're compatible with your partner

7. There is little or no struggle for power

The power struggle stage is where most couples give up and break up.

This is the most difficult stage in a relationship because it involves letting go when everyone wants to take charge and be in control.

It’s impossible to have two dominant masters in a house, so problems will definitely arise if no one is willing to step down and submit to the other.

There will be a constant struggle for power if no one is willing to compromise in a relationship.

If you’ve successfully passed this stage and you’ve learned how to compromise or let go, this means you have a compatible relationship.


Most couples undermine the importance of compatibility in a relationship and that’s why they break up after being together for some time.

Compatibility is very important in a relationship; it helps the relationship go smoothly and promotes harmony.

Couples who are compatible often work together as a team and they can weather any storms that threaten their happiness.

Incompatible couples, on the other hand, struggle to get along after the initial romance or honeymoon stage is over.

7 signs you're compatible with your partner

If you noticed at least four of these signs in your relationship, that’s a clear indicator you’re compatible with your partner.

But, that doesn’t mean you can fold your arms and take a break from putting in the effort.

Long-term relationships require commitment, hard work, and consistency.

You need to keep giving your best to maintain your bond and grow your relationship.

If you’re still in doubt about whether you’re a good match, get the free love compatibility checklist to know where you stand with your partner.


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